UPDATE 3-McDonald's profit falls, U.S diners not "lovin' it"

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blaastaaz wrote:

maybe they should work on their pricing model. Its no longer economical to take your family to Mcdonalds to eat because a $40 + price tag for a family of 5 falls in line with places like cheddars or applebees that have far better tasting food.

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Their employees are racist and lazy. The new store designs are horrible. The service sucks. Why go there when there are much better options.

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chris876541 wrote:

blaastaaz is right. McD said sales were down because of the cold winter, but the real reason is they’ve priced themselves out of the market. I (single guy) can drop $10-12 for a filling meal (DQP, medium fries, a couple dollar burgers [which just went up to $1.19], and a medium drink/large shake) – a Chinese buffet (or Hometown) costs the same/less for lunch. It’s not worth it for a family, and kids were always the drivers to go there. In the end, I’d rather go to Jack’s anyway – cost is not much different and I never got a dry burger bun there (for 2 to 3 years, the QP buns seemed stale at 3 or 4 different McDs), though nothing is as good as the EggMuffin for breakfast (and SausageMuffins were great at $1 [maybe still are]).

Anyway, this is the first solid indicator of things to come… prices are going up (no matter what the govt says), consumers aren’t increasing purchases of non-essentials, costs have been cut about as much as possible over the past several years, and profits will no longer be increasing enough to satisfy investors. Wall Street is going to see reality – QE hasn’t helped the consumer.

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