Obama condemns killing of reporter, U.S. hits militants in Iraq

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chaingmai wrote:

ISIS has to be destroyed…now not later they are to darn dangerous
and sooner or later they will wind up somewhere in the US….
or other countries.. if we need to go into Iraq now so be it.
better there then here

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hancle wrote:

But let us not offend these animals who claim do this for religious reasons.

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Agence21 wrote:

Time for more airstrikes in response. Hit ISIS targets in Mosul an Tikrit.

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AlexScheirer wrote:

Yes, my comments were successfully submitted…to where? to be reviewed by who? To be decided upon by who? Totally shameful.

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crustyclowne wrote:

Is anyone tired yet of hearing about how they are the religion of peace and love? Those people are serious, deadly serious, and all they understand is the sharp point of a bayonet. War is terrible and unjust but sometimes war is the only way to have peace. It’s time we showed them what the game of war is about.

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usa.wi.vet.4q wrote:

We welcome you to stand and fight. You pick the spot.

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pvr wrote:

P**sies behead an unarmed, bound man.

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Yamayoko wrote:

Americans will not be intimidated by this naked murder of an innocent US citizen. Obama’s air strikes will carry on to decimate aggression by these Sunni militants.

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dd606 wrote:

I hope they keep wearing those stupid black clothes. The laser designators can read really well off dark flat colors.

Bombs aren’t going to be enough though. This is why countries have a military people. The countries of the world need to join together and erase this abomination from the gene-pool.

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Balen wrote:

Do you all remember the Madrasas in the UK? A Madrasa is an Islamic school that teaches the values and rituals, including instructions of how to sever limbs, of an almost 14 centuries ago! These schools, which are funded by the Saudi Arabia, is disallowed in the rest of the Middle East, yet, they are freely running in the UK! (does that remind you of the opium war?!)Most of the leaders of this terror IS organisation is actually citizens of Europe, Australia, and Russia. Unfortunately, their heavy armored convoys are moving freely in Mousal and Syria in front of the eyes of the USA! It takes only one drone, really! It seems to me that the West don’t wish to see them gone!

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scholem wrote:

Well put explorer08, the evil of islam must be be destroyed if we are ever to stop these horrors. May allah and all islam burn in the mouth of satan. The God of Israel will destroy these animals.

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mind_emergent wrote:

Warfare against the IS is needed but that may not be enough. The roots of the problem must be excised. Muslim leaders everywhere must publicly denounce and renounce militant Islamic fundamentalism. Actually, religious leaders of all kinds ought to denounce and renounce their respective militant fundamentalists.

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virgoprins wrote:

ISIS funded and armed by US, Gulf Kingdoms, EU for destabilizing Syria.. Now they are fighting ISIS in Iraq.. something fishy.. Yezidi.. Christian..Shia..Kurd. issues not seen now.. only Mosul Dam and Oil refineries seems to be the recapturing targets other than saving the ethnic Minorities.. What does this all mean?

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JoelBlack wrote:

To whose who understand: Welcome to Israel.

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PrincessHaven wrote:

Bomb them back to the Stone Age. Oh wait a minute… Oh well, bomb them anyway.

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Saristas wrote:

@PrincessHaven That’s offensive, they’re closer to medieval age.

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sharktail wrote:

This event could very well be a Psyop. The quality and visual effects in the video is stunning and Hollywood class. There’s no actual footage of beheading in the video originally posted, only photoshopped aftermath.

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REnninga1 wrote:

Any person who would knowingly watch a video of another human being getting beheaded should have their own head examined.
Seriously, if you watched this video out of curiosity or because you enjoy violence and gore … you should ask yourself why you think you are much different than the monsters who commit such acts.

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Combava wrote:

The guy at the end of the video, when he holds him by the scruff of the neck, does not look like the guy talking. The guy in the end has a much fatter face. I don’t think this is real.

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REnninga1 wrote:

@explorer08 wrote: “The time has now come for us in the West to consider bringing the Fires of Hell down upon these monsters in the Middle East. They are the agents of Satan, these Middle Easterners.”

