Ukraine accuses Russia of "undisguised aggression" as rebels advance

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j1979 wrote:

It certainly was not “Land based artillery” that sunk the Ukrainian ships, it was a air Russian strike.

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MaskOfZero wrote:

Putin wants a land corridor to Crimea. He looked at the cost to build a bridge and supply Crimea with water and other goods, and the cost is gigantic–much easier to send goods by rail–and fresh water by pipeline from the Eastern Ukraine.

Slow sanctions haven’t worked. Of course they haven’t worked–because there is not enough pain in them. Travel restrictions on a few oligarchs? Some trouble getting long term credit?

Is that the best you can do USA and Europe?

The only thing that will convince Putin–short of war, are sanctions which bite hard. Europe needs to cut the gas supplies. France can’t sell that carrier to Russia. Russian assets need to be frozen.

Money from frozen Russian assets can be used to reimburse bad Western investments in Russia. Travel restrictions to and from Russia. No trade at all.

The Russian economy will tank big time, and Vlad’s days will be numbered–though it may take one or two years.

This sounds extreme–but nothing else will make him pay attention.

Putin still believes he and Russia can get out of this conflict in one piece–with Crimea in hand, and Eastern Ukraine a buffer state.

And Putin will be right–unless the Western powers find a backbone. Of course, if Putin gets away with this land grab–we will be hearing from him again–since he will believe he can act with impunity.

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Amwatching2c wrote:

Putin watches Fox.

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jacobsch wrote:

What Putin say and do is 2 very different things. EU and USA should be 1 step ahead of Putin and allready now prepare the millitary help Ukraine need! Because you signed the contract to defend Ukraine sovereignty when they gave up their atomic weapons and missiles. And it is the decent thing to do! Ukraine did not expect that Russia would wage a war on them and they vere totally unprepared. Nato can at once start to share their information in real time. USA can supply many of the weapons they do not use anymore. a few of the retired A10 Warthog airplanes would make a huge difference to the Ukrainian army.
I am only few hundred km from the fighting area and i can assure you that all the people in Ukraine is very very sad that Russia is pirating and preparing to annex a part of Ukraine. Many greetings Jacob Schonberg, danish citizen living in Ukraine

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borisjimbo wrote:

A. I thought the Russians were already building a bridge to Crimea over that little inlet into the Sea of Azov, thus negating their need for a land bridge.
B. Of course a New East Ukraine won’t merge with Russia. Yeah. Sure.

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JTCz wrote:

One would expect a serious news agency like Reuters to provide correct information. There is no chance “rebels” could fire on the ship – those are Russians, from the Russian army.

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ThomasOne wrote:

Putin should just butt out. He will not be a tsar. What will happen to him when his people realize he has lied to them. There are already thousands of deaths because of this rouges ambitions. He has played he own people as fools with his of nationalism (=Puntinism) and like the Rev Jim Jones has given Russians the Kool-Aid. Its sad what one man will dictate power, he has sacrificed his own.

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ThomasOne wrote:

A 100 pies in the face to Putin wherever he goes.

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deLafayette wrote:

Yes, let Tsar Vladimir bring the matter of statehood before the UN!

We’ll see how far he gets in obtaining a separation of the eastern Ukraine from the country. (Poor fool that he is.)

Better yet, just come up with an agreement that will allow all Ukrainians who want to leave to be able to do so, and guaranty housing in Russia.

They must forfeit their Ukrainian passports if they adopt Russian citizenship. Wont that settle a “problem” that should not have existed in the first place; and would not have existed if Tsar Vlad had not interfered in Ukrainian politics, and had the Ukrainian plutocrats let him interfere years ago.

His “Mother Russia” fantasizing has gone beyond acceptable limits …

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Sinbad1 wrote:

Lavrov has pleaded with the US to ask the Kiev regime to stop shelling schools hospitals and civilians in general. That doesn’t seem to get reported by western media?

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lub wrote:

Reuters: “Putin called it a tsarist-era term for land that now forms southern and eastern Ukraine.”
Putin did not lie. Novorussia was given to Ukraine in 1920. Ukraine never had this territory before – says Wikipedia.

