Slim chance of progress as Russian and Ukrainian leaders meet

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dingodoggie wrote:

If the armed column came from beyond the Russian border, it is not correct to call them “Separatists”. They are either Russian irregular or regular forces, performing an invasion.

Russia seems to be doing all they can to start a regular war.

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Jamesss wrote:

“Semen Semenchenko, commander of the pro-government Azov militia, said on his Facebook page that around 50 armored vehicles had crossed the border from Russia.”

The Ukrainians will need more than Semen to repel the rebels.

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vodolaz wrote:

That is regular Russian army, not the rebels.

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Reality2Day wrote:

Russian aid convoy, new separatist front? Too much attention paid to the convoy, Ukraine was mesmerized by Russia’s right hand and didn’t see what the left hand was up to. Hmm, now a new Russian aid convoy, wonder what will follow that, another front?

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malkavian wrote:

Ukrainian governmenst ‘says’ a lot. Has there ever been any ground behind all these words?
I understand that people are eager to believe them just like that, because the nature of these words is anti-russian.

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dualcitizen wrote:

Just keep reporting your propaganda Reuters, and suppressing comments. Worse than msn.

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WCTopp wrote:

Putin’s holding a losing hand. He can’t envision a good outcome to this so he’ll be deciding which of the bad outcomes he’ll press for. He’s not used to this so he’ll be stressed and could easily make a bad choice from amongst his bad options. That makes the situation even less predictable .

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gentalman wrote:

Let me correct a line in above report “…….in April street protests (Supported by EU/US) ousted Moscow supported president was ousted.
It is New President who started attacking rebels.At that time there was a proposal from Putin and rebels to discuss on table for the federation of Russian speaking part of Ukraine.Poroshenko did not estimate his strength and expected too much from EU?US and he brought out bigger army against rebels started killing his own people.
Now it is certain he can not win.
Still it is not late to compromise calling at least discuss with rebels.Putin still wants his business relations with EU and he will not go too far to support rebels.At present he is protecting them.He is not interested to break the whole country.
One can study P.’s face when he met Putin at Normandi function.He is full of Ego.He was so far only businessman and member of local Govt.He has no idea of world as a whole today.If he come round even today,many lives can be saved.

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erikaaaa wrote:

Can you give informations based on FACTS… and stopping misinformations giving by kiev and the US????

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Vadim_P wrote:

Disclaimer: I am a Russian; but live in the US now. I agree with some readers that Ukraine ‘says a lot’. Not sure how much of what Ukraine says is true, but it is not for me to judge them since they are attacked by Russian forces disguised as rebels. Putin regime is corrupt and merciless. Putin’s regime also destroyed many lives in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya, and it continues doing so.

Some readers will disagree with me since they do not believe that Russia sends troops and military aid to separatists (because Russia-backed media told them so). My response to that as follows: when Crimean crisis started, Russian government denied the involvement for many weeks. Only after Crimea was illegally annexed by Russia, Russian government acknowledged that they used unmarked troops in Crimea. I believe the same is happening in Ukraine now.
If you still do not believe me that Russian regime is corrupt, here are a few examples:
1) Today, most Russians in Russia believe that Ukraine forces shot down MH-17 because news reports told them so many times since after the tragedy. However, immediately after the tragedy, separatists thought that it was a military plane, and Russian news told several times that separatists took credit for the tragedy. Even Russian official to UN made a public statement that separatists shot the plane down by accident. Source (in Russian): The source was compiled by an opposition leader in Russia using official statements and Russian media.
2) Putin and his allies stole billions (if not trillions) from Russian citizens. Without oil and gas, Russian economy would collapse. Source(in English)

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111Dave111 wrote:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, asked about the group of Russian forces had crossed into south-east Ukraine with 10 tanks and two armored infantry vehicles outside Novoazovsk, Ukraine’s most south-easterly point on the Azov Sea, said “I have not heard of this”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is either a liar or stoopid.

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OlduvaiNovel wrote:

Why does the media continue to print every accusation the Ukrainian government makes? (I’m loathe to call those acknowledged by the West the ‘government’ given this was yet another CIA-orchestrated coup of an elected government) Are they on the payroll of the CIA?

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111Dave111 wrote:

WCTopp: “Putin [..] could easily make a bad choice from amongst his bad options. That makes the situation even less predictable.”

I am afraid you are correct.

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nsanity wrote:

Hey Folks – I reckon quite a few of you would have at least a 4 year degree, and learned a thing or two about critical thinking or have been exposed to the scientific process in academia.