Any in particular, or do you just think we should bring the Fires of Hell down upon all 400 million Middle Easterners, for good measure (and to make sure that none of them get away)?

Hmm, you could probably sell your idea to ISIS/Islamic State. They seem to like your kind of rhetoric. Congratulations, you’re an extremist too!

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tpvero wrote:

I have to wonder about all these beheadings. They seem to be just the ticket to get the USA in a full scale war. You would wonder why a small band of men would think this was a good idea, if they valued their own lives. The so called IS insurgents seem to dress well.(Why would any dessert people choose to wear black in the hot sun?) Their clothing is nicely ironed and not faded from the sun. Although I can not minimize the horror of a beheading of another human, I have to observe that anyone one of a thousand agencies could kidnap a journalist, dress in a black hood, and then make a horror video to get us in a war. I am suspicious to say the least.

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pauff05 wrote:

Really… I live in Australia a multi cultural country Not all Muslim people are like these low life’s The ISIS are people who force their belief’s or DIE .Sorry this is an extreme sect that need to be pulled into line. This sect has been divorced from even the worst group on earth. This sect is no different to Cesar or others in our history like Hitler.
They have a plan of 5 years to control Arab states and nth Africa whilst the boroka control south Africa with similar tactics.
We here have accepted our traditional people and have apologised for our fore fathers and are slowly transitioning to repair this. But we as country do not do this because of religion or force.
Australia is a great nation that many need to observe as a nation of acceptance and understanding.
We have made mistakes but we are a young country learning.

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kafantaris wrote:

We’re not going to take this sitting down.

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kafantaris wrote:

We’re not going to take this sitting down.

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NoWayToday wrote:

We must change our absolute support for Israel and require them to agree to a two state solution. At the same time, we must crush the Islamic extremists and continue our pressure without restraint. This means we must have a draft and we must continue recruitment of motivated combat forces and special forces.

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Wired_Nerve wrote:

I think this video’s purpose was to inflame the United States and the general populace. Its purpose was to get us involved in this war again and to get the American population to cry for revenge and war once again. Ask yourself, why would they do this? Why anger a nation like America if not to drag us back overthere? There is a purpose to this and it was to get us to ship our boys back over there again and to bring our “cash” with us… Now, I am all for going over there and doing what is needed, but not without us first re-instituting a general draft of all eligible American’s. This should be an American war, not a war of the under privileged or economically challenged. If you want to cry for war, then be ready to send your child to fight for that right you are crying for!

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tatrover wrote:

..thought Assad was the “evil” one, and the west went along with Saudi Arabia to support and fund ISIS?..smae way Bin Laden was once funded by the CIA? Semms to be one common factor in all this: US Funding. When will the US leaders lear not to get involved in arears they seem to contnually failing? The US & the west continue to support Saudi Arabia, which is the one country that does the very oppposite of what we demand in our society. Until The US and the west get their act right and clean out the ‘oil’ from their eyes these mistakes will continue to be made. The U & the west may be striking ISIS but know one has said what the Saudis who 1st armed them are doing. The Saudis know the contacts better than anyone else. Where no questions are asked of the Saudis we should all know we are led by biased govenrments & leaders.

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S.Soltanpour wrote:

Association of N. American Ethnic Journalists and writers strongly condemn The killing of Journalist James Foley by I.S.I.S. The Killing of Journalist is violation of international law. Also, it is violation of Quran ,Islam Holy book, which prohibit Muslim from the killing of Innocent people.

The vicious Killing of a Journalist is a serious threat to Free Press and Freedom of Speech but can not stop journalist from their job for the right information for citizens of the world.

Those who are responsible for the murdering of Journalist James Foley has to brought to Justice.
today is a sad day for Journalists and Humanity.

Saeed Soltanpour
International Dir

Association of N. American Ethnic Journalists and writers

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S.Soltanpour wrote:

Association of N. American Ethnic Journalists and writers strongly condemn The killing of Journalist James Foley by I.S.I.S. The Killing of Journalist is violation of international law. Also, it is violation of Quran ,Islam Holy book, which prohibit Muslim from the killing of Innocent people.

