RPT-Egyptians turn to black market for hard currency

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moweddell wrote:

Egypt – a bad situation that’s going to get worse!!! The majority of the Islamic – Muslim countries have been ruled, actually “misruled”, for centuries by kings, dictators, military, or religious theocracies. The UN survey in 2002 showed a 40%-70% illeteracy rate, and about the same in unemployment. Those who are educated are brainwashed with religious dogma. Rule by oppression causes the citizens to rebel, causes civil wars, riots, and pursit of terrorism, which is most ofter exported. The do not have a clear understanding of the rights, duties, or responsibilities of a citizen or a goverement under a democracy. After their civil war, they turn back to their same misguided religion and allow or elect yet another religious Islamic zealots or leader, and thus end up right where they began, only a different dictator is in charge, like in Iran, etc… Further, they live now by the code of the feud and begin expelling or killing Jews, Christians, educated women and children, and neighbors and other religious sects that they feel did not participate on their side in the rebellion. Perhaps they are simply full of hate and desire to eliminate anyone who is of a different religion, or any foreigner. All of this of course in the name of Jihad. The turmoil they produce makes them their own worst enemy. Commerce, travel, production, and the economy has and will continue to suffer. To even survide they now pillage and plunder, and resort to the black market, due to their governments and leaderships failures. Thus, if is probable that things will go from bad to worse.

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