Michigan governor calls for $1 billion per year to fix roads

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infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure

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repairing roads makes the economy more efficient

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PJSzerszen wrote:

While I am sure this plan will receive criticism from many, most people fail to realize the unique state and needs of highways in this state. As with anything, preventive maintenance is always cheaper in the long run than doing nothing and requiring total replacement. Michigan roads suffer greatly from our climate, unlike places like Phoenix where pavement from the 1950s is still being driven on.

Furthermore, just as we are the U.S. birthplace of the automobile, we also have some of the oldest freeways. Many of these fail to meet FHWA safety standards and would never be built today. While I believe the best approach is regional planning and multi-modal transportation, our highways will continue to be the arteries of the Michigan economy and it is vital that we continue to invest in their improvement.

No matter where the tax revenue comes from to do this, it ultimately comes back to the residents and consumers. It makes much more sense to spend, say $10,000/yr. to maintain a mile of freeway than to spend $1,000,000 every twenty years to rebuild it.

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