The vicious Killing of a Journalist is a serious threat to Free Press and Freedom of Speech but can not stop journalist from their job for the right information for citizens of the world.

Those who are responsible for the murdering of Journalist James Foley has to brought to Justice.
today is a sad day for Journalists and Humanity.

Saeed Soltanpour
International Dir

Association of N. American Ethnic Journalists and writers

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Couple of CIA actors. *yawn*

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RArch123 wrote:

ISIS is just acting as the profit did. They are intimidating the ideal man as they see it. They are entitled to their freedom of religion, according to our beliefs. When it comes to what we are entitled to under their beliefs, it’s a bit different.

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icfman wrote:

I agree with many of the reader’s comments. What the world has to do is move past the handling of this group as if they are a legitimate religious sect. They are not. They are , fanatics hiding behind a religious façade. Why can we not recognize that they are the modern day 3rd Reich? They must be stopped and stamped out for the evil they represent, which should not be tolerated. And this should not be a handful of countries against ISIL. It should be a united world front.

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PCCorruption wrote:

Let’s see wha tthe world response is. I haven’t seen any Middle Eastern country denounce it yet. We will see throughout the day today how the reactions go. Either way, we need to continue attacking ISIS and their targets.

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Tommy121 wrote:

ISIS, the same people the US and West funded to fight Assad!

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rrutter wrote:

I see once again the face of a coward risen.
Too bad he wont show it so I can mock him openly
My heart goes out to the Foley family.

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Doc62 wrote:

The US didn’t fund ISIL, the Saudis inadvertently did it. Obama approved small arms for the FSA, thru the Saudis. ISIL came in to help them? They murdered FSA leaders, enslaved Syrian villages and confiscated all kinds of FSA/Syrian weapons. Assad proved too tough and could match them in brutality. Off to north Iraq, an easy target, also with a Sunni majority.

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explorer08 wrote:

@ scholem: I did mean to imply support for the “God of Israel,” as you put it. That god is the god of Abraham which is the god of all three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Let’s leave any gods out of this chat and destroy these beasts.

@ REnninga1: no, of course I am not proposing to nuke the entire Middle East. On the other hand, remember what we did to Dresden and a couple of other cities in Germany back in the forties, or remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It does happen.

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NBE wrote:

What happened to the men who decapitated Drummer Rigby? What will happen to the men who beheaded Mr. Foley? I do not see how we can express condolences and make condemnations in words . . . and let matters end there. I am peace-leaning, but this is beyond my limits. I think war is called for now. And a horribly fractured America is all we have to draw fighting forces from. Even the most peaceful, apolitical people I know are all saying that the news “is really getting to” them. Can talks, goodness, understanding, sympathy, aid packages etc. etc. stop what is happening? If they can, let’s drown ISIS in a flood of it all. If not, what is left but war?

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ronryegadfly wrote:

The skies will soon darken over IS. Let the drone war begin.

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No_apartheid wrote:

ISIL are not Muslims. Islam does not allow you to kill indiscriminately! Unfortunately the Arab Muslims (you do not see this many problems in non-arab Muslim countries) are truly backward.

And now they recruiting white Americans, white Britons, white Frenchman. If this problem is not addressed, we will find them on our doorstep soon.

We need to bomb them and stop supporting all of the despotic governments in the middle east (Isreal, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain)

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Seriously2016 wrote:

How many remember John McCain flying to Syria and meeting with the rebels? And appealing for funding for the rebels. ISIS is part of that rebel group. Perhaps John was fighting for the wrong side in the Syrian war. Assad looks like an “angel” compared to these guys. The U.S. isn’t who is funding these people. It’s the richest countries in the middle east like Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Sad as it is, dictators like Assad actually bring stability to these countries. Arguably Iraq would be in much better shape today if Hussein was still alive and in charge. We should have stopped meddling in the middle east long ago. That being said…I think now we have the responsibility to pressure those countries funding ISIS and take to the fight and wipe ISIS out. Even if it means boots on the ground again in Iraq. We need to use ALL of our resources aggressively.

