UPDATE 1-Increasing H7N9 bird flu toll demands constant vigilance

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mauroy wrote:

The last article of Kate Kelland from Reuters (17th of January) shows how much it is urgent to react face to the fast tuberculosis (TB) spreading. Drug-resistant TB is of course the major cause of this main issue for global public health. It is time the World Health Organisation and the scientific community understand that there exists a medical solution to solve this problem.

For all those which have a minimum of competence in microbiology it’s well-known that the Koch bacillus (KB), which is responsible for TB, like the other bacteria, needs a specific media to growth in vitro. In vivo it is the same. The populations which are contaminated with KB are neglected populations. It is true in Europe, Africa or Asia. For this disease it is important to note that TB does not relate to the higher social classes. Why KB does develop in certain populations and not in all the populations? Because it finds in the populations in malnutrition and lack of hygiene the milieu favorable to its growth. Today the medium favorable to the growth of the BK maybe easily identified using one drop of blood.

The only solution to catalyst the drugs anti-TB is to add new molecules or neutraceuticals to modify the nature of the biological milieu of tuberculous patients. If the patient’s medium is modify, coupled with anti-TB drug, BK will be eliminated since the parameters favorable to its development will have disappeared. It is time the pharmaceutical industries must be interested in this urgent problem.

Didier Mauroy

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