Ask yourself – with so many “Russian invasions”… why is there not a single picture or video or audio clip of a single one of them? Why, when Ukraine or Nato or America declare that they have irrefutable proof of ____, not even ONCE has the public seen any proof, at all? Except the “sattelite” footage after mh-17 that was proven to be a fake…

How many times has Kiev blatantly lied now? If you post in the comments, you must have read at least a couple more stories over the past few months… you must have noticed that Reuters reports are EXCLUSIVELY based on Kiev “accusations” – in their own words. Not once have you been shown any definitive proof. Not once have you seen a conversation with locals.

Now – if you listen/read news NOT from UK/US/Ukr – why is it that you see SO many videos and interviews and reportages from the civilians themselves? Why do you constantly see destroyed civilian areas? Note there is no destroyed separatist mech, there are no separatist corpses – only elderly ladies crying and yelling at the camera’s about being killed by their own country.

Have you no consciousness, to report stuff like this? Come on people, how can you look at yourself in the mirror after!?

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111Dave111 wrote:

Maybe we will have to treat the Russian Cossacks like ISIS/L. I expect Putin has and will lose more favor as the armor is thinned and as the body bags come home.

1,000 Drones and 10,000 Grenade launchers for the patriotic Ukrainian army.

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pdavis68 wrote:

I think Sergei Lavrov is Baghdad Bob in disguise.

Whatever Bob…

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pdavis68 wrote:

I think Sergei Lavrov is Baghdad Bob in disguise.

Whatever Bob…

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pdavis68 wrote:

I’m actually not too worried about Putin making a bad choice. We’ve tightened the purse strings of his rich oligarch buddies. They’re not going to let him wipe them all out financially (which is a real possibility if he mis-steps too badly). I think they’ll pull him back from the brink if they have to throw him in jail to do it.

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kunikos wrote:

“1,000 Drones ….for the patriotic Ukrainian army.”

Commenting is so easy when you have no idea what you’re talking about. The US has a TOTAL of 360 Predator MQ1-s and 109 MQ9-s (Reapers). So hand them all over and quickly produce another 500 (only $8.5 billion @ $17 million each for MQ9)?

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AbelXaviour wrote:

Kiev is saying the same rubbish again and again. Destroyed russian military equipments, seized Russian spies, stopped Russian military infiltration, so on. If they have evidence why cant they show that to public? Just like their lies on MH-17 they are crying wolf again and again.

They are lying on their military offensive against East Ukraine too. They are boasting about their “successes” when their own forces are met with devastating causalities with no progress in East Ukraine.

Many microbloggers are commenting on the push from pro-russians. Rebels have enough weapons captured from the captured arms depot. There are many ammunition factories in rebel territories so they do not need to depend on Russia for that. They have plenty of volunteers now too, thanks to indiscriminate Ukrainian army shelling which alienated local population and many took up arms as revenge.

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Namro wrote:

Putler’s minions keep trying to stir thingsup. NATO must stop Putin!

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kommy wrote:

The new front was opened when brownshirts battalion Azov left its positions near Ilovaysk. In a process, the commander cursed the superior officer from the army, and told him to take hike.

The battalion now in Mariupol, through the gap rebel forces went almost down to the sea, and i other direction into the flank of Ilovaysk taktical group.

Now the rebels knock the army artillery units almost unopposed. A panic ensues, Nazi collaborators run from Mariupol on a double.

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kommy wrote:

Military spokesman Andriy Lysenko is full of his boss chocolate.

The supplying of the forces was horrible. All started last week, with burning rail tankers in the city of Chernovtsy- like 700 tons of diesel fuel went into smoke.

Remain a mystery where Ukraine takes the fuel at all, because they already processed Soviet legacy- technical oil in transit pipelines.

After that the south group was left without fuel.

Bronwshirts from battalion Azov opened the front- there are strong evidence that Poroshenko- Walzman is trying hold army forces back, and send brownshirts and SS (Right Sector) upfront.

Rada elections are in stake, and Pososhenko prancing against his major opponents- Moisha (Igor) Kolomoysky and others.

Funny thing that about Kolomoysky that he is a major founder of the Nazis- like they would never come after him when the time comes.

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UauS wrote:

This war could’ve been avoided if not for Merkel’s real-politics and her appeasement of bully Putin:
“Mrs. Merkel’s rejection of a NATO track for Georgia and Ukraine, at a news conference with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in St. Petersburg, would effectively act as a veto.” (2008)

So thank you, Frau Ribbentrop. I hope you will wake up when Russian tanks are all around Berlin again, but there will be no more Marshall Plan for Germany this time…

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BraveNewWrld wrote:


And who do you think fills Colin Powell’s shoes?

