UPDATE 2-US FDA chief defends new pain drug despite worries about abuse

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Steven_P wrote:

The ONLY “standard of safety” that the FDA has, is a letter from the company of which the drug is made.

FDA is a criminal cartel and should be shut down entirely, and a new responsible agency put in its place.

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drjohnwarren wrote:

I would recommend that Joe Manchin read “A Nation in Pain”, by J. Foreman. This is no quickie read. It has over 100 pages of foodnotes and citations. Some of the things he might discover is that a huge number of Americans suffer from pain and unlike the people he wants to “protect”, they did not choose their fate. There are more than a 100 million people who suffer from chronic pain, but he wants to take away something that could help many of them to protect the addicts, people who if they can’t get prescription drugs will use illegally produced ones or sniff paint cleaner.

What is the ethical stance of someone who would deny relief for another in pain? I would put it as equivalent of that of a torturer.

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BloggerJon wrote:

I have had surgeries, used other meds like morphine and oxycodone, and tried alternative treatments with little relief. The best doctors can do for me is lessen the excruciating, chronic pain. For people like me, hydrocodone is the only effective pain management option available. Zohydro is a wonderful medication, but politicians like Senator Manchin are trying to make it illegal.

Senator Manchin’s daughter is CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals. Not only does Mylan compete with Zohydro’s manufacturer Zogenix, but they are one of the largest contributors to Manchin’s campaign committee. The media need to investigate Manchin’s motivations for his anti-Zohydro crusade. If I send Manchin $127,500 will he introduce legislation to criminalize my competition too?

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Drugs like this are a double-edged sword. While they may be a godsend to chronic-pain patients, improving their quality of life immeasurably, they also come with the very real threat of abuse and addiction; prescription opiate overdoses are at an all-time high and have gotten worse every year for the last 11 years.

To thread the needle of the benefit versus the risk, we should require that makers of addictive drugs fully fund addiction treatment for their patients who become addicted.

Addiction is a chronic, progressive brain disease. It’s treatable. Perhaps not as successfully as one might like, but on a par with other chronic diseases that require substantial behavioral change, like diabetes and hypertension.

Unfortunately, many people still don’t believe addiction is a disease. That’s why science-based education is so important.

Education is key. For a not-for-profit website that discusses the science of substance use and abuse in accessible English (how alcohol and drugs work in the brain; how addiction develops; why addiction is a chronic, progressive brain disease; what parts of the brain malfunction as a result of substance abuse; how that malfunction skews decision-making and motivation, resulting in addict behaviors; why some get addicted while others don’t; how treatment works; how well treatment works; why relapse is common; what family and friends can do; etc.) please click on www.AddictScience.com.

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