FEATURE-U.S. Post Office job cuts threaten black middle class

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pde wrote:

I’ve been a carrier for 18 years and I absolutely love my job. My route is a business route and meet different people on a daily basis. The unfortunate truth is the fact that I’m also meeting a lot of college grads with masters and phds who often inquire about postal jobs. The salaries here are the exact reason why I decided not to work in the field of business, of which I hold a degree. I work along many college grads and they are truly satisfied here with the hours and pay. It’s truly a great job with great benefits.

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demosphnes wrote:

Wrong, the current situation with the USPS threatens the entire middle class, not just the “black” middle class. This is not a racial issue nor does any particular race have a monopoly on the damage being done to middle class America. The real issue is that the Republicans in congress have invented and created a crisis for which the USPS has no path to salvation other than through legislation. And legislation in 2006, shoved through under Pres Bush and a republican led congress has created this false crisis. Sorry but this is not a “black” issue, it’s an american issue, one that concerns all middle class americans.

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