CORRECTED-UPDATE 4-Malaysia Airlines plane crashes in South China Sea with 239 people aboard - report

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akzone wrote:

it may have crash landed on mekong delta or in the pacific..

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WJL wrote:


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Camgore wrote:

I really hope it wasn’t shot down

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O_Canada wrote:

Where there are looking and saying the plane went down doesn’t match flight data.
Last known coordinates place it over mountainous central Malaysia, 20 miles due east of Mount Tahan. It had just switched from reporting to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah airport near where it had taken off to Penang International Airport in central west Malaysia. Nothing places the flight near Vietnam.
I would more search in the Kenyir Lake region based on the flight information I can see.

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CCourtier wrote:

On 14 November 1992 a Russian Yak 40 plane of Vietnam Airlines on the way from Saigon to Nha Trang went missing. It took approx. 6 days to reach the wreck in the mountains South of Nha Trang. This is when the sole survivor was found. You can find her unbelievable story on
What triggers my message to you is the fact that at that time the Vietnamese were not prepared for any such kind of disaster. The question is: are they now?
I am quite familiar with the story of 1992 in case you are interested and can put you in contact with the then sole survivor, Ms Herfkens. She now lives in New York.

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Putinovych wrote:

Putin, to divert attention from what he did in Kyiv? (Same with the Uighur attack.)

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ChrisLundun wrote:

Think you need to correct again I’m afraid. The city in Southern China where the plane was earlier believed possibly to have landed is transliterated Nanning, not Nanming. It’s provincial capital of Guangxi.

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ray2go wrote:

Check out British Airways Flight 38 and Delta Flight 18 to see the pre-existing Engine Design Flaw for Boeing 777.

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Zymbat wrote:

CIA, are you kidding me? The plane disappears and you think its the CIA? It’s one of two things, 1) aliens 2) it crashed.

I’m leaning on ‘it crashed’.

By the way, why the first one you think of is CIA, why not the FSB/KGB or MI6 or MSS or Mossad?

Always the CIA?

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thunderkick wrote:

Sounds like someone is deflecting attention from the CIA. If it had been Mossad there would be no record of the flight at all, and you would begin to question reality. Ever see Millenium? I bet it was something like that.

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