UPDATE 1-Uruguay's move to legalise marijuana breaks treaty-INCB

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PeterN23 wrote:

Smoking cannabis is more carcinogenic than smoking tobacco,” the INCB statement said. ***WHY WOULD REUTERS PUBLISH SOMETHING LIKE THIS. WE ALL KNOW THERE HASN’T BEEN ENOUGH RESEARCH TO PROVE THIS.”***

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RobLangley wrote:

Alcohol overdose kills 80,000 Americans every year (CDC, 2011).

Cannabis kills none.

Cannabis is not harmless, but it is certainly less harmful than alcohol.

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Doug5 wrote:

“Cannabis is not only addictive but may also affect some fundamental brain functions, IQ potential, and academic and job performance and impair driving skills. Smoking cannabis is more carcinogenic than smoking tobacco,” the INCB statement said.

Sorry, these statements are total junk. There are hosts of studies that say cannabis is beneficial to humans, as our cannabinoid receptors chemically bond with the plant’s cannabinoids. Moreover, is it an effective pain reliever, an effective bronchial dilator and it offers pressure relief for those suffering from glaucoma. And the idea that it is more carcinogenic than smoking tobacco…ha! That statement alone discredits the INCB. Where are the compounds that are naturally present in tobacco, such as benzopyrene, formaldehyde, arsenic, and nicotine found in cannabis? All of this, and we haven’t even discussed the enormous benefits of hemp.

These negative statements toward cannabis reflect a bygone era of a Reefer Madness type of fear. I understand, of course, because if drugs were legalized around the world, organizations like the INCB would dissolve. Their statement is one of preservation but is also one of nonsense.

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JoeSchmoe123 wrote:

Hi, my comment was removed. I said marijuana is statistically safer than water and I’d like someone to prove otherwise. Many deaths even drinking too much or too little water, zero due to marijuana.
available everywhere are lists of who contributes most to anti-marijuana legislation and it’s Big Pharma and the beer lobby.
Is this too truthful for publication?

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