Stocks, euro fall with German sentiment; oil tumbles

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Why, this whole “Ukrainian” mess is an American “…. national security crisis!”

It seems that Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, might lose his “legal consulting” job with the oil exploration “fracking” company, Burisma Holdings, if the ‘rebels’ hold back the Ukrainian Army. It seems that the “breakaway region is sitting on top of a lot of shale-oil. Funny, how that works!

And then, the exploration company is based in Cyprus – avoiding taxes. Some people’s kids; ya know?

How is the Vice President’s son going to make money and a name for himself; if Putin keeps getting in the way? And, the political/economic incest even traces back to John Kerry!

Why, this whole crisis is “Un-American!” (Well, yeah, Ukraine is a LONG way from the U.S. border.)

No wonder the White House was (supposedly secretly) behind starting this whole mess!

(Don’t believe it; look it up on the Internet!)

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jennili970 wrote:

Oil tumbles, yet I’ll bet we’ll see little or no difference at the pump, but the moment a country that supplies two percent of the world’s crude has a little political strife U.S. gas prices will go up 30 cents.

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SickOfThis wrote:

Dear Reuters,
You can fire the author of this article and the editor that approved the headline now. As reporters of news they have both proven themselves totally incompetent. They may very well be nice people but they have no business trying to inform the public of daily events. I could easily cite all the stupid comments in this article but I assume that editors involved have a degree of competence (though the publishing of this article leaves me with some doubts). The world doesn’t need hollow sensationalism from a reputable agency like yours. You still have some claim to dignity and responsibility. Try and preserve it.

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