Putin tells Merkel Russia's moves on Ukraine are fitting -Kremlin

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oxen wrote:

The notion that the West will keep fomenting uprising and allowing extremists, mobs and all sorts of groups to remove legitimate governments must stop. What was Ashton, Nuland and many others from EU and USA doing in Keiv? Now if those from the East show up, who provoked the situation? And how backtracked on the agreements brokered the previous week and why does the West not support a clique that could not even honor a brokered agreement? Kerry, Hague and others are all flocking to Kiev. What happened to the agreement signed recently? There has been much fooling around by the west in the quest for resources and puppet installment, the rest of the World needs a nation(s) that can counter Western biased approach/influence. Great job so far by Russia and China to some extent. Majority of nations are behind Russia on this one, West/NATO can get lost!

Mar 02, 2014 6:36pm EST  --  Report as abuse
Witalij wrote:

Wake up, oxen. You live in yesterday’s world. You and your belowed Putin still see this as a zero sum game: “For Russia to win, someone has to loose” and “And if Ukraine gains, than it must be a lost for Russia”. You make me sick by calling us “ultranationalists” just for speaking Ukrainian. If there are extrimists, they are people like you!

Mar 03, 2014 6:13am EST  --  Report as abuse

Witalij, and what do you think about the following BBC video on Nazi in Kiev:
And in particular about their polite terrorist leader Oleksandr Musichko:
In my opinion, a rule of such the people now in Kiev cannot be called a legitimate democracy. Maybe a terroristo-cracy.. Do you agree?

Mar 03, 2014 1:41pm EST  --  Report as abuse
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