UPDATE 3-Republican Sen. McConnell rules out more taxes in US fiscal fight

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You will notice that McConnell did not answer a single question on “Meet the Press” this morning. All we got was “the President needs to show leadership”. McConnell has to show leadership, Boener needs to show leadership, Reid needs to show leadership and Pelosi needs to show leadership. If they can’t do it. Get someone who will.

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Amskeptic wrote:

Mitch McConnell, you’re not the boss of me. You are the representative of podunk Kentucky. I and 60 million of my fellow citizens agreed with our President when he said “raise taxes on those making more than 250,000.00 per year”. Now, you are dictating to us from what authority?

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DeannaTx wrote:

It’s interesting what while McConnell decried the tax break for those making over $400,000 as being a tax increase during and after teh fiscal cliff battle. ( Along with Grover Norquist calling it the samwe thing). On Meet the Press this morning David Gregory asked the Senator for his reaction to criticsm from conservatives regarding the recent deal to avoid the so-called “fiscal cliff”. McConnall’s response was

“And the arbiter of whether something is a tax increase or not is Americans for Tax Reform. The head of Americans for Tax Reform said it was not a tax increase. And he had been a senator he would have voted for it. Look, this was not a tax increase.”

McConnel is saying Grover Norquist is the final law on what is and isn’t considered a tax increase. This absolutely blew me away. Then went on to say that were Norquist a Senator he would have voted for the bill. Last I knew the American public had NOT elected Norquist to office. What Norquist, a lobbiest, thinks or would have done means diddly squat.
Why on earth would the minority leader of the Senate come up with such a comment to begin with? Although his admission was very telling of why the congressional Republicans have placed Norquist’s pledge far superior to doing the job we elected them to do.
I think the elected Republicans have forgotten precisely what their job is.

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