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lub wrote:

ThomasOne wrote:
“He has played he own people as fools with his of nationalism (=Puntinism) and like the Rev Jim Jones has given Russians the Kool-Aid.”

It would mean that Russians are as retarded inbreads as the people from where you live.

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lub wrote:

“Our people surrendered only when they had run out of ammunition, when they no longer had anything to fire with.”
But NATO supplied Ukraine with planty of ammo. Did they use it all up fiering on encircled cities of Donetsk and Lugansk?

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lub wrote:

Congratulations Novorossiya to your first sea victory!

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carnelld wrote:

Why has none of the major credible news media broadcast images of this “great Russian invasion”? Why is it that even the Ukraine ship allegedly attacked by the Rebels is a You Tube video so far in the distance and you can not tell that it is a ship ?

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AbelXaviour wrote:

For the past few weeks, Ukrainian government as well as mainstream media boasting about Ukrainian army successes and were reporting that rebels are about to be liquidated. As soon as the tables are turned in the last few days, they started talking about “Russian aggression” again.

It is equally surprising that west and mainstream media turning a blind eye towards the atrocities committed by the Ukrainian armed forces. EU and US especially whitewashing their crimes. Incompetent Ukrainian army shelling indiscriminately on civilians. They also prevented all the humanitarian aids to Luhansk and Donetsk cities.

Unfortunately in every war, TRUTH is the first victim, Ukraine is no different.

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Namro wrote:

Putin, Lavrov, and other spokesmen are like characters from Monty Python who keep saying “no we didn’t” to you face while clearly doing it in front of your eyes! Instead of bombing ISIS to perpetuate the Middle East tragedy created by Israel and the US, the US should bomb the tanks, missile launchers and supplies being moved across the border into Ukraine by Russia!

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buzzy1 wrote:

Time for SAM missiles and anti tank weaponry to be sent to the Ukrainians. Also, reconstitute Radio Free Europe so the Russian population actually begins to hear unadulterated news.

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Free_Ukraine wrote:

Basically, the Ukrainian army is frustrated that they cannot continue shelling defenseless civilians anymore. Now, someone is shooting back !!! Those cowards are now again crying wolf. Most of the army, which duty is to protect their own country citizens, have no clue why they have been ordered to kill them. Hopefully they will wake up and go back to Kiev and kick out this murderous chocolate buffoon.

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davidkr wrote:

Poroshenko wants a third world war.

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dfb69 wrote:

Romney defended his rationale:

“First of all, Russia I indicated is a geopolitical foe. Not… excuse me. It’s a geopolitical foe, and I said in the same – in the same paragraph I said, and Iran is the greatest national security threat we face. Russia does continue to battle us in the U.N. time and time again. I have clear eyes on this. I’m not going to wear rose-colored glasses when it comes to Russia, or Mr. Putin.”

To which the president responded:

“The 1980s are calling and they want their foreign policy back.”

I guess Barry owes someone an apology

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ctyankee57 wrote:

There only one way to end this, MAKE UKRANIE A MEMBER NOW!!

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Margaretville wrote:

Putting the wisdom of admitting Ukraine into NATO aside, it appears that the West is giving silent consent to allow Russia to impose its will on Ukraine. Inactions are louder than words and the piecemeal sanctions don’t seem meant to be seriously punitive. The West should not be putting boots on the ground or pulling triggers but the absence of any armaments or other military support to Kiev speaks loudly.

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ready2013 wrote:

yep, he has watched FOX…and thus has learned the truth about who is spineless and now knows what he can do.

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pabloantoine wrote:

The Mariupol target was just a ploy to relieve Donbass by luring the Ukraine army into moving south. There’s a high probability that it will still keep the Ukrainian army digging trenches in Mariupol for a nothing- while the rebels consolidate their recovery up northeast.
Poroshenko has mostly his advisers to blame – and his lack of skills in chess.

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ronryegadfly wrote:

Putin cares more for ideology than people. The sons of Ukraine and Russia are dying because Putin can’t let go of the USSR. Their blood is on his hands. And he doesn’t care. He doesn’t deserve to rule.

