Ebola outbreak reaches Senegal, riots break out in Guinea

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explorer08 wrote:

“…ten other countries…..”

Ok, so what are those ten other countries? Please be a bit more complete in your journalism!

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“From 1976 (when it was first identified) through 2013, the World Health Organization reported a total of 1,716 cases.” is a double cited line in the wikipedia entry on “ebola”. if they have seen 1400 recently, this is insane and suggesting that it could rise to 20,000 is really a big deal. people probably think that 100,000 have died from it already–they probably have, even between 1976 and 2013–but in reality, this is a serious outbreak and if the estimate is 20,000, why not estimate 20,000,000 because even with “sanitation”, as the previous comment suggested, doctors–who should know best when it comes to cleanliness around the infected–are getting it. there was a story recently that was supposed to be funny about an asian guy who attacked a relative that boiled some african bush meat he had purchased and kept for a special occasion. it’s cured and doesn’t require further cooking but… THAT is a product–being sent worldwide–that can carry ebola. it’s not “cooked” but kinda like jerky.

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prodenbough wrote:

“In the Guinean city of Nevermore, riots broke out…” Nevermore? You mean N’zérékoré?

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EbolaPhone wrote:

“The West African state of Senegal became the fifth country to be touched”

I’m very disappointed Reuters – you can’t count! Senegal is 6th.
Guinea, SL, Lib, Nig, DRC + Sen = 6!!

I trust the rest of the article correctly adds up!
I recommend this site to people, and it annoys me that you can be so sloppy!
Do better. Misinformation is partially what an Ebola outbreak is all about.

@EbolaPhone on Twitter.

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EbolaPhone wrote:

Reuters you can’t count – Senegal is 6th! Very disappointing.
And we’re supposed to trust the rest of the report?
Please do better, this is sloppy journalism.

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Ralphooo wrote:

Oh boy. “In the remote southeastern Guinean city of Nzerekore, riots broke out on Thursday night over rumors that health workers had infected people with Ebola.”

I was convinced we had some world-class irrational belief systems sprouting right here in the U.S.A. How little I knew!

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TrCnt wrote:

I think it may be time to start blood transfusion from Ebola survivors to people the minute they test positive for Ebola, That treatment mechanism has been proven to increase the survival rate to 87% The idea would be to build a source of live antibody. A survival rate of 87% would build that source of live antibody really quickly. Combined with existing disease treatment and prevention now being used, transfusion of survivor antibodies could really help turn the tide of this Ebola outbreak

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