With sterling call, Nate Silver defines new wave in U.S. polling

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if it hadn’t have been for the latinos, blacks, asians, gays, gays, atheists and democrats mitt might have done better. obama won by clear margins in the popular vote and electoral college vot but don’t think the rebels have conceded. the fanatics who want to destroy our country rather than work to fix it are even now plotting their counter attack.

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LynCe wrote:

That’s a big “if” to count on. And, an additional two million-plus, who voted in 2008, didn’t go to the polls this time; that’s a huge number who couldn’t be swayed. The GOP will lose the house in two years if they can’t retool in a meaningful, relevant way. The trash-talking, hate-infused Coulter and Trump and ilk are hurting their own cause — and are toxically over-focused on the wrong thing.

Nov 07, 2012 9:02pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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