Bill to regulate California groundwater passes in state legislature

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CountryPride wrote:

Once they regulate to death California and ruin it, the hordes of unwanted transplants will vulture into your nice small town soon after. It is already happening as we speak.

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morbas wrote:

Drought in one area, floods in another. Room for infrastructure cure?
Congress must open up infrastructure projects to enable USA economics. Reduce/eliminate naval shipping that uses waste grade oil fuel. Switch to North/Central/South America Rail infrastructure to include a Trans-Bearing Strait route as a matter of efficiency. Re-Engineer rail gauge for reliability and speed. Make Truck/rail/freeway portals at interstate intersections, thus reducing fuel consumption and promoting local electric transport. Build national level canals for water distribution relieving drought by using excessive fresh water run of. We might then improve CO2 sequester by irrigating our mid plane deserts. One of the canal paths through the Rockies could be coupled with a SF to Denver Maglev 2G space ramp using a common power generation infrastructure. Thus promoting Maglev transit as a spinoff of Space Access Maglev launch capacity.
We should build on a strategic infrastructure designed to make USA a Global transportation hub, linking Americas (North Central South) to the old world. Not because this is easy or hard, because this will be our challenge, we must be willing to better mankind.

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riposte wrote:

We need more regulations about anything, like a hole in the head. However, with this said, sometimes it is necessary. These are one of those times. We are in a desperate drought situation and the time has long since passed for direct and severe much needed restrictions to all uses for water.

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fedupaj wrote:

This another example of “big government” takeover of our freedoms. The State should not assume authority over local programs of water management that are addressing local water concerns. Big government liberals want to control every phase of our lives and they have shown time and again that big government doesn’t resolve but creates even larger problems with costly programs that don’t work. You need only to look at Obamacare to see all the failed promises and lies that shows how government mismanagement works.

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