WRAPUP 1-Americans drop pay-TV; business matures in weak economy

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zubatch wrote:

“The steady parade of customer losses has led to speculation that customers are ‘cutting the cord’ and dropping the expense of paying for TV altogether.

Time Warner Cable Chief Executive Glenn Britt disputed this suggestion saying the numbers “are still quite small.”

You’re wrong Britt. I’m still employed but refuse to pay the high fees for a selection of channels dominated by useless shopping and paid for by commercials I’m forced to watch.

Netflix and Amazon instant streaming along with my RSS feed of relevant news sources keeps me informed, entertained, improves my time management, and leaves me much less stressed

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PivotEnabled wrote:

Ditto to what Zubatch said. Britt you are VERY wrong! I cut the cord many years ago because I was mad about Dish Network suddenly insisting that I keep my phone line hooked to my box (after seven years as a customer) even though I NEVER used pay-per-view…. I never reconnected the cord because I realized that I LIKED voting with my dollars and watching what I wanted commercial free. Seriously the cable companies deliver bandwidth. Focus on your strength. I’ll choose my own content thank you very much!

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GrinNBarrett wrote:

No one mentioned two facts corporate media is now entertainment and full of lies and propaganda and the real entertainment is very poor and not worth watching. The days of Lucy, Carol Burnett, Ed Sullivan to name a few are done and gone. Reality is out of control and growing. Cop shows are out of the realm of reality as now they pepper spray, taser and shot people instead of solving crime.

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stonehillady wrote:

A lot of so called TV & their so called NEWS is pure propagander & people are feed up with it !
Everything should be on the internet, streaming Talk Radio is BIG, they have people that really know what’s going on, they aren’t recieving million dollar salaries to feed you what the Government wants you to hear…. Americans are waking up that there is a world beyond talking heads that keep trying to divide us with this left/right junk & everything we do abroad is for democracy crap while millions are killed, displaced & destroyed in the name of peace.

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