California mulls bill to remove guns from potential offenders

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NPeril wrote:

Family members accusing then hauling other family members to Court? Doesn’t Cali have enough problems? This idea conjures nightmares of Germany WW II in which the Government encouraged then insisted that family, friends, neighbors and strangers inform on one another. Scary!

Maybe a better idea is to have family members haul Cali Politicians to Court for removal and expulsion from Office.

Cali Politicians are the best of all thing ignoble. Like sipping swamp water instead of fine wines. Even more baffling are the Cali residents who, like crazed oxygen starved fish, thrash the water’s surface attempting to breath pure air without the ability to do so. These West Coast fish struggle to impale themselves on the trawler’s hook. Pitiful.

Aug 27, 2014 7:38pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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