RPT-Right to work law may put Michigan back on the business map

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CMDibe wrote:

today is a victory for workers. I have never once needed a union, and have managed just fine to negotiate my wages and benefits with those I have sought employement with.
Employers have never had a problem paying me the wages and benefits I negotiated because they know if they don;t make me happy it’s going to take 3 union lazy &^%$s to replace me.

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rokid wrote:

Without UAW support it is very, very unlikely that GM and Chrysler would have received a bailout from the government.

Dec 12, 2012 7:55am EST  --  Report as abuse
lemmon wrote:

@CMD It would take 3 of you to do what one of those lazy union workers as you call them does in an auto plant.I doubt if you would last a day.The reason you make a good wage is because of the unions.When they are gone and wages start to free fall yours will be going down with them.Think about that.

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lemmon wrote:

@CMD It would take 3 of you to do the work of one of the lazy union workers,as you call them I doubt that you would last a day in an auto plant.When the unions are gone and the wages start a free fall to poverty levels yours will go along with them.The unions are what made middle class workers a good living wage.Think about that.

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Gelio wrote:

“The UAW remains a strong force in Michigan, where 17.5 percent of workers are unionized, the fifth-highest level in the country.

They make it sound like the UAW is the only union in Michigan, but fact is only 12% of private workers belong to a union while 55% of public (government workers are unionized.

“In 2007, the UAW agreed to a two-tier wage structure and last year agreed to implement more flexible work rules and eliminate the jobs bank program that gave laid-off workers nearly their full salary and benefits.”

Actually, this was agreed to as a condition to the GM bankruptcy, which is the only concessions the UAW made. The UAW also asked for, and received, that their pensions be over-topped at the expense of Delphi non union employees who lost 70% of their pension value.

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