CORRECTED-UPDATE 1-U.S. judge gives broadcasters injunction against Aereo online TV

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wn7ant wrote:

“In court filings in Utah, Fox argued that “free-riders like Aereo” could deprive residents of programming like local news. Kimball agreed in his ruling.”

I do not have over the air television. Along comes Aereo providing an equipment rental service that allows me to watch local T.V. (here in Denver). If Aereo stops working, I stop watching local T.V. Because of Fox’s argument I am going to be deprived of local programming. Kimball, I would love to say to your face, “you sir, are a special kind of idiot.”

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JuanCalavera wrote:

It seems this 10th Circuit judge in Utah has let himself be willfully oblivious to the fact that free reception of broadcast television is a Congress-affirmed right of the American people. As an Aereo subscriber I’m simply renting an exclusive off-site antenna which gets a consistent signal. I already get my television from my own rooftop antenna but live in a far-flung corner of Denver where the weaker HD signals from VHF local stations get obliterated by winds near the shared broadcast mast. These certain stations in our market opted for the cheaper low-power options when HD became the standard, and out here on the edges it really shows at often crucial times.
Aereo has been a godsend as a backup during this high-wind season — without it we’d never see evening Olympic broadcasts … or the accompanying ads.
Judge Dale A. Kimball stated that he sees “virtually no difference” between the Aereo service and the cable companies’ product, which only shows he paid no attention to the Aereo argument or had it in mind not to listen in the first place.

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