Japan PM sends offering to war dead shrine, angers China and South Korea

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Trichiurus wrote:

Still, a very conflicted society.

Aug 14, 2014 10:20pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
NightOwl57 wrote:

As I see it, it would be unpatriotic to NOT pay respect to war dead. Even war dead of 200-300yrs ago.

Besides, anyone with real life remembrance of WW2 would probably have been 10yrs old in 1945. Making them at least 80yrs old. Or older.
For all you people under 80 who are upset, find something else to get your shorts all bunched up……

Somewhere in the world today 20,000 people starved to death.
Chew on that…….

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Davage wrote:

Japan would be wise to move those 14 names to a shrine of their own, somewhere in the mountains far from Yasukuni. These visits are ALWAYS misinterpreted and bring more harm to the Japanese people than honor to honest (non war-criminal) ancestors.

That said, China needs to suck it up and come clean on Tibet, Xinjiang, Tian’an men, etc. and stop their annual celebrations of Mao, the only man in the world to have murdered more than Hitler AND Stalin. Likewise, China’s constant berating of Japan’s educational liberties may have some basis in fact, if over-propagandized, but through them China shames itself as brazenly hypocritical; it puts US political hypocrisy to shame.

South Korea actually has leg to stand on, but a bit more nuance on its end might help move issues in a better direction.

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J.K.Morgan wrote:

I don’t see any wrongs in Japanese paying respect to their own national heroes. Will you relinquish the right to pay homage to your grandfather who had killed your neighbours? Yes the disasters Japan wrought during the world war two was disgusting and unforgivable, but paying homage to those soldiers doesn’t mean those war criminal’s deeds were forgiven. It actually precisely tightens the memory which human beings can not afford to forget. Plus, I don’t see any Chinese’s remorse when they pay respect to Tiananmen Square where a big criminal who had killed, intentionally or unintentionally, a hard-to-imagine sum of people is being honoured.

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The Republican and Democratic parties in America are too pro
China (China money)so Japan needs to have a more independent
foreign policy and military which is not dependent on America.
Japan needs to defend its own interests and not depend on
politicians in America who have zero knowledge of Asia.

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isthnu wrote:

People in China get really worried because only they know the extent of those Japanese atrocities, and only those who truly understand the Nazi genocide could they know what’s better than to pay homage to Nazi criminals. No one can be apologetic to those horrible things. Can you be apologetic to those who mastermind ramming a plane into a 4000 people building…

Aug 16, 2014 4:20pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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