Greece promises tax cut to attract oil and gas majors

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Oh i Get It!

They want to Sell Almost for Free all Energy Sources in Rich Energy Greece! Oh, that why the Entire Crisis happened!

Currently the undemocratic and unpopular Greek Goverment, which does not have a lead in pools or in last Euroelections, want to privatize Electricity, which is a “NAtural monopoly” for Greece, due to economies of scale!

The only logical solution that Siriza proposed for a referandum and public voting, is being treated by Greek Media (controlled provocatively by the Goverment) as irational and BAD. Even Syndicalism they say is BAD!

Guys! Whithout Syndicalism, women would not be able to take a maternity leave! We must understand that Siriza and Syndicalism is not responsible (for GOD SAKE) for the mistreatements of some things in Greece! ONLY NEA DEMORCATIA and PASOK who Govern FOREVER!

CORRUPTION AND FASCISM, in order for IMF interests to be served! Only rich people can survive! The rest of us, no matter if we have PhDs, no matter if work 10 times Harder, should die poor and leave with a salary of less than 1000 euros, Taxed effectively with more than 50%!!!! Common…

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