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Why did the Soviet Union paratroop into Afghanistan in 1979 and stay for 10 years? Does this have something to do with the terrible state of world affairs we see today? I think so!

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Reality2Day wrote:

@ Namro wrote:

Putler’s minions keep trying to stir thingsup. NATO must stop Putin!

It’s not NATO’s job and definitely not in its’ interests. What you’re saying is basically, “Let’s start World War III!” Russia and China vs US and EU, global conflict dragging other nations in, forced to choose sides in a war they want no part in. Bullets, bombs, cyber warfare, infrastructure destruction, nations dehydrating, starving then the nukes. Clever strategy (extreme sarcasm).

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Wait one more thing…the top 5 countries that export military arms are U.S.A, Britain, France, Russia, China…they also sit as permanent members of the security council. Why are they not working towards peace? Not profitable? This is why China, and Russia are quiet on Syria. 200,000 plus dead.

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Vitus wrote:

When do we start asking for evidence?

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Reality2Day wrote:

@BraveNewWrld wrote:

Dear Reuters,

Why are you censoring out my comment in support of 111Dave111?

I don’t understand their new comment policy either, I wrote Reuters more than a month ago for clarification, no response so far. Some comments are posted, some not, which I can’t see why they’re not. Sometimes I post a comment and it doesn’t appear in the comments section for over an hour, but the comment I posted just before this showed up almost instantaneously. Go figure????

@111Dave111 wrote:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov is either a liar or stoopid.

“I have not heard of this…” is a pretty lame answer for Russia’s 2nd top diplomat. Knowledge is power, or so they say, but it appears to not be the case with Lavrov.

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If this column of tanks and armored vehicles were made up of Russian special forces,(Spetsnaz) they would already be in Kiev by now.

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RickPeters10 wrote:

Well given that western borders of the Ukraine are under the control of the Eukraine government, where is all the advanced military equipment coming from to are the ‘rebels’? You don’t just wake up one morning and decide to take on an army and suddenly have thousands of well equipped soldiers at your disposal with a seemingly unlimited supply of sophisticated weaponry.

The only country with an interest and the capability of putting up a fight to the Ukraine government is Russia.

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Mott wrote:

Graphic photo with blood-drip is distasteful.

Reuters –

You may task the Reuters Censorship team to monitor for quality-control on the article titles and the substance and clarity of the content.

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I don’t get how come bad guy Putin is calling for UN peacekeepers and ceasefire, and your good guy Poroshenko is pressing military offencive and shooting ballistic missiles? Oh, maybe it is something to do with that whole South-Eastern population of Ukraine are terrorists and have to be cleansed? Seems to fit Western interests as well… But please listen to common sense. There will not be a Ukrainian Viktory. There will be death and more death. Stop it and talk now. Find compromise or will regret.

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CanRus wrote:

One of the rare sensible comments I’ve seen on here lately.

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kommy wrote:

Semen Semenchenko- is actually a Russian guy, the name is assumed, and who is in bitter feud with hi own family.

In the men time, the King of Chocolate begin to whine that Russians prepare a second convoy with humanitarian aid, he cries that Russians assault the sovereignty of his country with a deadly banana.

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bagart wrote:

Good news!!! Russians will get not avitaminosis after banning import of Polish apples. Reliable private sources say Polish gardeners exporting apples and other high vitamine C fruits to Lukashenka’s operators, and Belarusian’s (members of this asiatic by Russians run oligarchy union ) are forwarding this sweet/sour merchandise to Russia from the day one (of imposed on Poland sanctions). If Dutch are as clever we don’t know yet. Anyway, Russian hippos and elephants in Russian zoo’s will survive also! Putin is genius! He thought of everything.

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Lowell_Thinks wrote:

Who decided that we should take sides against Russia? Ukraine will get along just fine whatever happens. We should be siding with the Russians, combining our military might to confront our real enemy–radical Islam, something we should have done in Afghanistan instead of boycotting their Olympics.

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540i wrote:

The western media (and I speal from Canada right now) is subject to cencorship. This has never been so stark and evident as now – not suring Vietnem and not during Gulf Wars. But it is happening.
I wonder how a few days from today Reuters and others (even much worse agencies, as Reuters is relatively ok, in comparison) will suddenly “discover” that the UKR army invading Donbas is split into 3 separate
parts, encirled, cut off and gradually destroyed at a rate of 100+ troops per day. This is what’s happening, there is clear evidence of this which the western propaganda is forbidden to mention.
This is the end of the junta’s venture into Russian territory of Donbas and the end of the oligarch and Bandera-fascist pseudostate of “Ukraine”.

