Argentina calls for U.S. intervention in its debt battle

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njglea wrote:

Stand Firm, Argentina. Wall Street greedsters are doing the same thing to Americans and this must stop:

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njglea wrote:

Stand Firm, Argentina. Wall Street greedsters are doing the same thing to Americans and this must stop:

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agentinsure wrote:

Stand firm? Now that they spent money on themselves they had not earned we should simply let them off the hook? Further Id like to know more why we keep hearing so much of the US and not any funds from the Euro or Asia??

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MonitorLizard wrote:

njglea–I was wondering how long it would take the Argentinian blood suckers to start begging the US taxpayers for money. Sorry Christina–we’re all tapped out. Ask your Central American buddies. What’s that? They are going into default, too? “Birds of a feather”–you know the rest. Happy flying.

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redarmy wrote:

pay your debt thieves. by naming hedge funds vultures won’t help you. you borrow money pay it back.

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MonitorLizard wrote:

So, Argentina. First, you try to blame the US court system for your crimes. Now you want sympathy and money? Sleezy Argentine government–sleezy Argentine lawyers. Perhaps Queen Christina will sell some of her Gucci bags and only have her nails done monthly.

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obamaisright wrote:

Pay back the money that was loaned , then tell them to pound sand on interest.

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Randy549 wrote:

I can’t believe how psychotically Argentina is behaving on this issue. Pay back the money you borrowed, and be done with it.

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If Argentina is either (CORRUPT) or (IRRESPONSIBLE) when dealing with THEIR DEBT then THEY (Argentina) should have absolutely NO IMMUNITY! PERIOD!!!

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Kismet999 wrote:

The current Argentinian administration is notoriously corrupt. I lived there from 2007-2012, the end of Nestor Kirchner’s presidency and the first few years of his wife’s. She’s worked the system hard to enrich herself and her supporters. For example, by confiscating privately owned land and reselling it to supporters for a fraction of its value. Kapitinich is a corrupt political lackey, a provincial governor from the north who knows little about US law or international finance. Several years ago, while still governor, he shamelessly used provincial funds to pay for his daughter’s birthday party in Buenos Aires 500 miles away. The province paid for the luxury ballroom, catering, and even a leased jet to fly friends and family from Resistencia to Buenos Aires.

Many Argentinians are great people, generous, kind, and ethical; but the Kirchner government shares none of those qualities.

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UauS wrote:

Don’t cry for US, Argentina…

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CebertXela wrote:

Pay your bills deadbeats. I love how they tell our courts and government how to operate when they don’t pay their debts.

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Errata wrote:

Argentina contracted the bonds to be sold under US law and specified that the US courts would have jurisdiction for any conflict that might arise.

Argentina even contractually forfeited the defense of sovereign immunity for its assets in the event of conflict.

Argentina “restructured” some of its debt by stealing about 70 percent of the investors’ capital.

Of course, now that Argentina has failed to meet its contract conditions and has failed to comply with the court orders to meet that contract, Argentina really does believe it is no longer bound by the terms and conditions that it freely agreed to as an advantageous means to sell its debt more cheaply in the US. How very uniquely recalcitrant. How very unreliable. How very Argentine.

Now, tell your broker to never include in your portfolio any position that includes Argentine assets. Argentina has produced one default after another on its public debt since 1826.

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emassot wrote:

The Argentina government will stand firm and will not bow to the vultures. Thanks to the country’s defiance, the world has been taking a crash course on the shameful tactics of predatory financiers such as Paul Singer, who has proudly litigated and siphoned millions from Peru and some of the most impoverished African countries, in some cases for debt that had never been used for its intended purposes or diverted by corrupt officials.

While those countries, due to their weaknesses, paid the vultures quietly, Argentina’s fight is beginning to impact the vultures. Watch Judge Thomas Griesa becoming increasingly uncomfortable (he knows he has gone too far in his haste to help the vultures), and see the vultures intensify their efforts to make Argentina look as a rogue country.

Argentina may be the place where the vultures break their beak.

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