Yahoo telecommute ban is much ado about nothing -Silicon Valley

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MarketPawn wrote:

Long hours with no compensation, anti-environmental, and lame excuses

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MarketPawn wrote:

Long Unpaid Hours, antt-environmental, and lame excuses – Yahoo

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Bill_123 wrote:

Bringing all hands to the silicon valley office?
This is completely impossible since most of those
hands are in India, Taiwan or Eastern Europe.
So, you cannot do any business without telecommute.

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MarketPawn wrote:

What! They only require Citizens to commute!
Don’t they hire and import H1-B employees – subsidized by US Government?
B.T.W. No cuts in the budget hurt H1-B. Too many officials have lobbist.

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burgerja wrote:

It’s not the quantity of time spent at work that is important, it’s the quality/amount of work produced. Just b/c you are at work all day does not mean that you have accomplished a thing!

& The 8 hour office day could & should easily be reduced to 7 hours & still yield the same amount of productivity. According to my observations, approx. 35% of each work day is uselessly wasted by unnecessary inefficiencies in the office: greetings/salutations/gossipers/small talk through-out the day, unimportant meetings held to make the middle managers feel important, slow employees asking redundant ?’s at meetings or the the spaz-know-it all-that can not keep their mouth shut at meetings, office cake celebrations for someone you barely know, the competitive tattle-tale monitoring employees instead of doing their job, office politics/the office bully/or the micromanager getting in peoples business-actually slowing down the process, employees pretending to be busy to pass time-if you’ve completed your task, you should be able to leave, the chain smoker taking smoke breaks every hour, the brown nosers staying late b/c it looks good even though they could have done the job in 1/2 the time, the poor planners waiting until the last minute then getting others freaked & expect help when they are scrambling due to their own procrastination.

I’d rather skip the above nonsense, eat an apple for lunch, & go home an hour early, put on comfy clothes, & spend more time with friends/family. One day this will all go away when people are working from home wearing their pajamas while working!

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