North Korea "readies missiles" as China seeks talks

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justinmcc wrote:

I do trust his judgement… Hella lot more than W’s. Nuff said.

So…Are we going to sail West of the island and stick to our original plan despite China’s saber rattling? I sure hope so.

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Szbignewski wrote:

The idea that the Obama administration is “risking war” seems odd. That would seem to imply the administration is leading these events. The historical failing of Democratic administrations is that they tend to FOLLOW such events rather than LEAD them. My hope is not that Mr. Obama cease taking risks, but rather has the courage and foresight to stop a third world war before it starts. If that means a pre-emptive strike, then so be it. If that means talking turkey with the Chinese, then so be that also. The important thing here is to LEAD, not wait for things to happen. That’s what we hired him for.

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meenas17 wrote:

Fine! Another war has started. We will be passive spectators to bloodshed and death. Is there not a via media to settle the issues?If taking the guns at the slightest disturbance is the way out, then the world is going forward to a collapse. China and U.S should give a thought to reconciliation.

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Yamayoko wrote:

Major General, may I advise you not to shoot at North Korea direction, even though your shots land in open sea.

Because North Korea will interpret that as a “provocation”. God bless you.

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bkhjon wrote:

I thought the Nobel Peace Price winner Obama is for peace rather than the “military excercises”.

If there is a war between US and China, it would be MAD aka Mutually Assured Distruction. Since China has the one and only Wunderwaffe on earth, missiles capable of hitting moving targets, one would assume the the sinking of US carriers would escalate to full fledge nuke wars. As one chinese general said, China would take the first strike. In return, over a billion chinese would die and the total destruction east of Xian. It should not be difficult what would happen to US when chinese nukes hit.

Peace to all. Damn war mongers around the globe.

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Szbignewski wrote:

In case you weren’t all jittery enough, consider this: Japan can become a major nuclear power in months, not years, months. They have delivery systems, they have a thriving nuclear economy. All they lack, so far, is the intention to fabricate warheads. If the USA does not eventually (perhaps soon) do something to put the threat from North Korean on a path toward resolution, one way or the other, either militarily or diplomatically, Japan WILL re-arm.

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bkhjon wrote:

Let’s not forget, US had invaded and occupied part of the China during the Opium war. China had never ever challenged US directly or indirectly, let alone occupying part of the US.

I don’t think China and the Chinese would take one more crap from the US aggression.

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paulstewart wrote:

The comment by “Nuff Said” is stupid. North Korea is provoking this. Obama has the right stuff to deal with it.

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So N.Korea says before the exercise, “Don’t cross the DMZ.” The south fires right at the DMZ. N.Korea says it crossed the DMZ, S.Korea says “No, it didn’t cross the line.”
So N. retaliates.

I don’t really care if a massive world war breaks out. I know that may sound stupid to some, but I really don’t.
However, if I were in charge of N.Korean security, and I had to respond to that situation, I would have done the exact same thing.

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bkhjon wrote:

paulstward writes “North Korea is provoking this. Obama has the right stuff to deal with it.”

I would like to hear and see both sides of the stories, North and South Korea, before render a judgment. Specifically, I would like to know who provke who,.

Korean conflicts had been going on for 60 years. Perhaps koreans are the only ones to iron out their own differences. US and China should stay out of it.

Historically speaking, North Korea nor China started the war.

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Szbignewski wrote:

China is in the unfortunate role of “big-brother” to a raving lunatic. To make matters worse, the “little brother”, insofar as he is from time to time remotely rational, is well aware of this, and has every intention of playing upon it. The governments of China, the United States, and the entire rest of the world must finally decide what is to be done with an armed, dangerous madman.

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bkhjon wrote:

“So N.Korea says before the exercise, “Don’t cross the DMZ.” The south fires right at the DMZ. N.Korea says it crossed the DMZ, S.Korea says “No, it didn’t cross the line.”
So N. retaliates.”

Now we know who started the so call “provacation”.

One way to counter the propaganda is to hear two sides of the stories;

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bkhjon wrote:

Obama escalates the Afgan War and now the Korean conflict, one wonders if Nobel Peace Price is worth of anything. One wonders if Obama’s change is for more military conficts.