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VJBR wrote:

This just justifies the attacks on Islamic State, we just haven’t bombed fast enough. Prayers for the journalist family, death to the Islamic State.

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BlueInBama wrote:

I know I shouldn’t comment when I’m angry…

I’m fairly liberal, and generally disapprove of the naïve notion that we can and should try to police the world. That said, even I’m about ready to see some carpet bombing in the Middle East. These people are so savage as to be almost sub-human. At the end of the day, how do you really deal with people this extreme? I fumble for answers and keep coming back to extermination…

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Reality2Day wrote:

Another vicious inhumane act by the Islamic State. Don’t bow to their threats of killing another American journalist, it is time for the U.S. to triple or quadruple their bombing efforts against these barbaric animals.

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pauldhouston wrote:

Is it all a front for warmongers? Was IS orchestrated by hidden hands to keep us at war? They’re an army of mercenaries, they don’t work for free. Follow the money trail and stop these barbarians. Take their sources of revenue away and they are done.

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Rochester123 wrote:

ISIS is the next threat for Iraq. It will slow down oil production for the world, destroy cultural architecture, and impose authoritarian theocracy. While the beheading is cruel and low, the US must stay the course andtISIS should be condemned for claiming that large population of Muslims support them. Most do not seek violence but may be critical of the western nation’s control and influence.

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Mrpulenton wrote:

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against human opponents, but against rulers, authorities, cosmic powers in the darkness around us, and evil spiritual forces in the heavenly realm. link: http://youtu.be/xQojrBlM_-M

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111Dave111 wrote:

James Wright Foley (October 18, 1973 – August 19, 2014) was an American photojournalist who was working for the U.S.-based online news outlet GlobalPost.
Foley was a native of Rochester, New Hampshire. He graduated from Marquette University in 1996 and Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism in 2008.
In April 2011, Foley, and three other journalists were detained near Brega, Libya, by forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi during the Libyan Civil War; fellow photojournalist Anton Hammerl was killed in the attack in which Foley was captured. Foley was released from jail 44 days later.
On August 19, 2014, Foley’s family confirmed his death. His mother, Diane Foley, said “We have never been prouder of our son Jim. He gave his life trying to expose the world to the suffering of the Syrian people”.
Northwestern University, where Foley studied journalism, also issued a statement on Wednesday.
Our Medill family is shocked and deeply saddened by the news of the murder of Jim Foley. He was a courageous reporter who risked his life repeatedly to seek the truth around the world.
Journalists face threats in many forms as they try to report difficult stories that need to be told, but the attack on Jim was barbaric. It was, in a larger sense, an attack on freedoms necessary in a civilized society and across strained cultures. Jim endures for us as a beacon reminding us of the risks implicit in shedding light where inhumanity can take hold.
Our thoughts today are with Jim’s parents, Diane and John, and the entire Foley family and their friends. We ask that all Medill and Northwestern students, faculty, staff and alumni join us in remembrance of Jim Foley. The loss of such a distinguished alum affects us all.

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111Dave111 wrote:

The Killing of a Journalist is violation of international law.

The Killing of a Journalist is violation of Quran, the Islamic Holy book, which prohibit Muslims from the killing of Innocent people.

Any just God would elevate Jim Foley for his Martyrdom.

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NJyote wrote:

Note that both Foley and Sotloff were kidnapped in Northern Syria. Who controls Northern Syria? Not the Assad government but the rebels. The same rebels who Kerry wanted to help by bombing Assad less than a year ago. The same rebels about whom Kerry testified to the US Congress “has increasingly become more defined by its moderation”. This is what happens when you try to form short term alliances based on convenience and the success of short term goals rather than forming alliances based on principles.

