Under artillery fire, Ukraine rebels switch their leaders

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So the arrival is projected to be Rostov-on-Don and not Kharkiv now? That’s putting it closer to the rebel held areas of Luhansk where there is no border control.

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And while in Crimea today, Russian president Vladimir Putin stated “Russia will do everything necessary to stop the flow of blood in Ukraine” (paraphrased from the Russian.

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“A woman called Tamara, who showed a deputy’s card for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, said she believed the separatist fighters had fired the shells. “One of the fighters said they had done it,” she said.”

So the separatists are shelling Donetsk?

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

“It was not immediately clear who fired shells that hit the city center”

Reuters, your reporting is now beyond “good or evil”. Rebels firing on themselves? This type of propaganda tricks is utterly disgusting.

With official casualty figures now in multiple thousands, and with nearly million displaced by fighting, this situation is now worse than Kosovo. Worse than Bosnia. Donezk – new Sarajevo? What are you thinking, people? This madness has to be stopped immediately!

On the other note – Reuters, why is there no news updates on the Malaysian plane downing? Any findings corroborating the initial theory that plane was shot down by rebels? Are we, the people, not entitled to know the facts? I, for one, am anxious to hear what was on that cockpit voice recorder.

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“A woman called Tamara, who showed a deputy’s card for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, said she believed the separatist fighters had fired the shells. “One of the fighters said they had done it,” she said.”

SO a deputy from the DPR is stating the separatists are firing the shells?

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blabbermouthy wrote:

I am tired of the rubbish our media is forcing down our throat! I personally know people in both Russia and Ukraine, information I get from these people is completely different from anything we have heard right from the beginning! it is neither pro Russian in nature nor is it in favour of Ukraine! it is however starting to seem like a western effort to thwart Putin’s dreams of a rekindled USSR! the question I have to ask is, why are we being lied to?

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Brave, there was a brief news snippet that the countries of Malaysia, Ukraine, Netherlands and Australia has announced the report would be issued the first week of September. Only other recent news report came where it was reported that the FDRs showed data consistent with an explosion, but nothing else. Most likely, what you are seeking won’t be known until the report is released.

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whatawino wrote:

@ smokey-beat me to the answer :)
Maybe Reuters or the Kiev junta faked a card for her? LOL, I’m surprised none of the trolls have come up with that.

Further to Brave’s comment regarding the Malaysian plane, none of the news outlets are saying anything, no news has been released. I as well would like to know the results of the findings, not only of the voice recorder, but also the flight data recorder. I don’t know anything about how these things work, is this length of time consistent with analyses of other crashes?

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If the Russian convoy illegally crosses the Ukrainian border into a war zone without Ukrainian government’s permission or without supervision by the Red Cross, UN or OSCE, then the Ukrainian government has a right to stop or confiscate them. Otherwise, if they are hit by artillery shells, that will teach them next time to first get permission.

This is a typical Putin ploy as he cares less about Ukrainian Russian speakers than he does trying to either: (a) control Ukraine by occupying part of its territory or (b) continuing to promote his self-image (an egotistic authoritarian one at best).

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speakfreely wrote:

Uh, oh! Another missile by the pro-Russian rebels. Put more of the big artillery into their hands and they’ll destroy themselves! :-)

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@BraveNewWorld-Would you believe anything that was told to you at this point? Imagine if the US could supply Ukraine with weapons in a conflict with Russia, the money to be made. Ebola, Gaza, Israel, Iraq, Ukraine, and most of the middle east is about to explode. If there is any truth to the new world order, I think this is it.

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The UK version of Reuters is reporting that Strelkov/Girkin has now resigned as the Separatists defense minister. This is after ITAR-TASS reported him seriously injured yesterday.

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ThomasOne wrote:

Ukraine army needs to lighten up on the shelling. They should use other means. it should be more like police action rather than military action. Much of the world has sympathy for Palestinians right now because of excessive shelling and the consequences of loss of life and have cost Israel hearts and minds worldwide. Ukraine needs to beware of excessive force.

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dualcitizen wrote:

Malaysain newspaper, I think it’s called the Strait TImes News (or something like that) has reported (with photos) showing the plane’s cockpit had been hit by rounds from fighter jets on both sides, leading them to believe the plane was shot down by Ukraine, I tried posting the link to the story in a comment which of course Reuters didn’t post. Might take some searching but it’s out there. Think I’m going to close my Reuter’s account, they have become as biased as MSN news.

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dualcitizen wrote:

Reuters won’t post this but here are some links:

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Gwynplaine wrote:


I’ve been involved in about three aircraft crash reports in my career(To put it most simply, I do forensics work). The timescale so far has been right, and I’m honestly surprised it’s happening this quickly at all. With the conflict going on, I’m rather impressed they’re saying they can release it as early as September.

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grasspress wrote:

these guys are ‘quitting’ because they want to get out of the country. putin ordered them to. he has enough sense to realize that if they fall into the hands of the ukrainian forces they will not get back to ‘russia’ without some serious consequences, for them and for putin.

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grasspress, kind of like rats from a sinking ship huh?

dualcitizen, there is little credible information that has been released yet, and won’t until the authorities finish their investigation. Much of the story you referred was pulled supposedly from a couple of hackers who claimed they hacked in and downloaded the documents. They have also referenced 30mm fire, but that’s questionable considering the altitude of the passenger plane involved and the force at that altitude would make the cannon fire useless. Other experts are saying what you are referring to as 30mm is simply shrapnel. We’ll see what the independent experts say.