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Szbignewski wrote:

Don’t care if a massive world war breaks out? Think that may sound stupid to “some”? Are you an infant? Have you not seen enough horror in your life? Grow up! There are billions of other people in the world who love their families! It’s not just about you!

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Sinbad1 wrote:

Wars turn loser politicians into heroes.

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Tamooj wrote:

Ummm – bkhjon and kevAgainstUsary – What? The DMZ has nothing to do with this. The ROK fired artillery southwest out into the sea, away from North Korea – and into South Korean Waters, Just like they do *every year* for this pre-scheduled exercise. The North Koreans replied by shelling a town with a known civilian population. There is NO ‘provocation’ that justifies firing heavy artillery at civilians, morons. Ever.

The DPRK needs to respect the Northern Limit Boundaries as a consequence of losing a war, and stop suddenly getting greedy/envious of fishing waters they have no right too. Military exercises along their borders are something they just have to shutup and deal with as a consequence for being allowed to have a country despite their aggression in 1950. Go re-read the Armistice terms if you don’t agree, they are posted online.

And yes, the Chinese can *ask* that military exercises don’t take place inside their EEZ, but International Law clearly allows such things. EEZ is about oil/fishing rights, and doesn’t restrict free passage. People seem to be confusing the EEZ with the 12nm territorial limit. It’s just too bad that China, the ROK and Japan didn’t resolve those nautical boundaries like grownups when they had the chance, huh?

For what it’s worth, although I think the DPRK is 95% to blame for this incident, I still think the US can show plenty of resolve without being impolite to China by parading a battlegroup so close to their coastline. Also, for a bunch of military reasons, putting a carrier battlegroup into the East China Sea is a pretty silly idea; it’s not the Gulf of Sidra, with nice deep water to run to – it’s a miserable, constrained place where it’s very hard to hear even primitive submarines, and the DPRK has land-based SSMs everywhere. The USN is very very good at dealing with all of these threats, but there’s no reason to do so over this incident. Smarter to shape the battlefield to emphasis your strengths instead of playing into theirs. Plenty of alternatives are available that could make the DPRK understand the price of shelling civilians (or torpedoing corvettes by surprise).

Just as an aside; we Americans really need to stop overreacting to the stupid childish rhetoric spewing out of the DPRK media – it just makes us look like knee-jerk yahoos when we instead want to look like adults. The world is watching (and reading) – if you don’t understand all the regions politics, geography, history and military considerations, please don’t post semi-literate rants.

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Tamooj wrote:

bhjon – You are incorrect; the North Koreans *did* start the war by invading the South on 25-June 1950. While China teaches the history of the Korean War differently (politically they have to do so), the rest of the world, including the DPRK and the Soviets, teach that the DPRK really started the war. The DRPK refers to the Korean War as “The War to Liberate the Fatherland”.

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KimoLee wrote:


The Norwegians blew it by giving Obama the Nobel Prize. I think they were overly optimistic and hoping to inspire the behavior they desired from America. I suspect that Americans are more jaded. We know that talk is cheap and our politicians aren’t the most credible folks on the planet.

Perhaps we should have give our elected leaders a “trial run” for a single year. If it looks like they will not succed in accomplishing their campaign promises, “adios!” The runner up steps into place :D

Regardless, I think China is exercising great restraint with the U.S. right now. They had to say “something.”

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Szbignewski wrote:

Good night all! Peace be with you, and with the whole world.

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drpedro wrote:

in a nutshell. N. Korea has nothing to lose… One has to think twice before provoking a country of nuts with nothing to lose…

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mrm1228 wrote:

Firing in the direction of North Korea can hardly be considered a provocation in light of the sinking of a South Korean naval ship killing forty-six people. North Korea bears all the blame for the increased tensions and need to be dealt with severely and swiftly.

China has gotten a little smarter than wanting to risk destruction of their country and flourishing economy by getting into a nuclear war with the US.
If DKRP starts shooting again the US/South Korea will go after the nuke facilities first thing.

As far as how Obamas handling of the situation, I imagine there are a lot of things happening behind the scenes to resolve the situation. We have the best foregn policy people in the world working on the situation right now.

