Obesity rates reach historic highs in more U.S. states

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Conservation wrote:

Gender, Male / Female, statistics not mentioned. ?
Could it be that WOMEN are far ‘superior to men when it comes to size.

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YsoSirius wrote:

BMI is a horrible measure of obesity. You’re doing it wrong.

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aynew1 wrote:

when are they going to admit that the food pyramid is upside-down. carbs complex or otherwise are what makes you fat.

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cato0212 wrote:

This article continues the insinuation that being poor or at the lower end of the socio-econimic scale leads to obesity. How about the opposite – being obese is the cause for economic stress. Less drive, less self respect, less determination to out perform are more common among the obese than non-obese. Thus they are less likely to succeed in quest for better education leading to better employment opportunities and enriched life styles. Being poor doesn’t make one obese – being obese makes one poor.

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I disagree that being obese makes one poor, as one commenter said. There are SO many factors in the obesity problem in the US. Its not just bad eating habits, its not just not being able to afford healthy food, its not just any one thing. There are medical issues, there are additives in our foods that some believe promote weight gain, there are millions of different kinds of issues that cross ethnic and socioeconomic lines. Being poor also means you can’t afford healthy food, I will not argue that. (After all if a box of mac and cheese is 1.29 and a bag of apples is 5 bucks, which are you going to buy when money is tight?)
You can put all the calorie counts in the world on the boxes but people are still going to eat them. The key is to make healthy food affordable and educate people on how to prepare it.

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jdl51 wrote:

Carbs are much cheaper than protein, so the poor, almost all of whom grew up that way, eat more carbs. You very rarely eat your way into the poorhouse.

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Michelle Obama plan should be extended to the entire Nation
we became addicted to any kind of food, specially the ones overloaded with saturated fat, we are destroying our own health and bodies, as well as the insurance companies, emergency room visits are increasing, le Michelle Obama put some sense in us all, we may become rebellious and infuriated, but the cost of health insurance will decrease if such an unsane idea is forced upon us

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jrj906202 wrote:

Looks like we need more health care.If Americans refuse to take care of themselves,they should be rewarded with free,expensive health care.At least that’s what Obama believes.

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realdata wrote:

Why don’t you tell people why they are really obese? How about all the chemicals – like high fructose corn syrup corn syrup in practically everything we buy – and if your poor chances are your eating a lot of it – cause its cheap to make and legal to put in food – FDA green light blinking. read this link http://www.foodpolitics.com/wp-content/uploads/HFCS_Rats_10.pdf

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BlueOkie wrote:

Only one measure that counts, when you look in the mirror. You know if you are fat or not. There’s no mention of age, medical condition, bone mass or muscle. We all cannot be Twiggy – nor do we think it is healthy

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GFY365 wrote:

I will admit, food today is a total nightmare on how its processed. But an even bigger problem is people and their lifestyles. Watch what you eat, how much you eat, and exercise. You will do fine, as I have.

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cheeze wrote:

Simple, only eat non-processed foods, drink only water and exercise at least 3 times a week. No excuses. If the US did this the medical profession would shrink considerably and the Pharmacticals would practically go bankrupt. GFY365, I always wondered if the food additive companies meet with the drug companies to see how much additives will be needed to cause upset stomachs to sell more antacids? I would not put it past them in the name of profits.

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Abdulsayid wrote:

Agree about the BMI and lifestyle choice. AND the cheap, crappy food that really is not food at all.

I am overweight. According to the BMI. I have a flat stomach and most of a six-pack. 5’9″ tall, 160lbs. People look at me and say I am the skinny one. But BMI says I am overweight. People who have a lot of muscle are in even worse shape according to BMI.

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