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senojbr wrote:

ISIS and other groups have beheaded hundreds of people and there is plenty of video/photographic documentation on the web. It’s amazing to me that this one event is so “shocking”. This is the norm for this group of jihadists. I also think it’s cowardly and a mistake for the media to censor the depiction of these events to avoid offending the sensibilities of people. Decent people should be offended, shocked, enraged and have these events seared into their memory to remember who and what the civilized world is dealing with.

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riposte wrote:

Didnt shock anyone in the middle east.Maybe shocked Obama on vacation, playing golf, as the world churns in turmoil.

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javapire wrote:

You mean Obama is STILL in Martha’s Vineyard???

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KimKay wrote:

Another head has risen from the multi headed hydra that is Islamic extremism, in the form of ‘ISIS’. But lets for a minute look at the name – ‘Islamic State in Iraq & Syria’ – ‘ISLAMIC STATE’ !!! – Its at once brilliant and diabolical and COWARDLY! Hiding behind a name such as this. Assuming a name such as this to carry out a murderous rampage and barbaric acts of terror is, in more mundane life, a lot like someone sucker punching another and then running and hiding behind his clueless mates. Any punches thrown at him can and will be seen as an attack on his buddies. It also seeks legitimacy through use of the word ‘State’, and is a rally cry for violent support from any and all Muslim nations, groups and people who identify with what this word means. The media should instead refer to them by a name more fitting, instead of accepting a name (which gives Muslims and Islam a bad name collectively), a name these barbarians have appropriated to further their warped and bloodthirsty propaganda/agenda. Their name means nothing!!! The media and all people who feel and know that violence is wrong should with awareness and deliberate intent refer to this group by another name that denies them the legitimacy that they desperately and are violently campaigning for.

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SteeleClifton wrote:

Absolutely terrifying. Why haven’t we heard more about American hostages? My guess is that they DO know, but there’s a media blackout – because if it was broadcast all over the place, that’s giving the Jihadists exactly what they want. Americans to get all riled up, and glued to the news… and it would probably mean a quicker demise to the captives.

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UauS wrote:

While the Americans were and are dying in Iraq for nothing, the Chinese have been for years quietly making huge investments in Iraqi’s oil. So, maybe it’s time to finally get out of Iraq for good and leave all this ISIS mess up to the Chinese?..

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UauS wrote:

@riposte: no word on Obama’s birth certificate or Obama being a Muslim?.. :)

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PhilipJFry wrote:

There should be widespread revulsion to ISIS among Muslim countries. If they still profess Islam to be a religion of peace, they should do everything in their power to eliminate those who would cause their religion to be synonymous with violence and intolerance. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia should be leading the effort to destroy ISIS.

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jameschen wrote:

The ironic thing is, U.S. fallacious foreign policy,—ignoring new wave of Turkish Ottomanism and supporting Sunni terrorism to fight Iran/Syria/Russia, and Obama’s endless misjudgements,—supporting “Arab Spring(American Winter) and praising Islam in Cairo, being leniet in promoting freedom of thoughts and human rights in Muslim majority countries, led to the tragedy. What is the true definition for conscience?

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LankaPeace wrote:

truly a conscience wake-up…
Prayers are for Jim Foley and family who has to endure this ordeal.

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BeRealistic wrote:

“British Prime Minister David Cameron interrupted his holiday to return to London to lead the hunt to identify the killer.” – You mean he wasn’t golfing? Isn’t that what leaders do? Oh, wait, competent leaders don’t, clueless ones do. obama later added to his comments “FORE”.

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DDM1 wrote:

Drone strike and bomb IS/muzzies out of existence. End all muzzie immigration into western-minded nations. They only intend to import their belief system. They must only immigrate to other Islamic nations.

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Trichiurus wrote:

Obama, welcome to GW’s world.

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davidcjones45 wrote:

One cannot help but wonder how many Iraqi lives would have been saved if Mr. Obama had listened to his military advisers and negotiated a Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq, rather than abandoning a fragile nation to bolster his poll numbers.

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peterbrown77 wrote:

It’s not the same guy they executed – it’s the next guy they plan to execute.

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CadronBoy wrote:

May ISIS have mercy on us if Obama draws another red line….