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Putin is a bold face liar and Russia has become a rogue state which cannot be trusted

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pti2450 wrote:

Budapest Memorandum was signed by Ukraine, Russia, US and the UK, a Memorandum that assures Ukrainian sovereignty and territorial integrity be respected, for the decommissioning of their nuclear arsenal
It is time the UK takes the lead with the troubles in our European back yard as one of the signature to the Budapest Memorandum.
It is time that the UK and the US respect the Budapest Memorandum which they signed by giving Ukraine the equipment, backing they need to defend their boarders
Failure to do so is not just disrespectful to the Ukrainian people but to the people of the UK and US

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Rich_F wrote:

ukraine’s repeated accusations are today more akin to the daily joke or daily horoscope it’s really pathetic at this point. so far the US/EU hasn’t bit but that doesn’t stop the thugs in Kiev from continuing to repeat the same tactic over and over again. oh and what ever happened to the investigation of the downed airline that killed almost 300 people? not politically interesting to talk about anymore? where are the ukraine control tower recordings between them and the cockpit, still with the ukraine secret service? why won’t they release them? maybe it doesn’t tell the narrative on russia being the bogeyman in every incident.

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I have been watching the Kiev Ukrainian forces in Mariupol shooting unarmed civilians that don’t want them there. This area of Kiev was the first Russian state, all Slavic groups have been there for centuries. The Eastern ones have just as much right to be there. They are seeking self determination, just like the Irish. It is interesting as the media does only show one side. I have seen civilians in Mariupol throwing stones at Ukrainian tanks crashing thru barriers to keep them out of this city. How come none of this is shown by Reuters (which is an Austrian surname)? Anyway asking the Eastern residents of Ukraine to leave is like asking Americans to leave the Yucatan peninsula it annexed from Mexico. But with the Latinos excelling in migrating over the border, perhaps a nation of a greater Hispanola will emerge when the civil war starts in the US? It is a civil war, stay out of it until realize they must talk to solve their own problem in this multi-ethnic state, don’t support ethnic cleansing, that is pure evil of Hitler’s design. I see some here view it that way.

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gowintec wrote:

Putin has lied so much he has himself believing he is doing something honorable. If he cared so much for humanity then why does he keep sending Syria weapons to shoot on their own people. …oh well I guess the bible was right. Daniel 11:40 “In the time of the end the king of the south will engage with him in a pushing, and against him the king of the north will storm with chariots and horsemen and many ships; and he will enter into the lands and sweep through like a flood. Russia being king of north and Anglo America king of south. If you don’t believe that, well the bible describes the king of the south as being the dominate world power in the time of the end. Also notice Daniel 2:41 “And just as you saw the feet and the toes to be partly of clay of a potter and partly of iron, the kingdom will be divided, but some of the hardness of iron will be in it, just as you saw the iron mixed with soft clay. 42 And as the toes of the feet were partly of iron and partly of clay, so the kingdom will be partly strong and partly fragile. 43 Just as you saw iron mixed with soft clay, they will be mixed with the people; but they will not stick together, one to the other, just as iron does not mix with clay. 44 “In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed. And this kingdom will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it alone will stand forever

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beofaction wrote:

“Kiev has clung to a non-aligned status as it tried to steer between two dominant powers – Russia to the east and Europe to the west”…
Non-aligned status? What planet is the author living on? It is precisely Kiev’s abandonment of non-alignment that has gotten them into this mess!

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DellStator wrote:

The world fiddles around while the Ukraine burns.
You can’t say that enough.
Announce “peace talks” and Russian armor takes the two main airports.
Every time the west talks about talking, Russia takes another giant step forward. Putin now threatens Nuclear Horror.
Either enact full embargo and asset freeze TODAY, and ALL non – lethal aid TOMORROW (I believe the Ukraine can produce all the war materials they need, with some development money maybe, a bit of training, and their troops will fight if they believe the West supports them)
Just issue press relases telling Ukraine to agree to whatever Russia wants so we can all enjoy the summer as our leaders have been doing.

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riposte wrote:

At least, Putin, is direct, open, honest, in being the bully, that he is. Doesn’t care about polls. doesn’t care about the EU, doesn’t care about the USA. Only thing he cares for, is accomplishing his predetermined goals, while there is huge weakness in the heads of state, of the western nations.