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Tamooj- Right, Baengnyeong Island is not in the DMZ, but I guess “it serves as a maritime demarcation between North and South Korea in the Yellow Sea” according to wiki.
But I read that the N. claimed that the south had fired in there territorial waters, the S. denies this of course.
Either way, to be that close and conducting live fire exercises is asking for trouble.

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JoeBoston wrote:

If the US were not in Korea there wouldn’t be a crises.

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Also, do you find it ironic that the U.S. is conducting these exercises to detour the N. from starting a conflict?

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Anon101 wrote:

paulstward writes “North Korea is provoking this. Obama has the right stuff to deal with it.”

It is okay to ‘imply’ destroy Asia? Nuke Africa. Africa is not the solution to the problem. Africa is the problem. Do not like USA or China then move to Africa to keep it simple.

It is USA who cuts their own throats exporting decent paying manufacturing jobs to China. China cannot make us take our work.

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belizecares wrote:

fox news just had a special report saying that NK has started launching missles into the yellow sea. then when I check all the news websites nothing on it. fox news hasn’t put it up on the tv again an it’s been about 45 min. I think they were told to shut up…

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Tamooj wrote:

Since the 1990s the DPRK has been rejecting the Northern Limit Line (but not before then) when they decided they wanted to use the fishing zones to the south. Hence, they claim that the waters around these islands, and much further to the south are ‘their territorial waters’ even though no one else on earth agrees. So when they say that the rounds from the prescheduled artillery exercise landed in their territorial waters, they are really stretching the truth a bit.
If anyone thinks that the ROK holding regular training exercises is ‘provocative’, you should go read up on DPRK border incursions, the kidnapping of Japanese citizens and the huge tunnels running miles under the DMZ into ROK, complete with hundreds of parked DPRK tanks waiting inside them, ready to go. The ROK would be insane to not be constantly trained to the highest states of readiness. Last time they slacked off, over a million of their citizens died when the DPRK swarmed over the border. Yes, it’s provocative to train like this, (at least it’s provocative to the DPRK), but it’s also 100% necessary (sadly).

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Tamooj wrote:

JoeBoston – 100% Not true. If the DPRK wasn’t addicted to military posturing and deadly incidents, then the ROK (and the US) might start to trust them – but they are addicted to bombastic rhetoric and need to occasionally provoke an incident in order to stay in power. Hence the US presence and the ROK’s high state are readiness. BTW – the US is now at the lowest levels of presence in the region ever, and still the DPRK keeps doing things to get attention.

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Tamooj wrote:

No one is talking ‘nuclear war’ except ignorant posters and the occasional hype-addicted news media outlet. That’s just silly talk. First, it’s highly doubtful that DPRK even has any deployable nuclear weapons and the the US and China are too economically codependent to ever get into more than occasionally skirmish, if even that.

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go to google maps and search Baengnyeong island, where this exercise took place. Just zoom out a little a look at where this is in relation to the border between N. and S. Korea. Then ask yourself if you really think it was a good idea to be there doing military exercises. If I were china I would not let the U.S. build up a major naval presence in that area.
In my opinion (and I’m wrong a lot) I think we are up to something.

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It’s time for President Obama to start kicking some you-know-what.

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Andoheb wrote:

The comment “If I were china I would not let the U.S. build up a major naval presence in that area” … borders on being comical. That’s somewhat like saying I would not permit Mike Tyson to take my Chessies!!!
Why am I thinking if China could do anything, China would be doing anything it could to stop a group of battlecruisers going or coming where they so well pleased. These battlegroups, as anyone with a bit of military knowledge knows, can and will take care of NK or China if they decide to get a little bit silly(er) than they are at present.

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KimoLee wrote:

@ MRM1228:

Sure, the U.S. has something going on behind the scenes, but do you “seriously” believe we have the best foreign relations persons working on it? Come on, we havent’ actually declared war against any country since WWII, but have been involved in the Korean War; Viet Nam; Persian Gulf War; Iraq Invasion; and Afghanistan (whatever you want to call that). What other country is involved in “undeclared” war to that degree? To say we are foreign relations experts it to say that a man on his fourth marriage is a marriage expert even though he has never actually succeeded at being married for long.

