Japan's new government to restart nuclear reactors - Nikkei

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Narvik wrote:

Man is in way over his head with Nuclear Plants, Intellectually, Technologically, Safety wise and Personnel wise. They are, and will remain, “Structural Frankenstein’s” with GREED as the Contractor!
They pose constant Unknown, Unforeseen and Unimaginable dangers to ourselves and our Environment due, among other things, to UNPREDICTABLE and UNCONTROLLABLE WEATHER CONDITIONS. They are not, in my opinion, a reasonable or economical solution to our energy problems. By the time we find this out, it will be too late! We began to see evidence of their potential danger, which we seem to have ignored, at the Three Mile Island Plant and Chernobyl. Fukushima is showing us just how dangerous.
And, may God help us, we haven’t seen anything yet! Nor have we yet to see -and hopefully, not experience, the ultimate consequences of the Fukushima Disaster! What Unknown and Unimaginable potential danger do the Tanks at Fukushima holding 50 MILLION GALLONS of Radioactive Waste Water pose when these Tanks Rot -and they will eventually Rot, and release that Radioactive Water? Maybe DUMP it into the Pacific? It occurs to me more and more, that Technology, with its concomitant GREED, will eventually be our undoing! Where are we going to store OUR Continuing and Growing volumes of Nuclear Waste? And in what are we going to store it? Have we found any Containers yet that won’t ROT? We’re going to run out of storage areas at some point in time! And I am an optimist!

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