Olympics -Google makes a point on gay rights at Sochi Games

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EXander wrote:

“We’re all grown-ups and every adult has the right to understand their sexuality,” Kozak said. But, echoing a remark by Putin, he added: “Please do not touch kids.”
What a monstrous fabrication. Then let gay organizations exist in peace and stop repressing adult gay media.

Some adults may not like to admit it, but even kids can know that their feelings toward members of the same gender are different.

Forcing them or coercing them into thinking there’s something wrong with that is nothing more than a form of mental cruelty.

Russia’s position is indefensible, and deserves all the criticism being levied at it.

May the games be successful for the sake of the athletes. They don’t deserve to be thrown into political battles.

But it is good the world is knowing what a shameful people Russians really are. We had the opportunity to live in peace and prosperity with them after World War II, and look what they did then. This is nothing new for the Russian people. Maybe some day they will become a people that wants to live in peace and harmony with all other people, but that day is still very very far away.

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