I would like to actually see my tax dollars working to rebuild America’s ancient infrastructure. Hello! Western European countries have affordable mass transit, roads without pot holes and seams, underground power lines, and decent education systems. Americans need to get out and have a look around at what other countries accomplish with their tax dollars when not spending on defense (offense).

If our folks are the “best” we need to clean house. Government employees have too much job security. Maybe they need to live like the rest of us. Unions are uncommon here in America. If our Republican leaders are going to pretend to be anti-union they should cut all government workers that are union employees. Just get rid of all of them.

I do not know “any” union employees that do not work for the U.S. government? But I do know that a lot of the ones I deal with are slow and arrogant beyond belief. They love nothing better than to screw up your day with a little bureacracy.

I heard that Hillary is out making calls to reduce the impact of Wikileak’s latest release. Is that what you call “good” foreign relations? Yeah, electronically strip searching Americans at U.S. airports is a sign we have have “excellent” foreign relations. Who do you work for MRM1228? No, let me guess :D

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Tamooj wrote:

@kevAgainstUsary – I think you have the wrong island, dude. The sinking of the Cheonan took place near this island, but the artillery exercise and subsequent barrage by the DPRK was further South East on Yeonpyeong. The current naval exercises are largely being held even further to the south, away from North Korea. The reason the ROK holds these so close to China is because it’s inside ROK territory; they can do what they want. Training to defend themselves against the DPRK is something they have to stay current on, apparently, since anything that North Korea deems ‘provocative’ or which ‘offends their dignity’ is deemed sufficient justification for them to murder innocent civilians.

When China says “Oh, everyone should just calm down and don’t do anything rash” they seriously undermine their credibility; innocent civilians are being shelled, and so responsible leadership in a democracy must act decisively. By electing to appease the DPRK by using neutral language, China is ceding the leadership role they could have us see them in. By choosing to simply react with rhetoric they are seen only as cynical and self-interested.

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Roughe wrote:

Follow the LEE*s highly altruistic suggestion or wreck the entire world*s little left stability …prematurely

This is the case where the patient is calling the Doctor to the sick*s chair in order to be prescribed…

We are to show way better then that…lol

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ronandlane wrote:

We can be proud of our commander and chief for standing by our South Korean Allies. He is proving to be a fine leader in spite of what the naysayers out here would say about him. God Bless Barack Obama and God Bless America.

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What’s new. Nothing.

The impoverished North is desperate for foreign aid to survive, so it sends out a big “Don’t forget about me” cry periodically for attention. Then each time blames other countries like its wealthy neighbor S. Korea and the U.S. for its action, saying “You guys made me behave this way.”

Oh okay, North Korea, the rest of the world is stupid and we all believe you when you say something irrational like that.

It’s obvious to those who know about Kim Jung Il’s desperate regime that nobody has anything to gain by provoking North Korea. Especially not S. Korea, with its world-class economy. And also not the U.S., who really just wants North to stop building nuclear weapons of mass destruction, and join the rest of the world like a normal, peaceful country.

North Korea knows it started this whole situation on its own, per its usual protocol. And the rest of the world knows it, too. South’s allegedly provocative drills faced away from the peninsula; never even entered North’s water, “zone,” whatever. Likewise, America never orchestrated any of this tension, despite North’s effort to rewrite history.

It’s obvious that South Korea, with its wealthy economy, has too much to lose should a war break out, and that’s why it hasn’t been forcefully reacting to North’s unjustifiable attack that killed tens of innocent young soldiers in the Cheonam ship sinking earlier this year and the shelling that killed four (including two civilians) a few days ago. But North has to realize that South won’t take North’s inhumane, violent behavior lying down over and over. Because if you mess with someone too much for no reason, eventually that person will say, “Ok, that’s it.” And that’s where North is pushing South toward.

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North Korea warned of unpredictable “consequences” – North Korea acts in a civilized manner after China Inc reigns in their Frankensteins.

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peagon wrote:

keep it cool, world is already in trouble.

