Renegade Libyan general claims air strikes on Tripoli

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Lybia was one of many countries “liberated” by Western democraticcountries’ intervention. Most, if not all, of those “liberated” countries are now in a state of chaos and total anarchy. Removing the tyranical dictators and autocrats destroyed all social stability and rule of law and left most of the population in those countries at the mercy of mob rule by thugs and criminals acting out as militias. Western powers have been efficient at bringing down regimes by they have never had an end game.

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Oral2Oral wrote:

The fighting in Tripoli is basically between former rebels and former pro-qaddafi troops located around the airport area.

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Doc62 wrote:

We upset the apple cart, like in Iraq. Gen. Haftar is the only one who is strong enough to take control. He may turn out to be another Gaddafi, but at least the Islamists will stop, and oil will flow$.

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yellowlab wrote:

so this general is a “renegade,” but the others are “militias” and “fighters.” How very even handed of Reuters.

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Sheriff2013 wrote:

Turkish F-16s are the ones who conducted the raid and will continue to do that for several weeks. They all know that, but elected to point fingers to UAE and Egypt….and other countries instead. Turkey with the support of Qatar both have interest in keeping the situation in Libya as is and will air raid all sides to make sure nobody has the upper hand in the internal war going in Libya. Turkey has the air fueling capacity to refuel its F-16 back and forth to conduct the air raids. It has also been confirmed that the raids were conducted by F-16s coming from the Mediterranean sea and returned back in the same direction. Neither Spain, Italy or France has any F-16s of their own. The fact that Turkey is supplying the same parties it is now air raiding with arms through Sudan force those parties to point in other directions in order not to risk losing the arms supplies purchased by Turkey and Qatar that arrives via Sudan.

SO ENOUGH IS A ENOUGH… WE IN EGYPT Know it all, We Watch What Is Happening and Keep our mouth shut in order not to interfere in Libya’s internal affairs. But if some of those Militants groups supported by Turkey will point fingers to us… WE HAVE RECORD OF EVERYTHING and We Can Make It Go PUBLIC !!!

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