U.S. Congress begins new year as showdown on jobless benefits looms

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I just switched from Republican to Democrat. The very next election and every one after that, I’m voting Democrat all the way down the ticket. Taking away the sole income for 1.3 million people (all of whom cannot possibly be Democrat, so the Republican politicians are alienating their own voter base, like retards) really really REALLY slows growth.

I’m 50. I’ve been working since I was 12, and that was a truckstop–not a paper route. I’ve been putting in for jobs every single week. Who are these morons who won’t hire or even call applicants who are over the age of 45? Who are these morons who won’t hire or even call applicants who have been unemployed for 3 months or more? Who are the morons in Washington who fail to realize there are 3 applicants for every ONE open position? Who are the morons who created this nightmare?

I am going from unemployment to welfare. How exactly did that fix any political party’s problems? Once again during this administration, a specific demographic is being held hostage for political games. It’s been the seniors twice now? I guess it’s now the unemployed workers’ turn. I am sick to death of this gutter country. Sick to death. Why is a government that is taxing the blazes out of liquor, cigarettes, and gasoline, and now selling drugs always crying poverty?? Why is that??

I saw on another news article that it’s expected cutting EUC off from this many people just might spark rioting. If any rioting occurs anywhere near me, I WILL be one of the rioters. Bet on that.

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