F-16s dispatched for unresponsive pilot of small plane near D.C.

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JimTheDiver wrote:

Looking on the bright side, he will not lose his pilot’s license for flying into the DC circle without a clearance.

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Yvo_Kerwar wrote:

So fighter jets were dispatched to check out a small propeller driven plane flying around Washington DC. How come no jets were dispatched to check out the commercial jets hijacked on 9-11 that flew around for over an hour before crashing into buildings? Very strange.

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Why no F-16′s this time? Because on 9-11-01 the “fix” was in.

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asorel wrote:

@Yvo_Kerwar: The jets were dispatched when the plane entered restricted airspace, which was when the discrepancy was detected. The airliners involved in the 9/11 attack did not enter restricted airspace, with the possible exception of the Pentagon-bound plane, which did so shortly before impact. We only bother to keep active aerial surveillance on sensitive areas. Furthermore, the ability to scramble fighters on such short notice would also only be viable around sensitive areas. In any case, the majority of our extended security measures were implemented after the 9/11 attacks.

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6655321 wrote:

I’ll humor you by stating the obvious; because they did not have enough time and because it was not US defense policy to routinely scramble jets to non-responsive planes until AFTER the attacks of 9/11. By the time jets were scrambled on that horrible morning, it was too late.

Also, please cite your source for “flew around for over an hour”. Oh wait, you can’t, because it’s not true. The terrorists intentionally kept as much fuel as possible in the planes so as to cause more damage. 11 had been hijacked for less than 30 minutes when it hit, and had only deviated from the flight path for 15. 175 had been hijacked for twenty minutes before it hit, and again didn’t deviate until 15 minutes before impact. Honestly, even if fighters had been scrambled immediately upon any warning signs of terrorism (which isn’t logistically possible), they wouldn’t have had enough time to get to the jets before impact.

Please, stop spreading misinformation about one of the greatest American tragedies of history. It cheapens everything that happened that day, and makes you look like an utter fool.

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morbas wrote:

The fighters did stay with the plane to spot a crash location! Guess that lone civilian aircraft demanded wing man protection for those wimpy F16 pilots…lost at sea not cofirmed…

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Talleyrand02 wrote:


Conspiracy bellsit… they were dispatched because of a lesson learned on 9/11. There was no high alert then, because no one expected anything to happen in spite of warnings. There is no conspiracy, none, it was a massive snafu and the American people showed how unprepared they are for tragedies of that sort. They promptly started two wars and destabilized the world instead of waiting. They also had the worst president ever at the helm back then.

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vic632 wrote:


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SlimTim wrote:

What occurs when information researched by so called conspiracy theorist becomes factual while information presented by the main stream media has become increasingly unbelievable.
I feel we are in a age where secrets and deceptions demonstrated in
the past can no longer withstand the scrutiny of public opinion.

Without transparency there is no trust.

I’m a fan of “Air Disasters” available on the Smithsonian Channel.
Though the investigative techniques demonstrated is interesting, but is questionable how investigators reassemble aircraft to determine cause and will scrape the ocean floor to retrieve missing parts required for an investigation yet main stream conspiracy theorists claim the jetliners used in the attacks crashed differently and not investigated.

There are consequences to secrecy. Losing the public’s trust is the worst type of casualty.

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