UPDATE 4-West voices alarm on Crimea, calls on Russia to respect Ukraine sovereignty

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JohnKrats wrote:

Obama is the living proof that affirmative action never worked.

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ELinares wrote:

There is a saving grace to Obama’s pleadings and appeals for Putin to back off Ukraine: when things really come to a turn for the worst—either a huge Western economic blockade (catastrophic for the world’s economy) or war (even worse,) as it must—, the USA will be able to assert it took every conciliatory step possible in the route to that denouement, and thus will have the moral backing of its citizens and of the rest of the free-world’s population (it is a given that the peoples fully-ticketed in the dictatorships of the world, in Communist China, North Korea, Cuba, etc., will denounce the West.)

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Nikos_Retsos wrote:

It looks to me like the “Chickens had come home to roost.! That is what Obama’s pastor Jeremiah Wright said after 9/11. Translation: The 9/11 was retaliation for U.S. wrongdoing in the Muslim world!

Fast forward to Ukraine. The Europeans sent their parliamentarians to join the Ukrainian protesters in their bid to oust the pro-Russian president Victor Yanukovich. They succeeded, but now they tell Russia to stay out! That is hypocritical, isn’t it? If the European hypocrite politicians care so much about democracy, why didn’t they go to Egypt to join the anti-military coup Egyptian protesters? Now the Europeans demand, on quote: “We call on the parties to abstain from acts that could raise tensions and affect Ukraine’s territorial unity.” Why the Europeans themselves did not abstain from meddling in Ukraine’s internal affairs and sent their politicians to join the anti-Yanukovich and anti-Russian rallies? Why were they not wrong to do it themselves, and why is Russia wrong to do the same now?

There are two parables that the West did not heed when it helped the West Ukrainians overthrow a pro-Russian government: 1) Confucius canon: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge (stick it to Russia on Ukraine) dig two graves!” 2) If you sow wind, you should expect to harvest storms!”

The Europeans thought that they could help pro-Western Ukrainians oust Yanukovich, and then give Ukraine a free ride to the European Union! Now they realize that they have miscalculated, and they “cry foul” at Russia. Obviously they didn’t learn the lesson in 2008 when they did the same in Georgia that cost Georgia the loss of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Two Western miscalculations point to their eternal folly to chip away the global status of Russia. I am sure they will do it again, because chipping away at Russia has been an incurable addiction for the West since WWII! Addictions can be dangerous to one’s health – and to foreign policy too! A third parable is now in order for the West’s miscalculation on Ukraine: “You broke it; now you own it! Nikos Retsos, retired professor

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