Israel and Palestinians agree to more peace meetings

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Look at that picture….Does anyone look like they really want to generate peace between Israel and Palestine?

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lighthouse wrote:

3/4 pictures are with Obama and Netanyahu, a bit strange for a two way talk.

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Peace will come if one truly wants peace. For that one should take religious sentiments out of this and talk in political reality. The state of Israel was created dividing ancient Palestine. Israel at that time accepted what they have got. Go back to that point first. What I mean is as long as Israel is not willing to get out of occupied territories there will not be any real peace. As for Palestinians they should understand and accept the reality there exists a country called Israel and it is there to stay. Live with it. No one ever achieved anything through the barrel of a gun or from the smoke of a bomb. To strengthen the moderates in Palestine one should empower them. When Israelies go on attacking Palestinians, taking away their homes and land no moderates can talk. Abbas need to do something strong here he must invade Gaza and get rid of all these extremists in that place and prove to both Palestinians and Israelis that he not hesitate to take action when it comes to the security of the people of Palestine.
There is another reality millions of refugees living in different Arab countries as second class citizens who were expelled during the creation of Israel. They have every right to return to the state of Palestine and Israel have no right to say no to that. Jews from all over the world are moving into Israel who got nothing to do with Israel. Many Russian people fabricate papers to prove they are Jews and moving into Israel. No one is saying no to that. Israel has the right to say who should move into Israel. In the same way Palestine has the right to say who should live there or not live there.
Jerusalem, It is a divided city, Israel accepted that during the time of its creation. The East Jerusalem must be given to Palestinians but Jews must be allowed to visit their holy places in East Jerusalem. This is a sticky point not easy to fix but the so called partners of peace should find a way to fix that.

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GaiaJeanie wrote:

yes like this is goig to happen -would like this of course but happen – very very doubtful!!!!!

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Suhaib wrote:

Bibi rules and dictates. Obama listens and follows..

Sep 02, 2010 2:42am EDT  --  Report as abuse
Mutantone wrote:

It is all for naught with Hamas and others in the back ground unless President Mahmoud Abbas does something to stop their reign of terror. There will be no peace as they use Palestinians as the surrogate targets while Hamas runs wild.

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misterliu wrote:

These two have been at it since Joshua invaded Canaan 3,600 years ago.

And Obama is gonna fix this?

MAybe he should just blame it on Bush.

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HANB wrote:

Let’s hope Peace will prevail in Israel.
Let’s hope Obama succeed.
Let’s hope no more innocent life is lost.

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Saturn2000 wrote:

The negotiation table is the device what keeps Israel breathing. Imagine a situation, where somebody takes over your house and property by force. Then the police and the court wants you to seat with him to negotiate in which part of the basement you can live. Of course, after you have been told that only way to seat on the negotiation table is first to accept that the person, who invaded your house has rights on your property. Another important point is that the US is not part of the solution, but rather is a part of the problem. The bitter fact is that the US can not do anything what is not approved by the Knesset. The golden rule is that who holds the gold rules! Any idea who is holding the gold in the US?

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boreal wrote:

It should be obvious by now that the Israelis want to talk and talk and…., forever, and want peace on their term, more settlers, more land grab.

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mooses wrote:

Peace talks for Israel; is code to build more houses in the occupied territory, while talks are going on. This has been the case during all previous talks. Do not trust Israel…..the great manipulators.

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azmondeo wrote:

Well said!! I’d like to add that those who hold the gold in the US, are holding the gold in other key states. One of them is Russia. They established themselves there firmly after tzar’s overthrow. Very organized people. Strong global network. Not an easy job, one must admit.

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anonym0us wrote:

@Saturn2000, @azmondeo
You forgot to add “Heil Hitler” – a fitting tribute to your spiritual idol.
“Not an easy job” – a reference to “final solution of Jewish question”?
You Nazi scum!

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Trooth wrote:

Occupied territory? How about territory lost when invading another sovereign nation. You pick up arms and lose your war, you live with the consequences. The Palestinians should all be sent to Iran or Lebanon or one of the other countries that has used them as a proxy for war with Israel over the last 60 years.

Sep 02, 2010 10:40pm EDT  --  Report as abuse
Saturn2000 wrote:

@anonym0us – Whenever somebody dares to criticize Israel’s policy against the Palestinians, for sure some smarty-pants will jump from the wilderness of the delusion, screaming “Your Nazi scum!”, without realization that the Nazism was the mild form of the Zionism.

Sep 02, 2010 12:12am EDT  --  Report as abuse
anonym0us wrote:

“Nazism was the mild form of the Zionism” wrote Saturn2000.
“Every anti-Semite is a potential National Socialist” said Dr. Goebbels, and he was an expert on that.

Sep 03, 2010 9:21am EDT  --  Report as abuse
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