Obama goes on local TV in fight with Republicans over budget cuts

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ucjb wrote:

It was Obama’s idea. But don’t panic, 85 billion out of 3.7 trillion is a spit in the ocean.

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tab2u wrote:

Obama created the guidelines of the Sequestration and now is slamming the opponents for calling his bluff. His blackmail scheme is blowing up in his face so he foolishly runs in front of the teleprompter whinning the rebuplicans are being mean to him… what a disgrace to the White House and American People who love and support this country and our military as well as law enforcement of all types. Shameful excuse of a man let alone a president.

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vhpeddler wrote:

Plain and simple, we need more revenue.Can’t get it from those who have none.End the loopholes for the privileged, 3 decades of holding their hands has put us in a mess.

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skeeteril wrote:

Quick now elected officials, scare the public some more with your BS and lies.

Let’s start by stopping all money and goods to Israel. Why are they exempt?

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KarlQuick wrote:

BO really has no ideas other than to complain about others and propose spending money he doesn’t have…. He perfectly represents his constituency.
Now he’s down to talking to local TV stations. Great. Next step is to talk to bums on the street, then to himself while golfing in a daze. Would he actually try and learn from experience a bit?
The 1st TV Salesman President’s honed his pitch, but the problem is we’ve all been sold that same used car before! …we know it doesn’t run worth a darn! At least find a NEW ride to sell us!

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mattyj273 wrote:

Most of the comments on here forget that the sequester was due to the Republicans holding Obama and our economy hostage over the debt ceiling.They won’t tell you that though, like the first recession, they’re great at dodging responsibility.

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TedSeitz wrote:

I can’t help wondering that, after thirty years of not caring one bit about deficits, the conservatives are suddenly up in arms about it, starting with the instant Obama was elected. The last balanced budgets were created under Clinton’s Presidency. It’s been accepted by both liberal and mainstream conservatives until recently that Government spending during tough times stimulates the economy. It was Clinton’s belief that Government should generate surpluses during good times. Draconian spending cuts shrink the economy further. It’s possible that some Republican strategists want to maintain a weak economy until one of their own gets elected. I’m willing to bet that after that, they will only give lip service to fixing the deficit.

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We had what, 3 whopper stimulus packages, each around $700 Billion? One under Bush and two under Obama.

After bailing out the banks and big finance, as well as the auto industry, what we should have done was put one of those $700 Billion taxpayer-provided stimulus whoppers into infrastructure, and not just roads, bridges and airports, but in an interstate, nationwide high speed rail system connecting to regional and local rapid rail and light rail networks.

$50 Billion for roads and bridges? Well, that will help, but considering the magnitude of the problem, it’s not much, is it.

We spend about $700 Billion a year on our Defense Budget alone. Think of what that amount would do for high speed national, regional and local rail.

Such a building program would employ millions of people for decades to come, and not just architects and engineers, but a whole gamut of professionals, business people, laborers and workers, and even artists.

We could drastically reduce the chronic automobile congestion and gridlock in our scores of major cities, and especially in our busiest, most congested mega-corridors: San Francisco-LA-San Diego, Boston-New York-Washington/Richmond, Birmingham-Atlanta-Charlotte, etc.

It would save incalculable amounts of fuel (rail is the most efficient way to move people and freight), and it would also lessen our impact on the land and the scenic beauty of these United States.

Ask yourself and be honest: If you had a choice, would you rather your house be 100 feet from a relatively quiet rail line/tracks, or an 8-lane, loud, constantly congested “freeway”?

And all those highly-paid defense jobs? No problem. All those aerospace engineers, technicians, quality-control managers, etc., etc., could be re-directed to designing and building modern super-trains and the extensive technological apparatus and systems that would go with it.

It’s time to fix the United States, and focus less on the problems of the rest of the world. And it’s way past time for all the countries that benefit from the Pax Americana to pay their fair share of the enormous cost of maintaining that peace.

Feb 20, 2013 2:29pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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