UPDATE 3-Time running out for EU bid to engage Russia, Germany warns

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JohnNico wrote:

Germany is the only strong and viable country in the EU, though, they were emasculated after WW2. England still has London, a global financial center, but, the rest of Western Europe is shrinking both in people and finances. I do not think Russia cares—they have their allies allied globally, and, Russian does need need the EU to survive—-which is why this is happening. Good luck to western Europe and the US in the coming decades—-not shaping up to be good times.

Mar 11, 2014 3:09pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Jayson007 wrote:

Overlords ? Ex Rulers ? If you know anything about the EU your titles would match either side. The EU president is not elected by its people. It would be like if we let our 18% aproval rating congress picked our president every year. Corruption on top of corruption. I am not saying this land grab is right but I am saying the EU is not one to preach morals. Russia took a opertunity to aquire a winter navy port. I do not see them backing down without a war. Its seems like you would push China, Russia, Iran and Syria into closer trade partners if you alienate Russia. Which would only hurt Europe. This all looks like lose lose… I wish we would not get involved.

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yvonmoua wrote:

Russia known Western EU and USA tactic of war against Russia very well, I don’t think EU will stand together with USA to stop Russia’s invasion to Ukraine. After Ukraine, Russia will invade an other smaller country surrounding Russia too. UN cannot do nothing to stop them, bad222.

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Really? Until the West puts Yugoslavia back together, it will have no permission to “respond”, “engage” or “sanction” anything. Nobody in Russia cares about what “the West” have to say. And rightfully so.

This is something NATO should have thought of back then. Today Ukrainian people are basically suffering for those NATO crimes.

Mar 11, 2014 11:03pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
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