Actress Jennifer Lawrence contacts authorities after nude photos hacked

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hometown wrote:

Sorry, ladies. Our government has spent more time on creating Obamacare taxes for free birth control (to aid fewer than 8M Americans), than they have on the privacy and security attacks on all U.S. citizens, which costs our economy billions. Your outreach to our government authorities may be the wake up call that our government needs to remember their real job is to protect and to serve all of us, not just their “favorites.” P.S. Love all of Jennifer’s movies, and, wish her the best.

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CDN_Rebel wrote:

I’ll never understand the logic of taking a nude digital image of oneself – that image is captured for eternity! Don’t these people get it? After all the history of these nude images eventually getting leaked it’s a wonder that anyone (let alone anyone already in the public eye) would ever do it. If your BF pressures you for a nude pic, tell them to take a hike; women get divorced for less these days.

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NuclearJoker wrote:

I would like to ask Jennifer and all the other ladies – what a place were they thinking when making such pictures or cronies were allowed to do this kind of pictures? And even more stupid stunt was the publication of such images in icloude. If you do not have enough brains to customize your own phone so that it automatically did not publish private photos in the network, at least ask for this to make someone stop or compromise themselves in such a stupid way. Remember – something that has flowed into the network, will not return back. Like “glory”, you got it …

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MPR_PA wrote:

Why is posting the information going to be prosecuted, but stealing the information not? That is like being prosecuted for selling goods you stole, but it is ok to do the stealing. Makes no sense.

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budoinbatu wrote:

She’s just mad because now the cat’s out of the bag, and it ain’t all that hot.

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teriowen wrote:

Oh here’s a thought Jennifer…don’t photograph yourself nude!!!! There is no privacy in a digital world! Keep your private life PRIVATE, no cameras in the bedroom!

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markrm wrote:

Let’s see, a Hollywood starlet, for whom publicity is everything, just happens to keep photos of herself naked in a publicly accessible cloud. How could this have happened? LOL

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Traderjive wrote:

She got what she deserved when she posed for the pics to begin with. If you don’t want them posted, then don’t put them in the cloud or even take them at all. Nice publicity stunt though.

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mcgriff wrote:

It is no surprise to me that this sort of story is considered “newsworthy” in the US.
Idolatry of celebrities, the hyper-sexualization of same, and reality TV dumbing everyone down to the level of the Three Stooges…
Meanwhile IS is beheading people, the mutant dwarf Putin is running amok, and we wonder why the rest of the world doesn’t worship America, like they once did right after WWII.
America has squandered every bit of good karma they ever had.
This story is a perfect example of why America has totally lost the plot.

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rwanderman wrote:

Who posted nude images of her online?

She did.

Who takes nude photos of themselves?

And, who would be careless enough to post those images anywhere off of their personal computer?

If her personal calendar and contact list were lifted I doubt anyone would be paying much attention to this.

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reason_1984 wrote:

The Signs:

Wars on a global scale (ME, Ukraine, Africa)
Famine (The National School Lunch Program)
Pestilence (Ebola)
People having no love for one another (The Clintons/Congress)
Earthquakes (San Francisco)
Lawlessness (Nude Celebrity Photos Hacked)

H/T Matt 24:3

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yrconscience wrote:

Not to be insensitive, however much of this would be resolved if celebrities did not take and retain on computerized equipment nude photos of themselves. That they do so speaks to their own narcissism, and for that this observer has no sympathy.

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deerecub1977 wrote:

Butter face

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Cnileolman wrote:

Yeah, it is all the woman’s fault.

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Coreysan wrote:

Am I to believe celebrities are that naive to think private data is safe on a cloud server? REALLY? Why didn’t they put the private pics on a DVD and keep it in the home?
I’m not sure I can be sympathetic to anyone who actually thinks the Internet is a safe place… for ANYTHING.

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beofaction wrote:

Oh, yes! A national crisis! Get the FBI involved. Spend my tax dollars! This confirms, sadly, my fear that we have completely lost our way…

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gatortater wrote:

I bet the FBI is looking at this; over and over again. Hey, but JLaw will be more popular than ever, so in the end, she wins.

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EyeForget wrote:

Dear Miss Lawrence,

Nude images of yourself, stored on an online account, while you are very aware paparazzi’s get paid money for non-nude, let alone nude pics of you. That’s your problem and your stupidity. And now the taxpayers get to foot the bill to make you feel better.

Dear FBI,

Don’t you have something better to do? Like layoff people if you have time for this.

Yours truly,

The American Taxpayer

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BlueOkie wrote:

Bet her fan mail increases

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

What next – airport scanner photos of celebrities leaked to the public?
Any news is good news for a celebrity. She may have leaked the photos herself.

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dd606 wrote:

Sorry guys, all that stuff about beheadings and everything, is going to have to wait… Some actress in Hollywood had her nudie pics stolen.

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jesusn0w wrote:

Forget this garbage, she posed naked, duh! What did she think the end result would be? Doesn’t personal responsibility, morals or decency come into play?

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UrDrighten wrote:

As soon as I found out about The Cloud, I knew it was a bad idea to store personal data on a corporate database.

One thing you can be sure of – regardless of who published those photos, they had already been circulating around the cubicles at the NSA for months.

Cloud = NSA oyster.

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