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barkinbob wrote:

this is just stupid. they provoke north korea and now they want to try and start a war to cover up all their problems and dying economy. go back to hades where you came from.

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Thetester wrote:

Well, Well… I just think US should not get their hands dirty again over the East-Asia situation. For the purpose and intention of peace keeping, they have been taken a lot of blame on many things around the globe. Maybe US really need to change their tact a little. Same time there is no oil, or big reserve of rare metals or natural resources in Koreas, why take the hassel and waste the money while they can just save their own economic crisis.

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fstwrtr wrote:

NK has nothing to lose, while SK has everything to lose. At some point, SK will have to risk it all in order to keep what it has. Clearly by having nothing to lose, the North has the upper hand in this situation.

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tvan wrote:

the Chinese WILL be careful on this….They do not want a war with the U.S…..they own too much of our debt!!

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theinsaneo wrote:

Listen people….war will not break out over this. Some of you are acting like North Korea has never acted in a provocative manner before.

They act foolish and Mommy China tells the child North Korea to simmer down or they will let Daddy U.S. get the belt. This story has been told before……

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korean4peace wrote:

The root of the problem is the continued state of division and war since 1950. Thousands of troops stand ready to shoot each other down everyday along the DMZ and war simulation exercises only add to the tension. As long as there is only an armistice (a temporary cease-fire), these tragic incidents will continue. We need a permanent peace treaty in Korea. China and DPRK are ready to talk. South Korea and US need to stop the war games and find a peaceful resolution through dialogue.

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burkes wrote:

There is only one long term solution to the Korean conflict and that is to replace
the DMZ buffer zone, with Chinese troops. The NK’s are trigger happy and
want a war with SKorea, but by having Chinese troops patrolling the DMZ, both
sides will feel safer, as they are not trigger happy. This will appease both North
and South, and bring peace to a divided Country. Or turn it over to the United Nations and have them control the DMZ. THis should have been done a long time ago.

And why would NK place missiles on a launch pads in the Yellow Sea, that China
is suppose to control; unless, they had China’s permission to do so? China is
extending its control of the Yellow Sea, using North Korea as a surrogate power.
And why make them easy targets to hit? Isn’t this a provocative act? Obviously
the NK want them to blow up launch pads and not attack hard targets on land.

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burkes wrote:

I wouldn’t risk one American soldier’s life in a conflict with North Korea. They won’t even open up and allow America to import our auto’s. So, why should America help to defend their Country against NK? This is THEIR FIGHT, not anybody else’s.

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theinsaneo wrote:

China and DPRK are ready to talk. South Korea and US need to stop the war games and find a peaceful resolution through dialogue.


Yes let’s get those US troops off the border and let the north have it’s way in the south….that will help South Korea….become apart of the Hermit Kingdom

Nov 28, 2010 6:31pm EST  --  Report as abuse
theinsaneo wrote:

“Let’s not forget, US had invaded and occupied part of the China during the Opium war. China had never ever challenged US directly or indirectly, let alone occupying part of the US.

I don’t think China and the Chinese would take one more crap from the US aggression.”

um….have you opened a history book? You are talking about an incident in the 1840’s (with the UK by the way not the US) and overlook the Korean war completly…..

Nov 28, 2010 6:38pm EST  --  Report as abuse
bkhjon wrote:

“Let’s not forget, US had invaded and occupied part of the China during the Opium war. China had never ever challenged US directly or indirectly, let alone occupying part of the US.

I don’t think China and the Chinese would take one more crap from the US aggression.”

um….have you opened a history book? You are talking about an incident in the 1840’s (with the UK by the way not the US) and overlook the Korean war completly…..

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bkhjon wrote:

Ummm, lets count US hate targets since ww2.
They were NK, Vietnam, USSR, China, Iraq, Afganistan, Syria, Lybia……We are bunch of hateful people on earth.

Nov 28, 2010 10:23pm EST  --  Report as abuse
rwethereyet wrote:

Obama has the, “right stuff?” Never has the, “right stuff” label been so incorrectly used. That the US moved a ship into those waters, whether it was planned before the shelling, or not, will prove to be a mistake. How can somebody that’s so against the 2 wars he inherited, be so fast to provoke a potential much larger and costlier war? Obama is the worst president since and Carter, period!!