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oracle123 wrote:

This sick ideology cannot be destroyed with bombs alone-it has to be countered within the Muslim world by more moderate Muslim voices speaking out against it

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harleysmith wrote:

/Excellent and compelling article.

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Donny1 wrote:

As for Mr. Foley, I’m so sorry for him, but at the end, when he knew what was coming, he could have shown a little courage and cursed them, instead of saying he wished he wasn’t an American. Just goes to show what a miserable press corps we have now… As for the president’s statement… I’m sure ISIS is shaking in their boots from Obama’s typically weak response. From the very beginning of ISIS, in Syria, Obama and McCain actually wanted to arm these monsters… No problem there… Our president simply blew the “Status of Forces” agreement with the Iraqis, and played golf while ISIS overran northern Iraq – where thousands of U.S. troops died freeing Iraqi’s! Now, ISIS has all the U.S. weapons we gave the Iraqi’s. My God, what a bunch of amateurs we have in the White House. Wait a minute… I didn’t vote for him, you did! Happy now?

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JeffDH wrote:

Why is the media showing this? If we keep giving the terrorist the attention they want, they will just come back for more.

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American1945 wrote:

The poor fellow just happens to be the first American causality of Obama’s new war in Iraq. There will be more. American military adventures seem endless.

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SoutherRican wrote:

The President is good at condemning and drawing Red lines. The problem is that, Lip Service, doesn’t stop nor scare terrorist. The solution is eliminating ISIS lock stock and barrel, to include lottie dottie and everybody in their web. Better them now then sooner or later US.

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nslgue wrote:

i m sick of my religion, am giving in it up this is not religion of peace gorge bush,,,,

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KimKay wrote:

Nothing scares terrorists! They are willing and eager to die for their warped sociopathic ideologies. Why should so called ‘lip service’ deter them? UBL was hunted for ten years TEN YEARS and was eventually found and killed. Are you calling this ‘lip service’?

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beofaction wrote:

Oh yeah, ISIS is so tough to threaten America, and kill a journalist. That’s why the worthless coward has his face covered, right? Come on you piece of camel dung, show your face! You’re not afraid, are you?

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Torc wrote:

According to Obama the answer is revenge…..bring death from above…..get ground troops in there…..kill, kill, kill…..that’s the Obama way to solve problems.

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Coalhouse wrote:

First of all I believe nearly nothing that is reported by media, because its purpose is to entertainment not inform. Second, did you notice how quick Obama opened his mouth in regards to this incident, yet has remained quiet in regards to the Ferguson incident. Wolf in black sheep’s clothing. It’s OK he fooled me too and I’m black.

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Tormentia wrote:

Notice how these cowards always cover their faces? If they really believed their actions were righteous they’d be proud enough to show the world who they really are. Instead they cower behind anonymity.

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NPeril wrote:

The White House/Public: More colorless words. A few benign gestures. Listless expressions. A random threat or two. A bomb here or a bomb there. Ouch! Twisted arm from patting self-on-back too much; doctor please.

The White House/Private: Oh, hades; why is this happening to me. Tread lightly. Buy time. Pretend to garnish Allied support. Smile broadly to hide the embarrassment of Mideast Allied snubbing. Blame my political enemies. Double, no triple Secret Service Detail. Great, now I’ll be compared to Carter’s Killer Rabbit attack. (Pres. Carter on a fishing trip “…confessed to having had limited experience with enraged rabbits… this large, wet animal, making strange hissing noises and gnashing its teeth…” was a threat. (Wiki 2014) Doesn’t ISIS know that I am a Nobel Prize winner?

ISIS – (27/7 365): Beheadings. Mass killings. Kidnappings. Territorial gains. $$$ in the bank. World-class connections. High-end military equipment. Exceptional leadership and organizational structures. Increased recruitments. Focused devotion to duty buttressed by an easy willingness to live and die for ideals. Thanks for Gitmo…learned a lot about Americans. Note to US Homeland – U R Next. Timing is everything.

