Obamacare to cut work hours by equivalent of 2 million jobs -CBO

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pappawtom wrote:

So a lot of people will decide to work fewer hours in order to keep the subsidy for health care, who would have guessed that if it had not been for the CBO! Really, are these people in our government so disconnected from the rest of us that for them to make these kinds of statements is absurd.
Now that is out of the way, just where exactly are these people who do that going to get enough money to live on? The government I suppose will be their reasoning but they don’t stop to think that just where does the government get it’s money to pay all these people? This ACA is going to destroy this nation. Mark it down you heard it first here.
We have been on the slope of decline since the war on poverty started and now it will be accelerated to such a degree that by 2100 we will no longer exist in any semblance of the nation we started out as! Don’t believe then just watch.

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Hatsin wrote:

Wow, people respond to economic incentives put forth by the government? I am shocked, shocked I say.

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Any way you slice it Obamacare is a scourge. As for me and mine, every adult, their spouses and adult children in the family are voting against anyone who had anything to do with this ruse. It is a deceptive scourge designed to control and destroy. Quite opposite of how it was sold. Additionally, Americans haven’t even begun to endure the sub minimal type of ” health care” they are going to experience. Mid- terms are coming. VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!!!

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Hcalla wrote:

Cruz was right

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gitmojo wrote:

Luckily the Republicans are there to paint the program as the Dems and their media minions are WALLPAPERING over any disagreeable news.

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