Aug 25, 2014 3:23pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
ravage12 wrote:

Would love to see how russia would react if Nato actually set up a blockade along the russian/Ukranian border and stopped all thier “humanitarian aid”.

Aug 25, 2014 3:23pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
kommy wrote:


Very sober thought! Think further- and alliance of US with Russia and China will make US prosper for next centuries.

But Obama continue to urinate against the wind- this seems for him more profitable.

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bagart wrote:

What was Russian “humanitarian” convoy for? Trucks were half empty, made all possible maneuvers to enter and get out of Ukraine without to be controlled. Ukrainians living outside Ukraine have info (world shriveled with cell phones and emails) from family members and acquaintances (not from official sources)that plants manufacturing parts for Russian ballistic rockets were gutted from machinery and parts. Official Ukrainian sources also spoke about removing machinery.Such info however impossible(?) should be thoroughly checked and released as true or false. If true next convoy announced by liar Hypocrite Lavrov will bring in some military surplus of salt and sugar, and get out with another transport of machinery to be reassembled on Russian soil. As this are plants producing rockets, parts, magazines traditionally mainly for Russia, if removal is a fact, than conflict will end shortly, of course prolonged as long as possible, in order to blood-let Ukraine for extreme destabilization. They did something like this in WWII- immediately after front moved forward Polish and German manufacturing plants were gutted, and machinery send to Russia. Plants in Luhansk and other cities of the region are vital for Russian military.

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Clear_spot wrote:

Putin as become a iconic leader to American conservatives who see Putin’s leadership as a projection of conservative principles.

Aug 25, 2014 3:53pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
olifant wrote:

Why do you keep calling russian regular army Ukrainian separatists?

Aug 25, 2014 3:54pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Kommy, are you noted in this new publication?

Aug 25, 2014 3:57pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Athen wrote:

Ukrainian have been victimised by the West capitalist(includes US) vampires led by Germany who has collaborated with Russia to tear off Ukraina into East&West so that each party control one side.

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

George Orwell – what a visionary. Perhaps, they should start teaching his essays in schools throughout the world, but particularly in the Ukraine, USA, and Russia.

“Notes on Nationalism” is an essay completed in May 1945 by George Orwell and published in the first issue of Polemic (October 1945).

In this essay, Orwell discusses the notion of nationalism, and argues that it causes people to disregard common sense and become more ignorant towards factuality. Orwell shows his concern for the social state of Europe, and in a broader sense, the entire world, due to an increasing amount of influence of nationalistic sentiment occurring throughout a large number of countries.

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bagart wrote:

Nsanity longed for photos of corpses of killed rebels. Why there are not posted in western propaganda machine? Answer- Banditry called Donbass People Republic (Under Auspices of Great Russian Republic) has no remorse to exploit in propaganda casualties of people who died because of their stationing close to their dwellings, using them as human shield and propaganda instrument. I can’t imagine photo in NYT or similar newspaper with exposed cadavers. Officials in Ukraine , if they wished to show parade of captured rebels, never will do this as they know western rules doesn’t allow something like that, and will cause immediate sentiment change in EU and USA, both probably waiting for blunder of this kind, to back out of weak, but anyway, support. Animals with stern, business like faces herding bloodied people, many in civilian clothes (supposedly untrained yet volunteers)looking like boys under 18, and crazed mob, stupefied by propaganda- this is reserved for people like you. I believe after this will finally end, this mugs and their patrons will be hunted, and punished.

Aug 25, 2014 4:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

To Bagart: I didn’t notice NYT being too picky about showing gruesome content before. I live in Canada for quite some time after collapse of USSR, but perfectly understand people in Ukraine who are fighting against Ukrainian Nazi government. This war is not Putin’s war (BTW I don’t like him much). It instigated by US trying to ride Ukrainian Nazi horse. The lack of tolerance from Kiev and attempts of de-russification and ethnic cleansing provoked South-East to rebel. The approval by West of use force for solving political problem on Maidan gave them moral right to take weapons in hands. I am preaching for peace all my life. But to protect my freedom, my city, my home I would shoot from its window…

Aug 25, 2014 4:51pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
kommy wrote:

Ukrainian forces had awkward military goals: they tried to beat to submission civilian population.

They bombed neighborhoods, kindergartens, hospitals, markets, power plants, water supplies,- anything but rebels.

The latest military objectives were to block humanitarian routs to Lugansk and Donetsk,- this drew last men power and resources.

Now it is time of reckoning- no munition or fuel left, Ukrainian units stand still and take a beating.