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edward_iceden wrote:

keep it up putna , this world is just urs.. game of thrones not on TV anymore.. its live.

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edward_iceden wrote:

modi uncle , please learn something from putin uncle.

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bobswede wrote:

If people were serious about sanctions then they would stop importing gas and oil and buy it from USA, more expense.
A-Team: Love when a plan comes together. lol

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AndreasJ wrote:

Putin has painted himself into the corner. His only alternatives are victory or to “step down” now. We will see an increasingly desperate Putin sacrificing the economy and feeding lies to his people, while clinging desperately to eastern Ukraine.

As a leader he has played his hand exceptionally bad. He could have opted for a political solution but had a tantrum instead. And here we are. At the brink of a great war in Europe.

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eturugo wrote:

This conflict is about “territories of Ukraine’s industrialized East”, political power, and no consideration for the people. Why does the U. S. choose to back a government in one country and rebels in another country?.

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eturugo wrote:

This conflict is about “territories of Ukraine’s industrialized East”, political power, and no consideration for the people. Why does the U. S. choose to back a government in one country and rebels in another country?.

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malkavian wrote:

Of course it is Russia’s fault that national army of Ukraine consists from underqualified, forced out of their homes males. Oh, you dont know? There have been many waves of obligatory mobilisation. But i guess that will look Ukraine in a bad light, that’s why you dont know it.

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Censorship by Reuters on the 10 unarmed civilians shot in Mariupol by Kiev Ukrainian forces. The so called standards of the truth interpreted exclusively by Reuters (a name of Austrian origin, how appropriate, any relation to Goebbels.) Or is just elitism for your so called professional readers while you form an agenda. I see huge omissions of other sources. Yet I see above those supporting more aggression and war as a source of solution. I guess that meets Reuters standards.

Sep 01, 2014 1:34pm EDT  --  Report as abuse

Maybe Reuters knows where Kiev buried the bodies, but toward a more thoughtful conversation on stories. These issues of abuse will not be reported.

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Doc62 wrote:

Most news from this region is very jaded. Lies on both sides. Now that Putin’s armor has pushed Kiev out of the east, he wants to set up a “new border” for “New Russia”. Just like Crimea, his black masked soldiers will “oversee” the polls, to make sure everything goes his way. Funny, New Russia looks like the olde USSR. Tsar Putin destroys anything in his way. Zeig Heil, Baby!

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choengwee wrote:

Ban Mcdonald is good, after all they are junk food. Putin is doing the healthy thing. LOL

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Mott wrote:

This is getting old.

Get on with some power share and put and end to this drama and mess that EU/US started to favor free-trade.

Come to grips that you’ve picked a fight with mighty power that won’t backdown.

With every day passing, you will start losing the global good-will.

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joseph153 wrote:

i wonder will it go to happen to ukraine if the Bush goverment or orther ex usa president was on the throne

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Powerless.o wrote:

Stopped in to see what they write in democratic countries … I am from Ukraine, not far from the places where there are fights, so I can say that there are no Russian troops – the whole army of Donbass is their technology thrown Uraine armed forces. And in general for some reason you do not write that the Ukrainian military kill civilians, take a look at the YouTube channel Graham Phillips

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kommy wrote:

From the beginning, Kiev’s war was not against rebels, but civilians. Same as NATO tactics in Serbia, the civilians had space to run- a million of them ran to Russia- “to visit their babushka”- Jen Psaki.

Now Ukrainian army folded, brownshirt battalions ran, SS Right Sector moved back to Kiev to stage Maidan number III.

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kommy wrote:

Ukraine eclipsed Hitler- they imposed a ban on school teachers to work at schools in DPR and LPR, until Kiev Junta returns to Donbass and Lugansk.

Hitler would be proud of Poroshenko-Walzman.

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Amazingmaples wrote:

EU and the USA really could care less if Russia takes Ukraine. By the time they get the sanctions in place Russia will have driven through to Crimea. Nothing will really change there. it will still be a region ruled by one corupt government, Russian or Ukrainian?? This is a battleground of the third world with totally out of date cities and companies.

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Macedonian wrote:

If Russia attacks the defense line would be 100 miles west of Kiev.

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Dear Obama!