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GPick wrote:

@dualcitizen – Wrong. The missile that brought down the plane was a SAM-11 (or Buk), which destroys its target by exploding nearby, sending a hail of shrapnel through the plane. It does not strike the target directly, your sources claim. Those so-called “bullet holes” were actually caused by shrapnel from the missile and are consistent with the plane being shot down by a SAM-11/Buk.

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gentalman wrote:

I saw the crossed report! I was amazed.
Surprising how Reuters did not give this vital information!
I am sure they are not proukraine but something else has conspired.Reuters should clarify.
I have seen some time comments of readers are more informing to tell the factual position.

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pyradius wrote:

These Russian insurgents were more than happy to incite and risk other people’s lives. When it comes to their own, they are going to be scampering back to Russia.

As for the comments on separatists firing upon themselves, this is what happens in urban warfare. It’s not pretty and both sides have undoubtedly hit unintended targets.

As for treating this as a “police” vs. “military” action, are you serious? These ‘rebels’ are armed with heavy weaponry and going in with less than that would be suicide for the Ukrainian military.

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Sinbad1 wrote:

Why has the west suppressed the cockpit voice recorder from MH17

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Sinbad1 wrote:

Why has the west suppressed the cockpit voice recorder from MH17

Aug 14, 2014 4:14pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Interesting article on http://www.businessinsider.com/russian-military-vehicles-crossed-into-ukraine-2014-8

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kommy wrote:

Ukrainian Nazi forces hiding between the civilian housing near Snezhnoe- ballistic missile in upper right corner, “Uragan” system in the lower part.

Both consider the weapon of mass destruction. More war crimes from Kiev Junta.

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speakfreely wrote:

So, last week, the Russian leaders in the conflict left their positions. Could it be because the Russians wanted to remove their military personnel before attacking to seize back the land they’re losing? Don’t want to kill your own people during the invasion. It’s OK to kill the local Ukrainians, though.

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MIKEMAC5050 wrote:

3rd option- diversion.

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speakfreely wrote:

smokeymtnblues, that IS a very interesting article. Also supports the belief that the convoy’s change in course yesterday is to make it difficult to impossible for the ICRC to oversee the transfer of “humanitarian” supplies, just as Russia did with the MH 17 OESC investigation.

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

It is somewhat relieving to see that RReuters took action to make clear who is shelling and who is shelled in the present version of the story. Thanks to that brave Reuters journalist who was nearly shelled him/herself while practicing his/her profession.

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

It is somewhat relieving to see that RReuters took action to make clear who is shelling and who is shelled in the present version of the story. Thanks to that brave Reuters journalist who was nearly shelled him/herself while practicing his/her profession.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Russian provocation, Russian problem. This was a predictable outcome.

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If you can face the truth, visit the website “vineyard of the saker”.

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oxen wrote:

If Ukraine regime remains intransigentto letting aid in for residents in besieged cities and others, then the Russia Aid convoy should enter through another location held by the citizens than are resisting the blockade and oppression by the Kiev regime. Red cross can go there to see what is given to out so save the voluntarily people Kiev regime is obviously is not willing to help!

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times05 wrote:

“So the separatists are shelling Donetsk?”

Of course. It’s a totally valid military strategy, shelling your own self. Reuters wouldn’t lie to you now would they?

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kommy wrote:

Evidence of ballistic missile use by Kiev Junta:
http://voicesevas.ru/img/58fd4df6882b9f2c11f56bc562f7883b.jpg- to make the crater that big…..

New war crime committed by Kiev Junta- the whole family killed in a car, Gorlovka, graphic:


The Junta use phosphorus bombs on Donetsk:


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YesNoMaybeSo wrote:

Still basically a land grab, all the words in the world won’t erase this fact.

Aug 14, 2014 10:55pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Just want to know how and when Ukraine will pay Russia’s outstanding’s. Why is the world bank not covering this right away since the west own their interests. So many questions and so little honest answers coming from the news media. There is something more to all this power struggle between west and Russia then we seem to be reading on the news media. Tell us please, we can handle the truth!

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Greenspan2 wrote:

@blabbermouthy, The question I have to ask is why is Putin trying to rekindle the USSR?

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Discovery451 wrote:

Possibly the dumbest war in history. Someone send Putin a globe, so he can see the size of Russia, compared to the divided countries of the rest of Europe. If I was ruling in Moscow, I would be a lot more concerned about what is happening south of Siberia.
Although I must confess, that we Americans are almost enjoying it. Can Putin please place some more Russian flags near, or even on, Canadian Arctic territory. Or sneak off a sub, put GPS transmitters on some polar bears so he can keep a map of their travels, and paint a Russian flag on them. (He might need to just outline the white third of the Russian flag.) Then claim wherever the bears roam. He could get his Chinese friends to help him draw his ‘New Russian North Map’. After that, the Canadians might even agree to sell us some of their surplus water. It is drying up down around Vegas.

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branchltd wrote:

Girkin has been with the Russian ‘volunteers’ since Bosnia. He was also in Chechnya, Crimea and elsewhere. His orders come from Moscow, not Donetsk. They want him back because, as Girkin himself warned a few weeks ago, “I won’t go down alone.” Moscow doesn’t want its dark ops people captured alive for that reason.

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fhvfutljy wrote:

The article is nonsense, or just a dirty lie. Russia is not supplying weapons to the militias. In Ukraine there are many Soviet weapons left Russia. Even the Germans know what is happening in Ukraine. See youtube “side View. The Germans about the war in the Ukraine!”, “The Germans gave a very clear description of the situation in Ukraine and around the World.” American journalist Mike Whitney. Canadian World Socialist Web Site “Goal support Ottawa Kiev – the collapse of Russia and the capture of its resources”.

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