Nov 29, 2010 11:55am EST  --  Report as abuse
theinsaneo wrote:

@ bkhjon
North Korea ran over the 38th invading the South. China joined on the side of the North. The United Nations fought both north korea and china. Vietnam….the US originally was involved to support the French. Personally I don’t think we should have gotten involved but so be it.
The USSR….um who over ran the whole of Eastern Europe? Who was that? oh yeah your beloved soviet union. The Cold War was really based on Soviet aggression and repression. Speaking of Afganistan….who supported the people of Afganistan against Soviet use of chem/bio weapons there? oh darn it was the US.
Lybia….was in response to an act of State terror i.e. pan am 103.

Now how about you open a history book and actually read it with a logical unbiased eye instead of blaming the US becuase it’s easy for you to do.

Now lets count the hate targets of china, ussr, afgansitan, iraq, syria, iran, and the multitude of states that you seem to be on the side of…..naw that’s too easy. Just read a book

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bkhjon wrote:

theinsaneo, who’s attacking or attacked who and on who’s land? You are engulfed by relentless propaganda and you actually believe it. We attacked Iraq because of propaganda said that Iraq was involved in 9/11, clearly there was no connection. So the propaganda changed to WMD which is again unfounded, then the story changed to democracy, freedom or whatever. In the end, Dieter or Siegfried or Donald Rumsfeld cried “shock and awe” at the killing of one million iraqi civilians and the displacement of two millions.

Insofar as Korea and Vietname war are concerned, what had they done to US to deserve the massive killings? I rest my case.

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bkhjon wrote:

Going back to hisotory, what was the threats aka defending American in Korean War, Vietnam war, Iraq war etc? None of them had nukes nor delivery system aka ballistic missiles to reach US of A. Let’s face it, American anglos are war loving people and they rule America. War is what they want and propaganda is where it rests. anglos are good at nothing other than wars.

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Jon404 wrote:

If they put a missile into one of our carriers, would this start another Korean War? Would we do anything beyond a retaliatory bombing, probably of their nuclear facilities? Also, what would happen if they bomb Seoul?

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theinsaneo wrote:

bkhjon….again it was the UN who got the US, French, UK and others involved in Korea. But don’t let FACTS get in the way of your beliefs.
Just as you said “American anglos” are the ones responsible for every bad thing in the world……how increadably arrogant and racist of you to say.

Nov 30, 2010 12:13pm EST  --  Report as abuse
bkhjon wrote:

theinsaneo, which nation was the driving force in UN Resolution 82 and 83? I am sure you would bend and twist whatever to your own liking. Insofar as anglos are war loving people are concerned, let the history speaks for itself, starting with the outright extermination of native americans after these gentle people fed the new arrivals. from Mayflower, with turkeys. Then proceed to slave trading and ownership, then the chinese exclusion act and japanese internment…..I can go on.
As to racism, anglos are the worst of its kind.

Nov 30, 2010 11:01pm EST  --  Report as abuse
bkhjon wrote:

theinsaneo, what are anglos good at? They are good at war love affair.
In fact, they were good at slave trading and ownership. They were good at state sponsored opium trafficking, colonialism, massacre, extermination, genocide, exportation of homosexuality, exploitation of other people……it’s well documented in the history. Without these, anglos tank. Look what happens in Scotland and England.

When it comes to racism, no one is worse than anglos.

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JuneKaft wrote:

It’s tragic that lives are being lost, people are in fear and that Korea is on the verge of renewed military conflict – for no good reason. It’s clear – attack simulations, threats and sanctions don’t work. The only thing that will work is negotiation. The US and South and North Korea need to talk – and directly. As former Amb. James Laney has stated: “… One item should be at the top of the agenda, however, in order to remove all unnecessary obstacles to progress, that is the establishment of a peace treaty to replace the truce that has been in place since 1953.”
As long as the Korean War continues, the military games, skirmishes, retaliations and tragic fatalities will continue. A peace treaty is needed to finally end the Korean War.

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