Exclusive: Apple iPhone 6 screen snag leaves supply chain scrambling

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jbeech wrote:

I think it’s funny that Apple is copying Samsung (and others) in the rush to a larger screen because you essentially halve the market. Consider how Samsung has not been profitable in recent quarters. Has anyone considered the implication, e.g. these very large phones are pretty much only toted by women? This, due the fact straight men don’t generally carry a purse (no offense) and absent a purse, how on Earth is a guy going to tote such a beast?

Anyway, I’ve been satisfied with the screen of my 4S (my wife carries the 5S) and the only thing I wish is for my phone to be lighter and more compact. E.g. if Apple wanted me to buy into a new phone, something shrunken down to the minimum bezel required around the 3.5″ screen of my 4S and about half the thickness would be fine with me. I’d love a phone weighing less than 3 oz because I mostly drop mine in my shirt pocket and put it on speaker phone for a hands free option instead of also carrying a headset or ear buds.

My 2¢

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z3us wrote:

Apple has not scheduled a media event for September 9th.

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harrykrishna wrote:

with news like this, real or manufactured, might as well raise the price

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AdamChew wrote:

Same old same old from Reuters ….

As usual Apple is painted as a company run by idiots who know the last thing about planning.

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moofer wrote:

So, do you think they’ll postpone the the rumored release date for their rumored press event for their rumored unlreased product now with this rumor about a parts delay?

Gimme a freaking break. Report the news once it happens. Not before.

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@jbeech You are absolutely right that apple is copying samsung and HTC, just like apple has been busy copying android in software.

Regarding phone sizes, I like the larger phones and I just use pants with larger pockets. But you are totally right, there is a market also for smaller phones and the problem with apple (besides chasing the market and being a copy-cat) is that they don’t offer enough options.

The android world is great because there are so many options! There is a phone size, weight, and price/featureset combo for everyone.

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Korean display companies went to larger screens because they were so ill designed, that they had to have a larger battery! So they had to go to a larger display. The larger display costs more, the Korean phone companies have poor semiconductor designs… also leading to higher costs. The Apple designs are leading edge & PROFITABLE!

It’s fare to say that Apple is making ALL THE PHONE PROFITS IN THE WORLD… because they are well designed.

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helpnxt wrote:

Isn’t there always a disruption in production just before the launch of any apple product? Pretty sure this is Apple’s attempt to create the sense of a possible shortage of their newest product and get people hyped up to buy one.
Also for the large screen chat in the comments basically Apple had a choice charge less for their phone or make one with a bigger screen as none of it’s competitors were charging anywhere near the same amount for a similar size screen and that is where most of the uptake has been.
Also as a straight guy with a S3, I find large screen phones tend to be carried around well in pockets.

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zapatta wrote:

@jbeech 3.5″ screen is good enough to make phone calls. else it sucks.

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gommer wrote:

If only there wasn’t such a need to keep everything so thin and light.

It would not kill the customer if the phone is a little bit thicker.

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ThomasOne wrote:

Tim Cook needs to stay focused as his predecessor was.

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lordgaga wrote:

god. people are so tired of these ‘exclusives’ that are completely false. reuters is turning into businessinsider bait click. it’s been proven that MOST of your “exclusives” have been false about apple when you’re not bashing them.

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fortify7 wrote:

As for the track record for Reuters, the news publication also claimed last year that Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display may not arrive until 2014 due to alleged supply constraints. Of course, that report ended up being erroneous, as the high-resolution iPad mini launched last year without issue.

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