Iran supplied weapons to Iraqi Kurds; Baghdad bomb kills 12

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Reality2Day wrote:

U.S. inaction leads to Iranian action. The Kurds needed weapons that the U.S. wouldn’t supply so Iran did. Iran gains more influence in the Mid-East much to Saudi Arabia’s chagrin.

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AlkalineState wrote:

See? We have more in common with Iran than we wanted to think. Bombing Iran would have only helped ISIS even more.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Reality2Day writes: “U.S. inaction leads to Iranian action.”

Good. It’s time they step up. Better them entangled than us. Goes for the Russians too. And where are the Chinese? They like the oil, but not the soil? Time to get dirty if you want the resources.

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Kahnie wrote:

Good for Iran. It’s good to see the countries in the neighborhood helping the Kurds and each other. Iraq should be split into three areas either in a federal nature or separate as had been the case with the Ottomans before the British and French drew artificial borders to suit their own interests. Enough of this European meddling in the area known by the west as Middle East. Good for Iran. Good for us. Let the Brits and the French help out since they caused this mess almost 100 years ago.

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This was rather predictable.

Does Obama still need a “unity government,” before he gets off his duff – and provides military aid to the Kurds? Those guys fighting ISIL with everything they have; remember them?

If this keeps up, the Kurds will long remember that the US refused to provide them with the weaponry they needed to survive – but Iran came forth. Who will be the next to help the Kurds – Russia?

Great “Foreign Policy,” Barak; apparently Hillary was right.

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AlkalineState wrote:

Having Islam police itself is better foreign policy than spending 2 trillion taxpayer dollars and 4,000 U.S. Service lives on nothing at all. Obama is light years ahead of Bush/Cheney.

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Interdog wrote:

I hope the Iranians checked with US before doing anything.

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where’s any help from muslim countries from malaysia to morocco that should have an interest in stopping a potential threat to the society of their country?
it seems iran perceives enough of a clear and present danger to themselves and the region to put their money where their mouth is.

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TheNewWorld wrote:


“Having Islam police itself is better foreign policy than spending 2 trillion taxpayer dollars and 4,000 U.S. Service lives on nothing at all. Obama is light years ahead of Bush/Cheney.”

This is a situation that could break out into a huge regional war. I am normally on board with this policy, but this situation could escalate into a WW3 scenario. I guess if it could stay contained we would be better off not getting involved. I don’t see any side that we could support without alienating someone including allies in the region.

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matthewslyman wrote:

@AlkalineState: Partially agree, but as pointed out by Jon Huntsman Jr. during the 2011 Republican presidential primaries, American fighting in Afghanistan didn’t secure mining rights for American companies there: instead, Chinese companies won the contracts! Which proves once again, that you can fight to the death to save someone’s back side, and they’ll still act in what they think is their “best interests”. (Same way, for all the British working-class grunts who fought in WW2; only to be betrayed when instead of allowing British post-war wages to rise due to under-supply of labour, the British government imported hundreds of thousands of people from the colonies who didn’t speak English, didn’t subscribe to British values, won’t obey British laws, won’t fit in with our culture or customs; and don’t subscribe to any sense of community with their hosts! And look where that’s all getting us now! There are some wonderful immigrants (I personally know a few), but case in point again: fighting for someone else’s life doesn’t necessarily secure any long-term influence with those who don’t fully understand the sacrifice you made, and who didn’t personally bleed with you!

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Mandingo wrote:

With the Dyala killings of Sunni’s by the Shia government (a reaction to an Sunni IED) this tit for tat between Sunni (ISIS seen as helping them with revenge killings) and Shia that goes back over a century, its hard to see the place holding together.

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NeilMurray wrote:

Ancient saying: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

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ChangeIranNow wrote:

Clearly Iran is Hamas sugardaddy for weapons, funds and technical expertise. Its supply of illicit missiles into Gaza has allowed Hamas the opportunity to rain down destruction on Israel. Now, irrespective of how you might feel about Israel’s response, there is no doubt that Iran’s weapons are the catalyst for the size, scope and scale of this conflict, far beyond anything that has happened before. It’s a recipe that Iran has perfected with Hezbollah in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and now in Iraq. Iran’s tentacles extend far and wide and its weapons are shedding the blood of innocent civilians in conflicts all throughout the region. We’re not likely to see any change in this pattern unless there is change in Iran.

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