U.S. housing market improving, inflation pressures muted

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Whipsplash wrote:

More good news for the country! Oh, and it the numbers for June were revised UP rather than down as some of the doom and gloom crowd claim they always are. The growth in the recovery would be faster with help from the right, but it becomes clearer and clearer America can do just fine without republicans.

Vote every republican out of every office every chance you get!

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PCCorruption wrote:

Our housing market will not recover for many years to come. You can break all the ground you want, as long as people remain under water because of the inflated market, it will drag on the economy. Reality bites sometimes.

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BeRealistic wrote:

Whip, take off the partisan blinders and look at the big picture. First, what numbers are revised up? I see nothing about any nunmbers being revised up. If it is all about numbers, then why is it that when numbers are up things are good, but when numbers are down, the “underlying trend is strong” or some such spin?

From the article – “snapping two straight months of declines.”

“declining energy costs PARTIALLY offset increases in food and rents.” – we all know energy prices fluctuate widely, however food and rent rarely decline after moving up, meaning that once energy costs rise again soon, people will be hurting even more.

“The housing market is regaining its footing after being slammed by last year’s run-up in interest rates.” – not a growth, just a recovery of ground previously lost. Better than losing more ground, but not good.

Add to this lowest home ownership in years and low rental availability tells you that people are not able to buy homes and must resort to renting and that institutional investors are becoming the largest owners of homes. This is not good for average Americans.

It must be nice to go through life having such a shallow and simplistic view of your surroundings, spinning everything to falsely support your rosy outlook simply to protect your political candidate and political views.

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GFY365 wrote:

The economy is recovering? Really? Says who? I hate to tell you this, but the numbers are skewed. It only appears the country is doing better. Lets shut down QE3 and see what happens. Take a good look at the US debt clock and tell me everything is ok. You cant have that kind of debt (that continues to grow rapidly) with a robust economy. And while you are at it, take a long hard look at student loan, personal, and credit card debt as well.

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divinargant wrote:

I suppose if your idea of good news for the country is constructing multi-family rental dwellings which is where the biggest jump took place..then yes we are on a roll. However, what does this say in broader terms with respect to the housing market? If single-family starts are still below where they were nearly one year ago, then household formation in the traditional sense is not happening and that spurs its own set of economic challenges for growth within the economy.
The fact is that there are economic/financial events taking place that have been a long time in the making and both the right and the left have blood on their hands and have collectively brought us to this point. Yet they don’t hold a candle with respect to the ultimate power which enslaves us all and that is the entity that creates and controls the currency. The hand maiden for all politicians and the federal government which is the central bank whose policy has been of late to re-inflate the deflated.

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unionwv wrote:

Fannie Mae tells a different story: http://wolfstreet.com/2014/08/19/fannie-mae-sledgehammers-housing-forecasts-to-smithereens/

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Whipsplash wrote:

@ berealistic,
The article I posted on was titled “U.S. housing starts, permits surge in July” my post never showed up on it, it showed up on this article, this has happened in the past. Here’s the link and mention of the numbers revised up: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/08/19/idUSLNSJJEAJR20140819

You wrote: “but when numbers are down, the “underlying trend is strong” or some such spin?”
Look up the word trend, better yet look at a stock chart with an up-trending price line, it can drop or flatten and still be in an overall up-trend. That I have to explain this to you is just sad.

News flash, prices go up. All they’re saying is inflation is rather tame.
I don’t have the time to explain everything to you. If you want to be miserable and believe your life stinks then congratulations it will.

Aug 19, 2014 1:51pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
BeRealistic wrote:

union, great link with some real information. Thanks, just wish others would see, read, and think about this “non-leftist agenda” info that gets so little attention in the popular media.

Aug 19, 2014 1:57pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
BeRealistic wrote:

Whip, see union’s link, it describes a trend, that of the forecasts continually being revised down over the past year. I am quite aware of what a trend is, however, if you look only at raw numbers without the why behind them, you are fooling yourself. My life is reasonably nice, but I am ticked that the media and obama/DNC cheerleaders want to ignore the real picture which causes a lot of people to stagnate in medicrity always trusting that things are “about” to get better, but they never do.

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venturen wrote:

prices increase 10% but there is no inflation…LOL What a bunch of LIARS

Aug 19, 2014 5:20pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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