PRECIOUS-Platinum down 1.2 pct as Amplats delays job cuts

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RobertReeves wrote:

This & That & the other thing.
Folks GOLD has lost its identity as a safe haven as well as an inflation fighter. I blame this on the liberal media. Their opinions tend to actually move this market lately. What a shame! We have inflation though the Fed denies it. Employment is a fraud. When the bennefits are over our country stops counting them as unemployed.
I wish my book keeping worked that way. ;)
THE GOV doent want money away from US dollars and in metals this is the reason that everytime gold hits 1700 it behaves with a correction.
As always a stair case up and an elevator down. It looks a lot like 2012 all over again. I’m going to sleep wake me when gold closes over 1700
Oh yeah the Fed can Eat S – - T!

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