To help OUR worthy ally known as “Ukraine” I’d suggest that you send immediately a squadron of our BEST COMBAT JET PILOTS IN UNMARKED AIRCRAFT LIKE PUTIN IS IN THE HABIT OF DOING and BLAST ALL OF PUTIN’S MERCENARIES TO KINGDOM COME!!!

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Vladyslav wrote:

They are not rebels. It’s Russian army. President Porosheko said and NATO confirmed, what else do you need to understand – it’s regular Russian army.

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BraveNewWrld wrote:

“But I have to say there is also an impact when you are allowed to move borders in Europe and attack other countries with your troops,” – Angela Merkel.

Dear Angela, Kosovo – does that ring a bell? Yugoslavia? Oh, sorry – my confusion, of course all of the above is OK when done by US/NATO but we certainly can’t accept such behavior by some Russians!

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Why in the world is the US and the EU not supplying the necessary arms and strategic support to UKRAINE once and for all …..why are they winding about some so logic????

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jacobsch wrote:

Russia is at war with Ukraine. The west answers with small sanctions and threats. They did not work in any way. Beside the sanctions Ukraine could at least have the millitary help to reduce losses on all sides. Just the help to match the Russian army now killing Ukrainian soldiers inside Ukraine. Ukraines millitary is weak and they lack all kinds of weapons , for this reason they must also bomb, and bombing give civilian losses too. Negotiations does not work because the goal for Russia is to annex the Donbass. Any way of regional “state” will in fact be Russian 5 minutes later. Donbass can not make an economy by itself , they can not repair what they damaged either. If the area is not Ukraine then it is Russia, it is that simple. Ukraine will not give up on Donbass – and Russia has no part in the peace process as long as they do not seek a solution where both countries have equal acces to Crimea, and Crimea have free open internationally controlled elections. Russia does not have democracy and will never allov for Crimea to have it back. What Lawrov and Putin say has no correlation to what they do. Many greetings Jacob Schonberg

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jim_seattle wrote:

Some people seem to have the right to self determination, while others clearly do not. I have a hard time keeping up on who has that right, and who doesn’t. Is it too cynical to think that the right is tied up with US interests?

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780jones wrote:

There are a lot of Russians commenting here who can’t understand why the Western media isn’t reporting what they hear from the Russian media… many of these same people still believe that the U.S. faked the moon landings.

I have friends in Russia who have paid enough in the past to support the propaganda fed to them by the USSR. Will they now blame the West as they continue to drink themselves to death and live in depressing and cramped apartments for generations to come.

I feel sad for my friends in Russia. I understand some of their motives and reasoning but I wonder if they realize what they’ve lost.

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royalcourtier wrote:

If Putin stopped exporting gas to Europe, he would soon run out of money, and the Russian economy would collapse.

Perhaps the best approach that the EU could take would be to stop importing Russian gas. That would make Putin rethink the wisdom of his aggression.

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RonHG wrote:

“According to our operational data, there are no fewer than four (Russian) battalion-tactical groups in Ukraine,” he told reporters, adding that each one comprised 400 men.

I would dearly love to see evidence of these units, not only attacking, but actually being present.

What is it now, the third, or fourth time the Russians have invaded?

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WestFlorida wrote:

Kiev should exchange Eastern Ukraine for (1) complete forgiveness of all energy debt to Russia, (2) 5 years of energy supplies at 50% market rate; (3) a declaration of non-interference from Russia.

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Nagant wrote:

ctyankee57 wrote:
“There only one way to end this, MAKE UKRANIE A MEMBER NOW!!”

And start WWIII? No part of Ukraine, nor even the whole of it, is worth it.
Moreover, we in the West need Russia on our side in the looming conflicts with islam and Communist China. If the price of normal relations with Russia is Ukraine, or even all former Soviet republics, then be it.

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Redford wrote:

Putin press claims fascist aggression against Russia. The jackboots in this conflict are made by Putin and worn by Russians.

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dikobraz wrote:

The law of physics indicate that something does not come from nothing. To go from nearly defeated to taking new towns and surrounding Ukrainian troops requires an infusion of troops and weapons. Russia’s denials are irrational. Suggesting that they are “on vacation” is absurd. Who lets people go on vacation with tanks??

