EXCLUSIVE-UPDATE 3-Airbus poised to revamp A330 with Rolls-Royce

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caminito wrote:


If it were so marvelous that by only changing engines and adding wingtips the A330 would be able to compete with the B787 Airbus would not delyimg its decision. But of course,this is utopia.

1) The airlines which try to force the decision, bank om the fact that the A330 got orders even if the B787 was already flying. Conveniently they forgot to mention that BOEING WAS NOT ABLE to deliver as needed within the A330 was offered, so the airlines had to sacrifice data for expediency, which will not be so for the future A330neo

2) Further, they bank on the success of the A320neo, again chosing to ignore that this evidently not sSate of the Art (SOTA) aircraft would initially have no competitor, and later the equally SOTA B737max
But here, the A330neo would have to compete with the very much SOTA B787! And with the sole new motors and tips will be utterly not able to do so!!

3) Even if additionally other very fundamental changes were added (as Boeing did with the B747-8) such total or partially metallic aircraft, will still not be equivalent to the B787. And due to the changes, the price advantage which the old A330 had will be gone!!

So, now it shall be clear WHY THE BOARD OF AIRBUS IS NOT JUMPING WITH JOY!! Jahn LEAHY, the main culprit of the dysfunctional widebody solutions the company offers, obviously try to support the A330neo anyway, to hide his fracas!!
If finally AIRBUS accepts his stance, it will be only because they have no other solution!!

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