Rebels, on the opposite, have advantage of maneuver and support of local population.

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Whatsgoingon wrote:

It’s my second time hearing that Russian convoy got destroyed. Can someone show a pic/vid of the remains?

Aug 25, 2014 5:59pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
bobinportland wrote:

The authors of this article follow a pattern observed throughout the western press coverage of Ukraine. There are plenty of stories about a Russian invasion of tanks, APC, artillery. And many stories of the Ukrainian army’s valiant victories. Yet somehow no western media or Ukrainian solders seem to have camera phones, like the rest of the world does.

While we wait for those pictures perhaps whoever in the west who has the black boxes from MH17 might think of releasing that to the public. Maybe the Ukrainian Ministry of the Interior can release the air control tower recordings with the MH17 that they seized right after the plane crash. Russia released its radar a couple days after the crash, indicating Ukrainian fighter planes accompanying MH17 immediately before the plane came down, as eyewitnesses on the ground saw. Over a month and there Ukraine doesn’t release its civil radar of the day, its military radar of the day, and the US doesn’t release the intel satellite photos of the event. If the plane had been downed by a BUK SAM there would have been a contrail, but no one in the area saw one.

In short, if there was a column of Russian APCs that crossed the border last week and was destroyed by the Ukrainian army, how come there are no photos of this great victory? No pictures of yesterday’s Russian invasion, or today’s for that matter.

Aug 25, 2014 6:22pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
jim_seattle wrote:

Ukraine likes to make wild claims about Russian invasions. How many times are we going to hear about another Russian invasion, and not expect any proof? They have already destroyed multiple Russian armored columns, but there has never been a single photo to document this. Now they have captured several members of “an intelligence-sabotage group”, but I don’t expect to see any proof of this either.

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times05 wrote:

Whole article is full of lies. Separatists have gone on offensive now. They are literally winning. Russia has been much less aggressive and more of a humanitarian than any other government in past conflicts (remember all those revolutions in Middle east? yeah, don’t even have to wonder who paid and supplied those). Poroshenko is dismissing parliament to elect new one, only so that they don’t get tried as war criminals later. He himself will be begging Putin for a way out in Minsk in just a few days. But hey, we live in a democracy with freedom of speech right? Moderator is still going to delete this comment. You, the guy whose mouse pointer is hovering over delete button, you know that “the good guys” don’t have to silence the truth.

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MaskOfZero wrote:

Putin conquered and annexed Crimea–this is a fact.

Putin lied about Russia’s invasion of Crimea, claiming that the little green men were local ‘resistance’–this is a fact.

Suddenly, a rebellion occurred in Eastern Ukraine–but unlike any ‘spontaneous’ rebellion which has ever occurred in history–the rebels were professionally organized, and armed with sophisticated weapons. Local Ukrainian leaders were replaced by Russians who were involved in the Georgian conflict. (the first Putin land-grab)

How anyone can believe this is not Putin’s war is beyond belief.

The chess-master Putin should have stopped at Crimea, but now, he is in over his head, and there are no good options. Russia’s international reputation has been damaged for decades to come. What business would want to locate there now?

I am sure there are quite a few BP executives kicking themselves and planning an early retirement before shareholder’s fire them for such a bad investment.

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REnninga wrote:

Prior to the dissolution of the former Soviet Union, approximately half of Soviet defense industry manufacturing and assembly occurred in Ukraine. This so-called “humanitarian” convoy of 180 trucks, painted white and covered with white tarps, were all only partially filled and many were completely empty. They are crewed by Russian Army regulars.
According to ‘Jane’s Defence Weekly’ the majority of these trucks are Russian Army heavy transports which were built for the purpose of transport of heavy Russian main battle tanks.
This was all a ruse. This so-called “humanitarian” convoy is returning to Russia filled with heavy specialized milling and machining equipment and manufacturing machines for military arms and military aircraft, which Russia is stealing from Ukraine under the thin guise of “humanitarian relief.”
The cynicism and callousness of Vladimir Putin is nauseating. What a leader. What a country.

Aug 26, 2014 4:12am EDT  --  Report as abuse
REnninga wrote:

CORRECTION: Make that 270 KAMAZ Military Trucks, painted white and covered in white tarp, not 180 trucks.

Aug 26, 2014 5:22am EDT  --  Report as abuse
observer48 wrote:

Where the hell are Ukrainian artillery guns, helicopter gunships and fighter jets armed with anti-tank missiles? Ukraine manufactures these missiles and should have a large enough stash of them to arm its welcome committee waiting for Russian-sent terrorists and other “little green men”.

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