Here is a selfie-video of a Chechen tank brigade preparing to roll into eastern Ukraine. They are speaking Chechen. One guys says – “Look at these tanks – Chechen. God’s Lion is coming and we will make the Ukrainians (pejorative) soil their pants. Allahu Akbar!”

youtube : watch?v=l1tfU_6wxls

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davidhi wrote:

This feels like the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s where Russia, who defended the Socialists lined up against Franco’s troops (supported by Nazi Germany). Germany used it to test their new military gear and strategies. So did Russia. Both went on to invade their neighbors. The difference now is it is just Russia trying to expand. They are economically and socially a much less vigorous country now than they were back then. I think now this is a desperate act for Putin to create his legacy. We need to militarily and economically support these former Soviet Union vassals to help them maintain their desired independence. The question is, does Obama have the vision and gumption to do this as our Commander in Chief?

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Well dikobraz indiscriminate shelling by Kiev is wrong also. How hateful these people are of other groups. There is hundreds of videos showing the Kiev Ukrainian army brutality of the east. Most are never shown here. At least you have the media showing just one side. But then bias is not real media. I hope when this is over there is an investigation by the UN for war crimes. Because I didn’t see the Eastern residents invading the west, just the other way around. How sad for to murder their own people rather than talk and work it out.

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MaskOfZero wrote:

All my comments keep getting censored by Reuters.

I just said that the current sanctions are weak, and need to be strong enough to hurt Russia before Putin would pay attention.

Other people above said similar things. Why the censorship?

I don’t know.

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censorship is getting bad here, I said stay out of it. It is a civil war. But then that would mean a different opinion. Can’t have that. Or a debate and defense of ones opinion. Reuters has a more thoughtless conversation in mind.

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WalterA wrote:

In reply to borisjimbo:

Please read the news more carefully and check your geography. That’s not “that little inlet into the sea of Azov.” You are referring to the Strait of Kerch (Kerchens’ka Protoka), a strait that accommodates ocean-going vessels going from the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov ports such as Mariupol (currently in the news as the next anyticipated objective of the Russian invasion along the Sea of Azov coast), Berdiansk , and several other smaller ports. The bridge is currently in the “talked-about” stage; if every built it would be either the highest/longest bridge in the world, or the second highest/longest. The cost of constructing it is estimated at nearly $100 billion, and it would take appr. 5 years to build. Putin does not want to incur that expense or wait that long, so he will just have his troops seize the land link to Crimea by force from Ukraine.

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zuizudra wrote:

It may be unfortunate for the ISIS that they do not have a common border with Putin’s Russia, otherwise they could have found a savior and supporter of a Caliphate in Saint Vlad who will do his outmost effort to destabilize any spot on the map of the world that he can mess up with.

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gordo53 wrote:

For some reason this doesn’t appear to be “front page” news. Comrade Putin is just getting started. In a year the map of Eastern Europe will look much different. Former Soviet states that share a border with Russia should be ready to negotiate as it is foolhardy to pick a fight with the Russian bear. The west is clearly powerless to stop it.

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TeaPerson wrote:

Anyone that can’t see this as the naked Russian agression to make sure Ukraine doesn’t become part of NATO, the EU, etc. is simply blind. It is sickening to watch this obvious ruse in the 21st century.

Putin and his Pigs need to leave Ukraine now… If NATO and the world allows this, he will simply be back for the next country, and the next, and the next… It will be painful, but the free world needs to band together and CUT THEM OFF COMPLETELY, while we still can…

Only THEN will Putin retract his dirty claws…

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JaddyBaddy wrote:

Courage ain’t fighting someone you know you can beat,
courage is fighting someone you know can beat you.

That is why Vladimir Putin is, always has been, and
always will be, a coward.

If Ukraine wants to see the Ruskies run for the hills,
recruit a couple hundred Afghani Mujahedin.

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JaddyBaddy wrote:

Courage ain’t fighting someone you know you can beat,
courage is fighting someone you know can beat you.

That is why Vladimir Putin is, always has been, and
always will be, a coward.

If Ukraine wants to see the Ruskies run for the hills,
recruit a couple hundred Afghani Mujahedin.

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