Obama says NATO must help strengthen Ukraine's military

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Frosted wrote:

If the US suddenly needs to strengthen Ukraine’s military, why not strengthen all other countries who may eventually become threatened. Since the US has assumed the role of world police, and the US prides itself on equality, the proper action would be to equip all underpowered countries. The US could do so, by simply running up another $100T in debt. Then, those countries who received US sponsored improved military, could sell their gift to other countries.

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Macedonian wrote:

The Russian minority will decide on that question. I do not understand why are they called Pro-Russian or Russian speaking by the media. By that logic there are English speaking Americans and Spanish speaking Americans.

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mary1234 wrote:

I think he has made it clear- he has no strategy for anything!!!

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Mott wrote:

Just like the way US wants to aid and militarize pro-western population of this Ukraine, Russia wants to aid and militarize pro-Russian population of this Ukraine.

US finally, seems to have met its match in Ukraine, and determined to drain its resources on this cause that has little meaning to US.

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NATO? It is always someone else who must act before this “President” gets off the dime. And he rarely does despite his speeches and promises – just ask the Kurds

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Invictuss wrote:

Obama just focus on your own country Kenya ops the USA

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Invictuss wrote:

Obama just focus on your own country Kenya ops the USA

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rybo1 wrote:

Obama is just following orders.

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rybo1 wrote:

Obama is just following orders.

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JPHR wrote:

Clearly Obama isn’t done meddling. He has been exacerbating this crises every step of the way. And no more weapons given to unstable idiots like Yats are not the answer. Poroshenko has to negotiate with the opposition in the east about some degree of autonomy, which should have been done from the outset. However puppet Yats launched a full scale offensive immediately after CIA’s Brennan’s ‘routine’ visit.

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PCCorruption wrote:

After almost 6 months, Obama now says we need to use NATO to help the Ukraine? Wow, how about we come up with this “strategy” before Russia stole Crimea? Brilliant!

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ARJTurgot2 wrote:

Like everything else Obama, this goes nowhere. The speech was given, he got headlines, so the problem is solved. I’m only surprised he wasn’t seeking campaign contributions.

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libsukbigtime wrote:

NATO must arm? First, we are the USA and we need to lead, not Nato. Second, this Russian situation has been going on for two months. What the hell has he been doing for that time besides golf?

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SaveRMiddle wrote:

2016 cannot come fast enough. Nothing special about the arrogant inspirational speaker who loves to hear himself speak using speeches written by others.

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Reality2Day wrote:

Vladimir Putin – official NATO recruitment officer.
Vladimir Putin – NATO defense budget hawk.

Vladimir Putin – Russian President and his own country’s worse enemy!

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rlm328 wrote:

Why don’t we ship all that stuff we have left over in Afghanistan to Ukraine so that the Islamists don’t get it.

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BillRozar wrote:

The U S needs to return to its historic stance of Neutrality with regard to the internal affairs of other countries.We must shed this post WWII policy of being the world policeman and finder of last resort.It is this policy which has bankrupted our nation and led to the decline in our standing in the world.We need to pull back and take care of our own domestic problems like infrastructure repair,education,income inequality and other needs close to home.Europe for Europeans

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gentalman wrote:

Sad! Obama undermine all other countries over the world.America can not be a supreme unipolar power at least in current time.That time has gone.In India there is a proverb ;Many ants together can drag a big snake’
Because America seems economically getting stabled,Obama seems over confident.(I can not use a word ‘Intoxicated’ because I respect American president)

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gentalman wrote:

Out of 16 comments,15 comments criticize Obama’s sudden salvo!(With no destination or effect).

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gentalman wrote:

This time if world war breaks out,Obama will be blamed,more than America.

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Binary wrote:

Yes, and we know from the two Gulf wars how Russian gear fare against western equipment.

Game, set, match… good effort Putin. Better luck next time.

Sep 06, 2014 3:39pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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