Ukraine rebels say they are poised to recapture Donetsk airport

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oneof7billion wrote:

Maybe it’s time to stop calling them Ukranian rebels and just call them Russians.

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Macedonian wrote:

As long as ethnic cleansing is not taking place the Ukrainians should simply let this regions Go . My biggest worry is that on both side we have mercenaries from around the world that could start doing their dirty job. Controlling this regions if they stay in Ukraine would be economic disaster for the country.

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NikolaiB wrote:

Putin is psychologically complex: obsessed with macho poses, yet hiding a very strong feminine nature.

He is terrified that NATO intelligence forces will distribute the videos from the Polyanka Street apartment, videos that inspired Yuri Andropov to delay Putin’s promotion within the KGB.

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eturugo wrote:

What happens to democracy and people’s rights?. Ukraine is destroying the airport runway they claim is their own. Ukraine is supported by U.S and EU who supply them arms and fighter jets. Separatists are supported by Russia which also supply them arms and military hardware. It is balanced, let the stronger win if both sides cannot come to the conference table.

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kommy wrote:

The airport is already recaptured, what left is foreign mercenaries, including americans, poles, pribalts and arabs. They barricaded themselves in bunkers and basements of the airport; earlier, the ukrainian artillery damaged the transformer, so the pumps are standing, and water and sewage are backing into the underground.

All rebels has to do is to wait. They sealed the exits with concrete and wait.

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Butch_from_PA wrote:

Great – another Syria…. or now East European Spring. Big players like USA and Russia play the game of “Risk” supplying locals with weapons and ultimately it becomes a prolonged bloody civil war with a destroyed country and no chance of peace between the fighting factions.

Some day this will come home to roost as more terrorists on USA and Russian soil when they realize how duped and bloody their country got by this back and forth evening of weapons game, without actually putting boots on the ground.

We will be discussing Ukraine a decade from now with the same results – only more casualties and a new hardened non Muslim terrorist group ready to revenge the destruction of their country.

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beofaction wrote:

” “Things on the ground are getting more and more dramatic. We speak of an aggression, and I think sanctions are part of a political strategy.”
European Union politicians are unbelievably na├»ve. Yes, sanctions are a political strategy! Apparently they haven’t noticed there’s a war going on! When war is part of the “political strategy” of only one protagonist economic sanctions are nothing more than collateral damage. Putin knows that no one will arm the Ukrainians nor put boots on the ground, so economic pain will be worth the victory of adding a land buffer. Besides, he also knows that sanctions hurt the nations imposing them as well – especially in the EU – so there is only so far they will go before dissension kills the effort.

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Athen wrote:

Down with Germany bastarded capitalist vampires who have cheated Ukrainian people in their conspiracies with Russia to disintegrate Ukraina that enables them to dominate Ukraina politically and economically.

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gentalman wrote:

Much a do for nothing!! Putin already knew about further sanctions and I think he is ready to bear consequences.Companies of EU will also suffer and now Putin will stop supply of gas and so on endlessly.Putin was compromising,the proof that from independence for rebels he has come down to state of Ukraine.But Poroshenko is is still intoxicated on support of EU/US.How long he will run on b ack of others?!
For a sake of small and faraway Ukraine such a big war does not seems logical.Simple point why Poroshenko should not talk with rebels!….at least initially for ceasefire,the same way Israel and Palestine did.All players must meet on one common table and should work out midway.Is it that all want to fight to the last word “World war”?

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theeseplo wrote:

The question soon becomes, “How does the international community react to an invasion?” Are the consequences of a Russian victory in Ukraine dire enough to warrant a strong reaction from the rest of the world?

Clearly the inaction of the world in previous Russian territorial incursions has set the precedent that, while it is generally frowned on, the international scrutiny is relative to the conquest and in the long run, unimportant to Putin and Russians in general.

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riposte wrote:

It is an invasion pure and simple. Putin is the naked aggressor, Ukraine the victim, The EU and USA, the cowards.

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10x25mm wrote:

Putin and Russia have an Achilles’ Heel which the Ukrainians will inevitably exploit. It is very difficult to defend thousands of kilometers of oil and gas pipelines. Perhaps Vlad needs to consider the longer game in a bit more detail.

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I guess Folks that the collective world has FORGOTTEN about the “Soviet Union” under (STALIN) STARVED THE UKRAINE from 1930 t0 1932 by stealing all of the “Ukraine’s foodstuffs” and CAUSED THE DEATH’S OF MILLIONS OF UKRAINIAN CITIZENS!!! MY! MY! How SOON the WORLD FORGETS!!! Besides Folks RUSSIA covers 11 time zones and that “LITTLE SQUIRT” PUTIN wants more land??? How sick and warped is that???

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TomMariner wrote:

Ho hum on the airport. Wake me when Ukraine takes the port of Sevastopol — kicks the Russian navy out and turns the port into a resort.

Hey, its Ukraine’s land — they can make any use they want of it.

There has to be consequences to invading your neighbor.

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RocketSurgeon wrote:

From your photo gallery above, how come the the Pro-Russian rebels are bald and fat and have crap equipment, whilst the Ukraine are young, strong, well fed and have beautiful new tanks and guns? And yet the Rebels have kicked them back to Kiev?
The pictures and the narrative [Russians have armed and are fighting with new Russian equipment], don’t match your own photo evidence? Could it be the stories are false?

Sep 02, 2014 11:58pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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