Sixty-five found executed in Syria's Aleppo: activists

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kenradke11 wrote:

Probably Assads forces no doubt unless they are his own?!

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mass77 wrote:


Who cares who it was. Do you want me to link you to the video of those crazy “rebel” fighters beheading a man with a KNIFE?

Do you want me to link you to a video of “rebel” fighters executing close to 13 people who were begging and pleading for their life before being mowed down? I can find more than 10 videos like that.

The fact is- whoever it was- who cares. There are incredibly evil men on both sides of the battlefield, I don’t want to be associated with any of these savages. No thanks.

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kurmudgeon wrote:

I guess they don’t have any resources anyone wants, or we’d be kicking his butt today.

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Muslim terrorists strike again.

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kommy wrote:

Doing shooting self, reporting “atrocities” self, at the end of the day Assad is “bad”. Or so the coffee shop in London says.

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Fromkin wrote:

The media must stop taking readers as stupid people.

According to the lying media themselves, this story can not be independently verified. Activists lie 100% of the time. End of story.

The West is promoting war and terrorism in Syria and complaining that terrorists it’s sending to kill innocents are being killed? This is crazy!

The Syrian government is bound by the Geneva convention. It’s taking rebels prisoners and only killing the bad guys in the battlefield.

Are FSA and Al Nusra/Al qaida bound by the Geneva convention? Where are their prisoners? Every single person they arrest is killed. If they were respecting the Geneva convention we will not be talking about 60,000 death toll. Their contribution to the Western aggression against Syria is specifically to increase the death toll so that the West can use it for “humanitarian” intervention. We are being lied to that these terrorists/insurgents are “advancing” and “gaining” and can overthrow the Syrian government. They can’t. They only “advance” against civilians when they kill them and take their homes as refuge to wage urban war against the government. They are there just to prolong war and give the West the pretext it needs to intervene.

What if the 65(supposedly) people killed are terrorists, isn’t that a good thing?

Stop sending militants and weapons across the Turkish, Jordanian and Lebanese borders and in two weeks peace will be restored in Syria.

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Know-It-All wrote:

Assad is living on a ship, protected by the Russian navy, the media reports Sandy Hook type massacres of women and children in Syria daily on a more macabre scale of gruesome.
Interesting that the story referred to a bearded man “They were only killed because they were Muslims”. No, they were killed BY Muslims (Shiite Alawite Muslims. Too bad Assad didn’t allow the peaceful protests, nearly two years ago, he’d probably still have a country to rule. His days are numbered, problem is – the new kids on the block are calling themselves Al Qaeda and they’re more of a threat to peace than Assad ever was.
Muslims disagree on who amongst themselves are apostates, blasphemers, and infidels worthy of death in the name of God. Americans have no redeeming value for them, and Muslims ridicule the way homosexuality and gay marriage is seemingly promoted in the USA, whereas we see it as individual freedom without boundaries. Bottom line, they’re not likely to become our BFF because our way of life will always be viewed negatively by them, no matter what.
Islam, like Christianity, has many offshoots that disagree with each other on minor theological differences. Bottom line, there is always going to be killing in God’s name, unfortunately – on all sides, amongst believers of ALL religions, can’t we all just get along?

(apparently not)

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