Imported or homemade, Gaza's rocket arsenals bedevil Israel

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raretype wrote:

Isn’t it amazing that impoverished Gazans can afford millions of dollars worth of rockets and the technology to fire them and that all these hundreds of high dollar munitions were transported to, set up, and operated all without Massad or the CIA finding out. There are no coincidences in politics my friends. Stay frosty.

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Poalima wrote:

Israel’s main concern, at this point, is statehood for the Palestinians. If the Palestinians gain a toehold on the international stage, it will be harder for Israel to blockade, invade, settle, and annex, their “promised land”.

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n2liberty wrote:

Israel should take a no escalation / retaliate in kind policy. Build their own brand of low quality rockets point them at Gaza. Hook up the launch system to automatically fire one whenever a launch is detected from Gaza. Tell the world about it and just go about their business. Eventually the people in Gaza will decide that it is stupid to keep sending rockets. Game theory shows this tit for tat strategy works best.

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oneStarman wrote:

IMAGINE if you will the Mission Indians. They now reside on RESERVATIONS in Southern California. Suppose that agents of North Korea or Pakistan partnered with Militants on the Reservation who had a BEEF with the US Government which they rightly see as having Occupied their ancestral land which we call America. These agents smuggle in Missiles which begin to fall on LA. What do you think the US Government’s Response would be? Not ONLY would we hunt down the TERRORISTS on american soil – we would RETALIATE against the Country that had supplied the Missiles. Which is what ISRAEL should do by BOMBING the Infrastructure of IRAN.

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chris87654 wrote:

One has to wonder what kind of shape Gaza would be in today had the people, especially their leadership, spend time, money, and manpower building up Gaza to help the people instead of the terrorists and Iran. Israel wouldn’t care if the tunnels were used for good (food, medical supplies, etc) but these people use them to keep the war going.

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morty62 wrote:

Israel should not tolerate ANY rockets being fired into its territory. I mean, can you picture Russia putting up with an unending stream of potshots fired from, say, Norway? What would the U.S. do if militants in Mexico started firing missles into Texas, killing American citizens? If even one missle fell on an American town the retaliztion would be swift and brutal. Israel has a right to protect its citizens, and to do that using every advantage they possess. As far as I see it Israel is doing its best to avoid civilian deaths. But when you hide weapons’ caches in neighborhoods and launch missles from mosques, Schools, and hospitals then civilian deaths will be unavoidable. The fault lies with Hamas, not Israel. People should read the Hamas charter if they really want to see who is impeding the “peace process.” The truth is there is no peace process because the ultimate goal or Hamas and other Islamist groups is to destroy Israel as a Jewish state. Who will argue that the Israelis are not justified in keeping that from happening with every option at their disposal?

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