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OnlyPeace wrote:

It is time to live and let live, we achieve nothing by mass murder aka war, only inflame those who never wanted to hurt us before their children were bombed… Every violent country is on the wrong path, and yes that includes USA and Israel, along with most of the world… the bigger man takes a punch and walks away with a black eye, that will not happen nowaday, too much pride and nuclear power.

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OnlyPeace wrote:

It is time to live and let live, we achieve nothing by mass murder aka war, only inflame those who never wanted to hurt us before their children were bombed… Every violent country is on the wrong path, and yes that includes USA and Israel, along with most of the world… the bigger man takes a punch and walks away with a black eye, that will not happen nowaday, too much pride and nuclear power.

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Chuck890 wrote:

Words, just words until he takes action. No not the kind of red faced bluster demanded by Fox. Escalation of what has been successful so far with the air support, garner additional European and Arab support, get Congress behind expanding the air support and keep going until ISIS is not more.

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Wastedyrs wrote:

What are you going to do, Mr President; arrest them all and bring them to justice in a US Court?

It’s a crime not a war, right?

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JozJag wrote:

Obama condemns this beheading, which is an act of war, then goes and plays golf…That is what we have for a leader.

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jiarizona wrote:

RIP – I don’t know why people are surprised. These people are plain and simply barbaric, but no one wants to acknowledge. We are so damn concerned about being politically correct we leave the job undone and people die. My heart goes out to the family.

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harleysmith wrote:

I can’t believe that the President walked from the golf course, made a short speech on this appalling assassination, and promptly went back to the golf course, ready for more rest and relaxation at Martha’s Vineyard . Obama looks older, weary, and seems to have lost 20-30 pounds of recent. Is anyone questioning what his mental state is at this point? It seems like he just wants his presidency to end, get it over with, and move on to another life phase. There were rumors about Carter’s mental state during the Iran hostage crisis of 1979-80. God help the Foley family. And God protect the US over the next 24 months.

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WadeL wrote:

This looks staged. Why would someone about to die appear so calm and cooperative whilst prattling on with the rhetoric? My god, we are being played like a Stradivarius violin so defense contractors can make additional billions off round two in Iraq!

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REnninga1 wrote:

@JozJag wrote: “Obama condemns this beheading, which is an act of war…”

Nonsense. It was an act of murder.

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McChalium wrote:

I find it revealing that these terrorists are afraid to show their face when they perform their dastardly deeds. Shows me that they are all cowards and are in fear of the price they will eventually have to pay for their crimes. The world should make sure that they all pay the ultimate price and annihilate every single one of them. Even that will not balance the scales of justice for the lot of them are not worth even one of the innocents they have slaughtered.

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mils54 wrote:

These airstrikes are just pin pricks vs these animals, The U.S has a stockpile of Daisey cutters and MOAB’s in their arsenal, The time for a message has come!….Level a few areas that support these monsters!!!………Harbor the enemy, You are the enemy!.

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Nasief wrote:

Only a journalist died and everyone is cursing ISIS or whatever it is.But where were your conscience when USA destroyed Iraq because they possess “Biological weapons”.Killed thousands of civilians and raped women.Now killing civilians of Pakistan,Afganistan and Iraq with drones in the name of killing terrorist.Did they find any so called “biological weapons”?.Those USA cowards firstly disarmed Iraq they attacked them.
Americans attacked Afganistan to root out Al Qaeda.But the question is who created Al Queda.You will find it here www.theinsider.org/news/article.asp?id=0228
And if Al Qaeda is to blame for terrorist attacks on USA.So please think you really attack USA to start a war.This question is for you to answer.
Islam is a religion of peace.I don’t support violence.But in this world there are good or bad people .Being a Muslim doesn’t mean that he or she will be a good human being or else there wouldn’t be any need for Heaven and Hell.Religion is just a guidance and its your wish to follow or reject or misuse it for your advantage.
USA is the terrorist and also the creator of terrorists and she is to blame for the death of innocents.Those terrorists are psychopaths and the consequence of US invasion in IRAQ and AFganistan.

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