US drought to spread in California, Florida, government forecasts

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larry1dart wrote:

I just looked at the reservoir levels for California and almost all of them are above the historical average for this time of year. In California, during the summer months, we depend on the reservoirs for water as well as the rivers. I don’t actually believe there is a drought or a shortage of water and we have had some pretty good rains this month as well. Funny how there is plenty of water as long as you pay enough for it.

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runonsnow wrote:

Larry, I live in Norther CA in the Sierra Nevada. My dad is a farmer in the valley. You’re right that the lakes and reservoirs are full. But that was from snow pack 2 years ago. I’m a snowshoer. Last year, I was able (due to snow levels) to get out one time. Just about every snowshoe race & XC ski race in northern CA was cancelled. There was snow at the ski hills as they can make it. This year the snow levels are better, but I’m already seeing earth around the trees. On our big snow years (I live near Mt Lassen)and next to a reservoir) it can be mid to late July before you can drive out in the forest. At this rate, we’ll be able to get out next month! Even with another big storm the day time temps seem too warm to maintain the snow. A big snowpack with slow melt builds the water tables & releases the water slowly into the reservoirs. Lack of snow in these past 2 years means that as the reservoir water is used there will be no water to replace it! This isn’t a conspiracy!

Also, I get out deep into the woods every summer & this was the first summer in 5 years that I saw springs dry up that I had never seen dry before. That’s why you need the snow pack

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JeSter1975 wrote:

anyone hear of poison skies? Why is the goverment destroying rain fall?

Feb 22, 2013 1:08am EST  --  Report as abuse
StRogers wrote:

With all the rain we had and snow the mountains have, the local reservoirs are full and more snow on the way for the mountains where we get our water…sounds like they just want to raise our water rates again!

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