France says Europe must be more than 'bank window' in Israel, Palestinian conflict

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madmarty wrote:

All monies given to Gaza should be released as the strip demilitarises, why should the world keep rebuilding Gaza only for Hamas to start firing rockets again at Israel knowing only too well that it will retaliate and so teh cycle of violence will repeat
Aid should be strictly monitored in order that it goes to the people who need it and not lining the extremists pockets, this is our hard earned money

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rgbviews wrote:

Why should anyone but the Israelis pay for reconstruction?

The official Israeli policy to destroy Palestinian society; people, economy, and buildings. This is an ongoing incremental process of ethic cleansing.

In 2008 the government of Israel adopted a doctrine called the “Dahiyya Doctrine” (reported by Haaretz Oct. 2008) to be the strategy for both its Lebanon and Gaza problems. The doctrine is the comprehensive destruction of areas in their entirety and the use of disproportionate force as punitive actions whenever there is violent resistance to Israeli actions. A Colonel Siboni from the army clarified that the doctrine is “ meant to inflict damage that would take ages to recover from”. According to the former chief of the Israeli army’s general staff the idea of maximum civilian death and destruction is to brand in the Palestinian consciousness the fearsome might of the Israeli Army …… ie. terrorism by definition.

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LoudLiberal wrote:

Reuters is as dishonest as the BBC. The headline implies that Europe sees itself as a “bank window” for Israel. The quotes in the story make it clear that Europe has been a bank window for the arab, islamist, fundamentalist, terrorists in the West Bank.

Keep up the good work, Reuters. No worries. Your credibility flew South a long time ago.

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LoudLiberal wrote:

In 2006, Gazans elected Hamas, a known islamist, fundamentalist, jihadi, terrorist organization, to govern them.

The Hamas Charter avows, inter alia: (1) a religious war for the extermination of the Jews, (2) the complete annihilation of Israel with a “muslim” flag flying over all of the land of Israel, a condition precedent to “judgment day,” and (3) the complete rejection of any and all peace settlement negotiations.

Hamas is responsible for every death on both sides. Israel’s defense of its citizens against a known, self proclaimed, islamist, fundamentalist, jihadi, terrorist, organization, which purposely targets Israeli civilains (a war crime), with brainwashed suicide bombers and tens of thousands of rockets, from among its own citizens who Hamas uses as human shields (another war crime), is not terrorism, it is justifiable self defense. Your characterization of Israel as terrorists is a pathetic attempt to employ Goebbels’ style propaganda of accusing your enemy of the crimes for which you are most guilty.

Gazans knew what Hamas was when they voted for Hamas, and are getting what they voted for.

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